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Address Chic is a premier vegan fashion, beauty and lifestyle magazine with a very good online reach, and we’re constantly and consistently growing!

If you are looking for a loyal audience that is fashionable, loves beauty products and who will get excited about the content w share, you have found the right place. We take great pride in curating all our content and stories We would love to partner with brands that share the same ethos as us and help them gain more exposure.
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Our readers are passionate and interested in:

  • Fashion
  • Beauty
  • Vegan Lifestyle
  • Health and Fitness
  • Travelling
  • Luxury Lifestyle



If your products are vegan, cruelty free (free from cruelty to animals and humans) we would love to advertise them on our online magazine. All the products advertised must be free from:

  • Leather and any kind of animal skin
  • Dairy, meat, fish, eggs
  • Silk
  • Wool

You can advertise with us in one of the following ways:

  • Image Advertising (banners)
  • Content advertising (sponsored posts, product reviews and backlinks)
  • Social Media Campaigns
  • Giveaways



Spotlight your business on AddressChic.Com and gain excellent exposure through image banners placed next to our content. We offer the following image slots:

  • Home Page sidebar banners (top, center or bottom)
  • Horizontal bar at the end of the article page (above the website footer)

Any other option can be customized after a discussion. The pricing will be provided upon clear understanding of requirement, banner size and duration of the advert.



We do sponsored and product review posts along with the social media promotion of the article that includes paid promotions for maximum reach of the post. Copy is written in the voice of the Editor, and our personal opinion will be shared (the article will be unbiased irrespective of whether it is paid or unpaid).

The pricing of the post will vary on the basis of requirement: only post or post + social media promotion.

For the backlinks to your page in our articles, we will have to first test/experience/ review the product or service which is being backlinked. Once we are thoroughly satisfied with the same, we can offer backlinking.

We also offer product giveaways that are promoted via our social media channels.

The pricing will be provided after understanding full advertising requirement.



Harness the power of social media through a strategic campaign targeting the right audience. You can choose the right social media options or run it across all our available channels including Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Pinterest


Please email us for the rates and more information at Do not forget to send us a link to your website / social media channels so we can determine if your brand is a good match for our readers.