5 Amazing Organic Products From Hair Wax to Perfume

<br /> Organic AND VEGAN Beauty

While new natural beauty products are popping up on shelves everyday, when you actually read through the ingredients list of these so-called “natural” products you will realize that the term “natural is meaningless” – its more of a marketing gimmick to trap the consumers. There’s no regulation on the term natural, any beauty company can use it in any context. While its hard for you to judge what’s good for you when every other product is plastered with pictures of leaves and flowers and catchy words like “botanical”, “ natural goodness”, a little more time and research on the ingredients list will help you decide the good from the bad. While most of us want to ban all those harsh chemicals and synthetics from our dresser, it’s difficult to do so.

So our beauty experts have done a thorough study and rounded up a list of our favorite organic and vegan beauty goodies actually made from natural organic ingredients. From hair wax to perfume to tanning cream these products are every bit effective and luxurious as your latest hi-tech ones, yet blended with natural goodies.

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