Must-Have Underwear For Women Who Hate Thongs: Ethical Lingerie Guide

Nude Everyday Bikini - Thong Replacement - Must Have Underwear

How many times have you seen a woman in white pants with her undies peeking through (and not a good way)? The worst is a woman in a boardroom with her panty lines showing through her trousers – we don’t know about you, but it always makes us flinch. We understand that thongs are not every woman’s cup of tea and that we all have busy lifestyles and can’t devote hours thinking about what to wear every morning. However, not pairing the right underwear with your outfit is never an excuse.

The backbone of a good wardrobe is the right lingerie and whether we realize it or not, a good underwear can make or break an outfit. No kidding! The irony is, this extremely intimate part of every woman’s wardrobe is the most worn and also the most neglected.

Just because you don’t want to wear thongs doesn’t mean you have to be a victim of underwear faux-pas. With the right skivvies, you can wear the slinkiest of the outfit without any visible lines or without any hint that you are indeed wearing something underneath.

And now drumrolls please because we’ve found just the style you’ve been looking for. A good pair of nude seamless undies is your best friend in the underwear department while for those really fitted dresses, a great mid-thigh shapewear (bottoms) will just do the trick. These are easy, versatile pieces that you can wear under anything and can easily replace the uncomfortable thongs. Choose one that’s stretchy, flattering and offers a moisture-wicking fabric and cotton liner so you stay fresh and comfortable all day.

Not sure where to get them? You’re in luck because we did some research and have the perfect and most comfortable underwear for your everyday, everywhere and every outfit needs – it’s the Nude Everyday Performance Bikini style underwear from Knix. These are made from a special moisture-wicking fabric and feature cotton lining making it breathable and absorbent at the same time. The material is so thin that it becomes one with your skin, and you wouldn’t even realize you’re wearing one, and their seamless lay-flat edges make them perfect for the tightest pants or dresses & everyday essentials. You can even wear it to the gym, because we hate when the lines show under out skintight leggings and they’ll keep you dry during the workout. Oh yes, we are very serious when it comes to our underwear business and we’ve done our research. The best part about Knix undies is that they use sustainable materials and are ethically produced in Oeko-tex approved facilities.

In the shapewear department, it was hard to find a truly sustainable brand offering mid-thigh shapewear, but we can always rely upon the good ól Spanx. Their Everyday Shaping Panties Mid-Thigh Short is a must-have in your lingerie drawer. They’re just what you need to wear under the ultra-fitted skirts and body cons. Not only will these conceal the lines, but will also give you a great shape.

There are so many amazing new brands coming out with revolutionary products in the underwear segment, but it’s unfortunate most of us don’t know about them and still stick to the likes of Victoria Secrets that not only offer sub-standard quality (packaged prettily with fancy advertising) but are also not fair trade and sustainable.

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