6 Ways To Keep Your New Year’s Resolution In 2018

How to keep your new years resolutions - Vegan life hacks - Stay Motivated - Healthy Lifestyle Goals - Fitness

We’ve reached the middle of January and, by this point, most of us might have already stumbled on keeping our New Year Resolutions. Don’t worry, you’re not alone. According to U.S. news, almost 80% people fail to keep up their new year’s resolutions by February. While you should not feel guilty of not keeping up, you must also ensure that you stay motivated and are prepared to put a plan in place and keep your resolutions until the end of the year and beyond.

Figuring out how to approach your New Year’s resolutions can be daunting. While there’s typically some pressure to have everything sorted out by few weeks into January, it’s perfectly fine to take a few months to really figure out your resolutions and how you want to go about achieving them. At any rate, you must keep your resolutions alive!

To make sure you will not be a part of the 80% – we’ve got your back with little help – some expert advice and real-life inspo that will get you back on the wagon and make sure you stay on track and keep them going throughout the year.

1. Work with a partner

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Back in 2016, we saw an absolutely astounding weight loss story involving a couple that dropped 392 combined pounds in a relatively short amount of time. Lexi, one of the two, made a point of saying there was no meal plan, surgery, etc., but said: “what we did have was each other.” This is a powerful testament to the idea of working with a partner toward a major goal. It doesn’t have to be a significant other, and while working with a partner works the best for keeping up to your fitness or health goals, it always doesn’t have to restrict to these two. If you’re striving alongside someone else, there’s more accountability, and the effort can even seem more fun.

Moreover, even if you don’t have a partner in the goal, having a buddy to keep you on track will be equally effective. And if you have friends who are reaching out for the sky in 2018, be sure to root for them and make sure you’ve got their back (and that they know it). This approach will motivate you and also ensure you have a circle of winners. For example if your new year’s resolution is to switch and stick to a vegan lifestyle, have a friend who is already a vegan and take tips and cues from her, and keep her in track of your goal. Ask her what is it she is trying to achieve this New Year and help her out there.

2. Start a journal (or just notes) or invest in a good planner

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In today’s time, when everything from basic communication to the news cycle moves so quickly, it’s easy to feel like you’ve blinked and a week has gone by. This, generally speaking, isn’t good for chasing goals. If you don’t live up to your goals for a day, it’s probably no big deal; if you don’t for a handful of days in a row, however, you’re setting the wrong tone for your resolutions. One way to make sure this doesn’t happen is simply by keeping a journal or recording any and all activity related to your pursuit to track your progress. It’s a simple but effective way of holding yourself accountable, and you might be surprised how much good it does you. According to Gretchen Rubin, the author of Better than Before, “People who monitor behavior tend to do a better job, even if they’re not actively trying to change”.

Another great idea is to invest in a planner that is designed to maximize your efficiency and help you achieve your goals through proper tracking and reviews.

We love the eco-friendly stone-paper journal from Xonex and swear by Rebel planner (2018), also made from eco-friendly, water-resistant, rich stone paper. After all, 2018 is about making smart sustainable choices too!

3. Chop Up Big Goals Into Smaller Ones

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The best way to think about this is to imagine that your goal is to run a half marathon. That’s essentially 13 miles, and if you’re not a runner you can’t simply grit your teeth and reach that milestone. Instead, you’ll have to learn how to run one mile, then two, then five, and so on. You have no choice but to reach smaller goals en route to the bigger goal. Once you realize this, you can dissect just about any goal-oriented effort the same way.

So, if your new year’s resolution is to switch to an ethical wardrobe in 2018, start with planning your next month’s purchases and start doing research for ethical alternatives that fit the budget. You can’t change your wardrobe overnight, but with every new purchase, you can choose to make the ethical and sustainable choice.

Define your smaller goals, and chase those, rather than persevering toward an ultimate accomplishment. As they say, Rome wasn’t built in a day!

4. Find a bet or treat yourself on success

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Not to harp on weight loss, but it happens to be where some of the most inspiring examples of people meeting goals come from. One such example is this man who won a bet a few years ago, earning thousands of dollars by way of dropping 100 pounds in a year. Those are fairly dramatic numbers, and you likely won’t have an easy opportunity to make a bet with those sorts of stakes with your resolutions. That said, the financial incentive can be powerful, so if you can find anyone to bet against you, you might just find you get some extra motivation to get the job done. Another great way to keep you motivated is to set smaller goals with timelines and reward yourself when you achieve them.

For example, if you New Years Resolution is to eat healthier, then say no to sugar and processed food and keep a prize if you continue to avoid them for a month. Treats were described as a vital feature of a resolution plan in an article that took a psychological approach to how you can stick to your New Year’s goals, and we’d have to agree. There’s no fun in chasing a goal without being proud of yourself along the way, so come up with some ways to reward yourself when you do accomplish mini-goals along the way.

5. Take help of technology

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We are living in very exciting times. From tracking your health to finding your keys to monitoring your goals – there is an app for everything and they’re not just to read about – but can be very helpful if you use them effectively. Apps like Linkagoal and Done are very effective tools to help you monitor your new year’s resolutions and other life goals. Then there are others that are meant for specific goals – so if your goal is to save money you have Goodbudget, for your fitness there is 8fit, if you want to set good habits Way of Life is what you’re looking for, if your new year’s resolution is to learn a new language check out Duolingo, if your new year’s resolution is to get fit and also help save the world we found an app that helps you do both together – Charitymiles that donates on your behalf for every mile you run. Did we mention there is even an app that will help you fall in love – 36 questions!

6. Identify your loopholes

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Our own excuses are one of the biggest reasons why we fail to keep up our resolutions. How many times did you decide to work out every day this new year, but failed because you switched off your alarm and stayed in bed until it was too late to hit the gym or go for that run? Or you decided to switch to a vegan diet but failed because you could not resist the temptation to indulge in a cheesy pizza ‘one-last-time’?

It is important that you stop listening to your excuses and in fact identify them in advance {after all you know yourself better than anyone} and make sure they don’t overpower you. Another reason why you need to know those excuses is that when you are aware you are making them, you will be less likely to fall prey to them.

It is, in fact, working for me right now. I know I often fall into the surfing trap when I am writing a new article and while I aim to write at least one article a day, I often fail because I get distracted. But now that I have decided to only switch to something else when I have finished this piece, I did not get distracted and here I am finishing it up!

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