10 Annoying Questions Every Vegan Hates Being Asked

Being a vegan you are bound to be asked some annoying questions every once in a while from your friends, family, colleagues or anyone who hears you are a vegan. You have to put up with some really annoying behavior and questions. People have so many misconceptions and opinions about vegans, it’s not even funny!

Here are the ten most annoying questions that vegans hate being asked.

1. Vegan? Now what’s that?

Vegan Whats That - Vegan Humor - Annoying Questions Vegans Get Asked

Its 21st century and still people ask this. You particularly hear this question a lot when you are travelling to new places and meeting new people (try saying you’re vegan in France).

2. What, you’ve turned into a vegan? Who will marry you now?

Vegan Humor- Vegan Annoying Questions | Vegan Problems | Vegan lifestyle
When you tell your mother you have turned into a vegan, this is her first reaction.

3. You don’t eat meat, fish, milk, eggs, honey then what do you even eat?

When you meet new people and they think the only things to eat on this earth are animals. There are so many foods vegan eat and enjoy, and next time someone asks you this question, open your Instagram and look up for hashtags like #veganfood (>7,365,556 search results) or #veganfoodie (425,553) and show them what vegans eat.

4. But where do you get your protein? You’ll turn weak.

Questions vegans hate being asked - Vegan Problems Vegan Diet

This is the classic naysayers question.

5. What? You are a vegan?
Questions vegans hate being asked - Vegan Problems - Vegan Diet - Vegan Humor

A rhetoric one when your friends, co-workers and family mock at you.

6. Have you turned into a hippie?


Your mom’s friend who thinks all vegetarian and vegans are hippies. And if you think in your head yes if doing a morally and environmentally right thing is turning into a hippie so be that!

7. You must be eating only salad then?

Spicy Salad - Delcious Salad - Annoying questions vegan are asked

After hearing this a million times, we still don’t understand where this one comes from? Do vegans and vegetarians only eat salad? Vegans may love salads but that doesn’t mean that’s all they have to eat. Vegans can eat everything that any non-vegan can, in their delicious and cruelty-free veganized versions. These people really need to make a visit to a good vegan restaurant and eat the real “vegan” food – cheesy pizza, stuffed burger, grilled vegan kebabs, crème brulee and a double chocolate brownie!

8. Vegan? You mean life without bacon, cheese and Louis Vuitton? Oh poor you.

Vegan Humor- Vegan Annoying Questions | Vegan Problems | Vegan Life
Oh people there’s more to life than bacon and silly bags. Besides who thinks the only thing humans eat is bacon. There are so many incredibly delicious recipes and food that comes from no animal products and taste a hell lot better than bacon. Plus with vegan cheese options everywhere you wouldn’t say vegans don’t get cheese. And whoever thought luxury and ethical lifestyle are an oxymoron haven’t checked out Address Chic yet (have you seen our luxury designer vegan bags list)?!

9. How about killing plants? They have life too, I think you should stop eating altogether.

Broke Girls - Questions vegans hate being asked - Vegan Problems - Vegan Diet - Vegan Humor
This is the most annoying one that often comes from vegan naysayers or those who just enjoy a hot “leading nowhere” argument. Next time they ask you this get back with “I’ll watch a video of someone cutting a salad, while you watch one of the PETA videos of slaughterhouses, and we’ll see who’s still hungry”

10. Just because you’re vegan you think you’re better than me?

When someone is emasculated by you that’s what the best he can come up for an argument.

So fellow vegans, now that you have the FAQs its time to get your answers ready next time someone asks you any of these questions.

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