5 Eco-friendly Sunglasses Brands That Are Cool & Sustainable

Sustainable or “eco-friendly” fashion didn’t always have a very good sartorial reputation. But those days have long passed. Sustainable is the new chic and luxury to high street everyone’s finding a way to merge sustainability with style. It’s no surprise because the future of fashion belongs to earth-friendly fashion.

A stylish new breed of brands, with forward thinking responsibility, has redefined eco-friendly fashion with their uber stylish clothes, accessories and even sunglasses.

How cool is nature? It provides everything to sustain life and even inspires us to create incredible pieces. While its interesting many brands are making their contribution in making the fashion industry environmental-friendly and finding a way to give back to earth what it provides, there are still large number of brands and people behind them that only care for “their profits” and “their lives” regardless of its impact on the human race at large. Awareness has begun and we are pretty sure when each of us awakens these companies will have to abide to it. As they say “change begins at home”.

On another note, talking of sunglasses, this one pair of accessory offers form and function at its finest. Adding instant chic even on a drab day, sunglasses are a total must-have. Whether the weather turns gloomy or sunny, we would never step out during the day without our beloved sunglasses.

And there’s no reason why you should not go green with choice of sunglasses. Upmarket, recycled, unequivocally equated to chic, here’s a list of five such ultra-cool sunglasses brands. Not only are these eco-friendly sunglasses ultra glam, each of them happen to support a great cause too.

5. Finlay & Co.

Finlay & Co Eco-Friendly Sunglasses - Stylish Eco Friendly Sunglasses - Vegan Fashion

We’ve just finished sipping cocktails on our yacht and are heading for our private jet to catch the latest opera in London. Oh Jeeves, can you fetch us our monogrammed sunglasses please? Confession, confession – yes, we’re bluffing. We don’t have a yacht nor do we own a private jet, but thanks to Finlay & Co we can still have our handcrafted monogrammed sunglasses.

British eyewear brand Finlay & Co makes stylish, high quality sustainable sunglasses using finest quality wood that you can get engraved with your name or initials using their bespoke service. Now isn’t that super cool?

Each piece is made with 16 steps of meticulous craftsmanship using sustainable materials. Designed to give the classic a modern twist we’re absolutely in love with their wooden frames, they are perfect accessory whether it is summer or fall!

4. Warby Parker

Warby Parker Sunglasses - Eco Friendly Sunglasses - Vegan Fashion - Stylish Ecofriendly Sunglasses For Men and Women

What happens when every product sold in this world is made by one person? Well, for starters that one person makes all the big money leaving us all poorer. Isn’t it? The next problem we see is, creativity will be lost, whatever materials he’d think of, every product will be use from them. That sounds boring. Innit?

That’s the story of the sunglasses industry. A single company makes the sunglasses for just about every designer brand you can think of. From your Tiffany to Prada to Ray Bans, yes each one of them. This Company in question has practically taken over the eyewear market from manufacturing to distribution. Now that would get us to thinking, we’re all wearing the same product and paying hundreds of dollars for it?

When founders of Warby Parker discovered the “all sunglasses made by one Company that’s making everything quality become expensive” truth they decided to make a difference. So there, Warby Parker was born with the idea of providing quality eyewear at not-so-expensive prices. Within a short span they have created with their fashion forward, smart and eco friendly sunglasses (not made from in the same factory where everyone gets theirs from).

What’s even more interesting than their story is their pioneering “home try-on” concept. So basically you can go to their website and select five glasses, which you can try out at home and order the ones you feel good in. Now that’s called “getting creative”.
And with all that abuzz, they also engage in the idea of giving back to the society. So the company distributes a pair of glasses to someone in need for each pair sold. Social entrepreneurship matches style – and we like it!

They say a pair of sunglasses should make you look and feel good and we’re pretty sure that Warby’s pairs does both.

Image via thegolddime.com

3. Eco By Modo

Modo Eco Eyewear - Eco friendly sunglasses - Luxury Eco-friendly Sunglasses

Most eco-friendly sunglasses feature wooden frames and while we do like it every once in a while, truth is they don’t go with everything and often lack the high-fashion factor. Thankfully a new breed of brands are making non-wooden eco-friendly sunglasses so you won’t have to rely on just wooden frames for staying true to your ethics.

One of the most super stylish eco-friendly sunglasses, Modo has an ECO collection featuring recycled and bio based sunglasses. Their frames are made from 95% recycled content and 63% bio-based materials (USDA certified). This New York based brand also takes a step further by planting trees to reduce it’s environmental impact. So a tree is planted for each frame sold and they claim to have planted over 1.4 million trees so far in collaboration with Trees For The Future.

2. Dick Moby

Proof Ecofriendly Sunglasses Vegan Fashion
Based in Amsterdam, Dick Moby sunglasses reflect fine Italian craftsmanship and earth-friendly chic.

The first thing to know about them? Made from bio-plastic acetate Dick Moby’s sunglasses are both eco-friendly and high quality, featuring lenses by Zeiss.

And that’s not it, not only they use sustainable materials but they also donate 10% of their revenues to prevent plastic pollution. To top it off, these are not your regular plain-Jane mass produced shades. Each pair of Dick Moby sunglasses are handmade from start to finish in Italy. Yup, you heard it right, every frame you buy from Dick Moby is one hundred percent unique and handcrafted.

We’re swooning over their AMS glasses in Crystal Havana, can’t wait to get our hands on them. Oh yes, they also offer free shipping worldwide.

1. Proof

Proof Ecofriendly Sunglasses Vegan Fashion

Channel effortless chic with Proof handcrafted sunglasses. Crafted from plant based acetate and the finest woods (that are sustainably harvested) Proof’s sunglasses are extremely durable, lightweight and super stylish.

Their range of to-die-for styles is one hundred percent biodegradable. If that wasn’t enough Proof about just how good the Proof sunglasses are for the environment, we’d give you another one. Each pair of their glasses is made from materials that are taken from sustainable sources, meaning the wood comes from managed forests where the trees are replanted and the bamboo is cut in a way that it can continue to grow.
In fact to show their care towards the society they also work with NGOs that aid people suffering from cataracts. Standing by the phrase “every little helps”, hats-off to the team for making a difference.

When the super stylish glasses weren’t enough, they even created a beautiful wooden cover for keeping it safe to floor us.

So in the spirit of onset of Spring, let’s shop!

(Images sourced from brand’s websites)

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