25 Party Nail Colours For Fall: Vegan Nails

As we step into November, the word “party” screams out loud in our head. Come winter and the party season begins. Halloween makes the start and the excuse for party continues well after we step into the New Year.

We can’t deny that nails have become an essential part of dressing up, and bad nails equates to bad style. We’re suckers for cruelty-free makeup that’s also free from any harsh chemicals. So we asked the gorgeous Bianca and Sara from The Friendly Fig, to share their favourite vegan nail colours that’ll ensure we’re set to hit the party circuit in style.

And we got lucky as they were already celebrating the cruelty-free lifestyle by promoting their #BuyTheBunny campaign this month. This campaign spreads the kind word about buying cruelty-free products, from beauty to cleaning products and everything in between. Bianca says “Animal testing is an unnecessary cruelty, and we need to be the voice for those who do not have one”. We couldn’t agree more!

Contrary to what most people assume, there are actually a ton of amazing vegan and cruelty-free polishes available in the market. From a shot of metal to the berry red to glowing gold to dark neutrals, here’s a round-up of 25 amazing {vegan} nail colours by The Friendly Fig team to get you the perfect “The Party Nails”. This season the nail colour trend is all about going bold, dark, metallic, sexy – going all out.  Get ready to FALL in love with color.



Zoya polish is not only cruelty-free, but full of glitz and glam. There are so many gorgeous, sparkly colors… their super hot red, black shimmer and gold are perfect for the party season ahead! The best part? They are inexpensive, coming in at around $10 a pop.

Bianca says “They do not have a cruelty-free policy online currently. I spoke with a customer service representative about this, and she assured me that the company never tests on animals.”

From left to right: Oswin / Aubrey / Maria-Louisa / Hunter / Imogen


Urban DecayUrban Decay Vegan Nail Colours

“Gosh, I love me some Urban Decay”, goes Bianca.  Their polish containers are cute, and their colors are always great. From the classic red {red colour is the LBD of nails} to dark blue green with metallic shimmer to the gunmetal to deep sanguine with hints of bronze and coppery red to the iridescent plum, these five colours will always keep you party ready.

Although a little bit pricier than the others, Urban Decay’s nail polishes are worth every penny because of the great quality, chip-resistant and lasting colour. Plus these nail polishes are cruelty-free and vegan, so we wouldn’t mind shelling out a little extra now, would we? However, note that not all their makeup is vegan, so make sure to read the vegan sign or run through the ingredients to ensure you’re buying right.

From left to right: Bang / Zodiac / Addiction / Blackheart / Pulp Fiction



RBG VEGAN NAIL COLOURS FOR FALLEven the names Gunmetal, Golden, Plum are reminiscent of “party”. With its iridescent olive gold finish the Green Gold will set you apart from the crowd, we’d say cheers while mixing it up with Toast. Plum is the classic winter colour for nails and combining it with Gunmetal will add definition to your party look (we’d go half moon on the tip with this combo). Camp makes for an interesting choice, setting it apart from all the shimmer and shine, party appropriate yet subtle.

RGB products are both cruelty-free & vegan, which they clearly state on their website. This makes them a top contender in the nail polish department! Like Urban Decay, they are a bit pricier than the others, coming in at $18. Still, great quality is key!

From left to right: Gunmetal / Green Gold / Toast / Camp / Plum


ELF VEGAN NAIL COLOURS FOR FALLGet twinkling sparkle with Gold or the classic smoking red or go dark with shiny Cranberry, no matter which of these colours you choose you’ll definitely add some glamour to your party nails with e.l.f.  In fact try mixing them up like doing the red carpet glamour with red (smokin’ hot) dusted with golden tips.

“The thing I love about e.l.f. is that their products are so inexpensive… it is almost too good to be true” says Bianca. Newsflash, it is TRUE! They are $2 a pop… so, GO CRAZY!! You can find their cruelty-free policy here.

From left to right: Coral Dream / Glamour Girl / Golden Goddess / Smokin’ Hot / Cranberry



Sparitual Vegan Nail Colours for Fall

Everything about SpaRitual’s message is beautiful. Just as beautiful as their wide assortment of colors! All these five colours screams rock and roll from dark glitter to optical green to the shimmery pearl. We’re thinking a half moon mani with Snow Globe and Blue Moon or Optical Illusion {doesn’t that sound just perfect?) that we can wear from day to night. And on days we need to add some winter sparkle, Labyrinth on Bismuth will be our picks. And yus of course, all these are vegan nail colours.

Read their philosophy here, along with their word on being vegan and cruelty-free. Nail polish starts at $12.

From left to right: Blue Moon / Labyrinth/ Bismuth / Optical Illusion / Snow Globe


Be sure to check out these kind polishes, and definitely use the #BuyTheBunny tag when posting your thoughts on animal testing and cruelty.
We’re in love with all these 25 nail colours for this party season from Bianca and Sara. Scream it loud: It’s time to party with pretty nails (vegan way)!


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