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AddressChic.com is your most coveted online vegan fashion destination that brings you a personal stylist experience by curating the major trends in clothes, shoes, bags, beauty, accessories and more. ADC is your go-to-destination for the latest in fashion, the hottest trends, curated shopping with our stylist’s picks, beauty and getting help on personal styling, all at one place. Stay compassionate yet glamorous everyday!!

What’s different about Address Chic?

Address Chic has an incomparable expertise in ethical fashion with an approach to make vegan fashion approachable and style attainable while maintaining the standards of quality. All the products we curate are vegan, cruelty-free and sustainable. Our stylists and founding team are firm believers in making fashion cruelty-free without compromising on quality or style.

Luxury and ethics will not be oxymoron anymore. We are excited to bring you the world’s first Premium Curated Vegan Fashion Destination – our online magazine and our online vegan fashion store. Shop, read and breathe vegan with Address Chic.