Perfect plum, flattering nudes, rosy pink, vibrant tangerine, beloved classic reds – we’ve picked the best lipsticks to get you the perfect pout this spring. They’re all vegan and cruelty free.

We know finding a good vegan and cruelty-free lipstick can be daunting. Some of you may not even know that your iconic red lipstick or your everyday pink contains teeny-tiny crushed cochineal insect (carmine). Yes you heard that right, scaled insect. And that’s not the only ingredient you should be worried about. From sheep’s grease {lanolin} to beef fat to cow brains to beeswax there are many animal derivatives lurking in your lipstick with an innocuous label to it.

If you’re convinced to go vegan for your next lipstick purchase, we assure you that you won’t have to compromise the intense color, long lasting formula or smooth texture that you get in your regular lipsticks.

Address Chic’s team has tried and tested several vegan lipstick formulas and we bring you the best vegan lipsticks from the lot. Scroll down for the best lipstick shades to stock up for the season ahead. Then tell us in the comments below which color and lipstick you like the most.

Pretty Coral


If there’s one lip color that looks best on your sun-kissed summer skin it is definitely coral. Invest in this beautiful shade from Pacifica, packed with all clean ingredients and natural moisturising agents like coconut oil, shea butter and jojoba esters. Yup it’s all vegan and cruelty-free too.

Pacifica Devocean Natural Lipstick in Rebel Sol for $10, shop at amazon.com

Classic Red

Best Vegan Lipstick - Lush Decisive

This gorgeous red color transcends seasons and trends and we love the fact that despite being made from natural ingredients it stays on nearly all day long. This is a keeper.

Lush Liquid Lipstick in Decisive for $19.95, shop at lushusa.com

Must-Have Nude

BEST VEGAN LIPSTICKS - Urban Decay Cruelty Free

You need a reliable gloss with a hint of color to create the season’s hottest trend – natural makeup and we love the NAKED vegan glosses from Urban Decay.

Urban Decay Naked Ultra Nourishing Lipgloss in Color Liar or Walk of Shame for $29.99, shop at amazon.com

Bubblegum Pink

Kat Von D Backstage Bambi - Vegan Lipstick

Kat Von D Everlasting Love Liquid Lipstick Backstage Bambi for $24,99, shop at amazon.com

Berry Sexy


Paint your pout with the most beautiful shade of berry that comes in a mousse texture but dries out in matte beautifully. Make sure to moisturize your lips a few minutes before you put on any matte color.

Caked Makeup Vegan Lipstick in Legit for $16, shop at caked.co

P.S. We recommend blending it with Lush Decisive for a beautiful deep berry color

Dusty Pink

Reflections Organics Vegan Lipstick - Address Chic Vegan Store - Organic Makeup

Barely there pinks from the organic makeup brand Reflections Organics will keep your lips hydrated with cacao seed and mango butter in the dead of summer, while leaving behind the pretty nude pink on your pout.

Reflections Organics Lip Butter in Bubblegum Frost and Frosted Plum for $30

Punchy Red

Milk Orange Red Lip Color - Best Vegan Lipsticks

Among all the matte styles this summer, orangey red is one of the hottest hue for your pout and this one from the recently launched Milk Makeup is the perfect color because it has both the warm and cool undertones making it perfect for all skin types.

Milk Lip Color in Orange Red for $22, shop at milkmakeup.com

Retro Plum

Best Vegan Lipstick for Summer - ELIXERY LAKSHMI

The wine colored stain on your lips will be perfect to add a touch of sophistication and class to your summer looks. Brights scream summer, but plum is ruling the summer this season.

Elixery Lipstick in Justice for $22, shop at elixery.com

Burnt Copper

Axiology Vegan Lipstick in Devotion - Best Vegan Lipsticks

Complement your summer tan with this gorgeous burnt copper color that’s the right mix of color and nearly-bare look.

Axiology Organic Lipstick in Devotion for $30, shop at axiologybeauty.com

Beauty Tip to Prep Your Lips for Summer Brights:
Before you put on your lipstick, make sure you exfoliate and hydrate to ensure a smooth texture. Use a scrub or a soft toothbrush to gently buff away dryness, then apply a hydrating vegan lip balm. Wait five minutes, tissue off, and apply your lip color. Blot for best results. Blur your lips edges by diffusing the outline of lips with a cotton swab.

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