Must Invest: Italian Made Vegan Handbag Kickstarter Campaign – Ztudio 8b

Ztudio Vegan Handbags - Luxury vegan handbags - Vegan bags -Kickstarter Campaign

Kickstarter Project: Handcrafted Vegan Handbags (made in Italy)
Project Closes on: 11 February 2017
Brand: Ztudio 8b
Click here to support the project on Kickstarter

Crowdfunding has become a tool for small brands and inventors to get their ideas come to life without the need for a deep bank account or backing of a venture capital fund. Because of this, many conscious start-ups are coming to life with their truly unique and useful products that are good for the planet, compassionate towards animals and also the people.

With thousands of campaigns seeking money for everything from a salad maker to quirky playing cards the good ones worth plunking down your cash for can easily be missed.

Thankfully we did some research and picked a great Kickstarter campaign that will be worth every penny – super stylish vegan handbags from Ztudio 8b. Brainchild of German designer Natalie Krieg, Ztudio 8b has created a range of truly luxurious vegan handbags that are handmade in Italy by artisans that specialize in the traditional craftsmanship passed on through generations. What’s unique about this vegan handbag brand is that it works on a modular concept that allows you to customize the bag and create your own style.

So you can pick your own style that can be worn in multiple ways – convert your bucket bag or the tote into a backpack by changing the straps placement, pick your color, choose your belt (fabric or metal) and even deck up the bag with removable charms in a color of your choice. The removable Double Clutch, which is your elegant evening bag  can be integrated with your shopper bag to keep your inside contents organized. The versatility that each design offers is unbelievable and the quality of materials and design unmatchable.

The bags are crafted from high quality vegan leather that does not compromise on style or sustainability. We got our hands on their bags and loved everything about them – from construction to style to quality of the material used and the workmanship. Our favorites from the collection are the bucket bag in gorgeous burgundy that is currently available at a bargain price of €229 and the core bag in cruise red #8 – beautiful crossbody cum clutch (€179)!
Ztudio 8b Vegan Handbag Kickstarter Campaign to support - Luxury vegan handbags - Vegan Handbags

Click here to make this vegan handbag brand come to life by supporting the campaign and investing in one of their gorgeous bags. While each of these styles will set you back by €169- €289, they’re truly investment pieces you’ll have in your accessories arsenal forever.

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