Ben and Jerry’s Vegan Ice-Cream Finally Arrives in USA & Now UK: Yippie!

If you are one of the ice-cream lovers you know how hard it is to find good vegan ice-cream. The problem is not there aren’t many brands that make good ones, but the fact that they are not easy to find in your local store; you need to pay visit to specialty stores to get them.

Good news is finally you can indulge in these sugary treats with ease as Ben and Jerry has finally launched its much awaited vegan ice-cream last year in the USA after years of request from vegan customers. The company first launched it’s vegan flavors in the USA last year in February and now they finally arrived in the UK.

Ben-and-jerrys-Vegan-ice-Cream-Ben-and-Jerrys-Non-Dairy-Ice-Cream-Best-Vegan-Ice-Cream(Image Courtesy: Ben and Jerry’s)

The non-dairy Ben and Jerry ice-creams come in four great flavors – Chunky Monkey, Chocolate Fudge Brownie, P.B. & Cookies and Coffee Caramel Fudge (this flavor not available in UK). They’re all vegan approved and made from almond milk; their website says:vegan-certified-photo-2

“Vegan friends, whether you’ve been waiting three decades or three days for certified vegan non-dairy decadence, it’s time to rejoice! We’ve partnered with Vegan Action to certify that our non-dairy doesn’t include animal products of any kind—including eggs, dairy or honey. We hope you love the magnificent vegan chunks & swirls we’ve loaded into these bad boys.” |

Ben and Jerry’s Flavor Guru Kirsten Schimoler said, “We wanted to bring the same fun with all of the creamy, funky, and chunky swirls plus the Ben & Jerry’s flavor excitement to our non-dairy fans and we nailed it!”

Its hard to tell the difference between their vegan and non-vegan creams and they’re one of the finest vegan ice creams to be on the shelves.

The vegan Ben and Jerry’s hit the stores in late February last year in USA and cost $5.69 for standard pints.  They are officially now available in the UK too after 18 months of wait. For those who don’t have vegan Ben & Jerry’s in their countries yet, you can satisfy your ice cream cravings with these amazing vegan ice-creams:

  1. Bonvita Rice-Milk Ice-Creams {love their choco vanilla bars, it tastes as good as the dairy Magnums}
  2. Professor Grunschnabel Vegan Ice Cream: while they’re made from coconut milk, they’re exceptionally good and creamy. Our favorite is their banana flavor
  3. Swedish Glace Ice Cream {best vegan vanilla ice cream}
  4. Almond Dream {their chocolate is the best ever while we also love the salted caramel and mint chocolate chip flavors}

Which is the best vegan ice-cream you tried so far? Share with us in the comments box below!

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