Vlogger and Beauty Sensation Carli Bybel Takes the Vegan Plunge

The New Jersey based beauty sensation Carli Bybel has made a career out of showing women how to master the art of makeup through her YouTube channel.

This gorgeous vlogger, with over 4.3 YouTube subscribers and 364 million views on her channel, made the headlines by announcing that she has finally taken a vegan plunge.

“I never thought I would see the day when I would just give up everything up and say I am going to go vegan”, she announced on her YouTube channel. “Whenever I do something that betters myself I like to share that with you guys. Hopefully you guys can follow in my footsteps and try it out yourself.”

What initially started as a way to heal her eczema turned into a more ethical decision, and an informed one. After Bybel started a vegan diet she began to dig in deeper about veganism. Other vegan YouTube stars motivated her and shared videos on animal cruelty that had her rethink about her non-vegetarian lifestyle. She watched several videos that showed the inhumane treatment of animals for meat, dairy and other animal derived food. The ones that actually made her calling were the ones showing how male chicks are ground up alive by the egg industry and how the cows are raped and tortured for the production of milk. As she says in her video, “Once you see something with your own eyes, it changes everything.”

Being completely repulsed by the thought of eating any animal product, the social media star said, “I want to spend more time in the kitchen, want to be creating my own meals, want to know what’s going into my food, want to know what ingredients are being put into my food.”

She again urged her fans in her 15 min video to try out the vegan lifestyle, “It’s time that we realize what’s going on and stand up for it and make a change.”

YouTube is a big community that has amassed huge popularity in last ten years. Some of the cool content creators, like Bybel, have risen to fame on YouTube and have such large following that they are nothing short of celebrities. They are watched by millions each day, their fans consider them as rolemodels, all the big brands want them and they have very profitable careers.

Vloggers like Bybel are not just popular but they are genuinely influential figures. So when Bybel decided to go vegan, it sent a strong message and can serve as an inspiration to thousands of others. Her decision to go vegan comes with great responsibility, which we hope she carries with full commitment and integrity.

Celebrities are infamous for ditching their vegan lifestyles because of their cravings or because they always considered “vegan” as a cool tag which they switched when something cooler came their way. Such u-turns are immoral and lead many others to take their own ethics lightly too. When the celebs make decisions like the decision to turn vegan, they don’t shy away from using it as a publicity stunt. They’ll talk about how veganism is the best thing that happened to them, how it changed their lives and it has turned them healthier. But the next thing you know they are suddenly eating meat sandwiches and omelets. Of course they have the right to make their own life decisions, but the problem is their decisions send wrong message to a very large population who act on the basis of the actions of their role models. Their own shortcomings (celebs) are often not talked about but their decision is doubted – aka people start having doubts about a vegan lifestyle. So when we say Bybel has a huge responsibility, we mean it!

Nevertheless, we are proud of Carli Bybel for taking this great step and so are her millions fans who have all supported her decision {there are thousands of messages on her social media platforms supporting and admiring her decision}. We are sure Carli your voice will resonate with so many. We hope to see her vegan switch in other aspects of her lifestyle, starting with beauty (yes we heard about your vegan beauty product wish before signing off the video)!

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