Behind That Exotic Skin Handbag

Sometimes the truth needs to be visualized. “Behind That Exotic Skin Handbag” is a new video by Peta with a fresh take on educating people about animal suffering – a must-watch for everyone. One glance at the PETA video should convince most of you to switch to cruelty-free leather alternatives.

Don’t worry it doesn’t have pictures or stories of animals being slaughtered. It’s about reaction of customers at a luxury leather goods pop-up store in Asia when they find out the truth about what actually is leather and the truth behind the beautiful-looking exotic leather bags, belts, shoes and accessories.


The video opens with a scene from a exotic skin leather goods store where shoppers are checking out the leather bags, shoes, wallets and other accessories. It’s only when they pick up a handbag and open it, they encounter beating hearts and are shocked when they see their hands covered in blood . Yes the pop-up shop video is gruesome but it aptly highlights the inherent cruelty of the exotic-skin and even leather industry, which we often choose to ignore.

We understand that watching the videos of animals being butchered or people covered in blood can be horrifying. But it’s only when you dig deeper, you hit a wall of secrecy and you realize it’s not just the killing but the torture and excruciating pain the animals have to suffer for that one handbag or a pair of shoes. You must have seen the Peta videos on how the baby crocodiles are skinned alive, and how your super soft and supple leather handbag is probably made from calf that was not even allowed to undergo natural birth but was taken out from the cow’s womb and skinned for soft leather. Imagine the pain and suffering you put a voiceless and helpless animal for just a handbag of a pair of shoes, when there are so many better cruelty-free alternatives easily available.

It’s so easy for us to ignore the sufferings of others. But we must realize it is our compassion that makes us human and differentiates us from animals.

The only way to keep blood out of your hands is by choosing vegan leather. There are so many amazing vegan alternatives available in the market – designer vegan handbags, stylish vegan shoes, smart and chic vegan wallets, vegan boots, even luxury car with vegan upholstery that there’s no reason to subject innocent animals to cruel slaughter and unimaginable suffering and pain.

It’s true that people are far more aware of what they are buying and wearing than they were probably 10 years ago, but there are still a lot of us who are oblivious too animal suffering in the production of leather. This needs to change and only when we demand for cruelty-free options it will be difficult for the brands to ignore compelling them to use more vegan options.

Let’s pledge to forego the use of leather and stop the animal suffering. It’s inhuman and unnecessary.


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