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Best places to shop for vegan fashion - vegan online stores

After years of toying with the idea of becoming vegetarian I finally took the plunge last year. At first it was just about following a vegetarian diet but soon I realized that vegetarianism isn’t just about what you eat but also what you wear and use in your everyday life. That led to vegetarianism spilling into other areas of my life. I swapped all my beauty products for brands that were not only vegan but also organic. I wanted my clothes and shoes to follow the suit but without compromising my style. That led to the start of my search for the best vegan and vegan-friendly brands.

I must say that staying stylish the vegan way isn’t hard at all. While I love buying from vegan fashion brands like Matt and Nat, I like to experiment with my style. Besides it may not be possible to always get access to vegan only fashion brands. In fact in my journey to creating a vegan wardrobe I discovered that our everyday brands also offered so many stylish vegan options. We just need to keep an open eye and be aware of the choices.

Here is a list of my favorite places to shop for vegan fashion. While these are not completely vegan brands, they offer a huge selection of leather, wool, silk and fur alternatives.


Having an ethical lifestyle doesn’t stop at being vegan, but as a responsible citizen of the world, we also ought to pay heed to the effects of what we are consuming on the planet. I do my bit by opting for an Eco-friendly lifestyle as much possible.

The fashion industry is the third most polluting industry in the world, which drove the conscientious ladies behind the brand, Reformation, to come together to create beautiful, trendy clothing without harming the environment. All of their products are made from 100 % recycled and eco- friendly materials, right from their clothes to their packaging and everything in between.

While it is not a vegan fashion brand, it does offer a lot of stylish vegan clothing choices for eco-friendly vegans. I personally love wearing their uber feminine maxi dresses during the summer. This brand may be a little heavy on the wallet but if it means one can look gorgeous while saving the environment then count me in!! For those on a budget, Reformation has launched a budget-friendly line called Obvious by Reformation.

 Reformation Gail Elderflower DressReformation Gail Elderflower Dress for $198, available at


This edgy  fashion brand has a lot to offer to the vegan/ eco-friendly shoppers out there. Though Nasty Gal is not an exclusively vegan fashion brand, it does cater to the needs of those of us wanting to buy cruelty free products. They have plenty of chic vegan accessories, shoes and clothing to choose from.

Just type the word vegan in their search box and you’d be surprised with the number of stylish options you’ll be flooded with. In fact their vegan leather skinny pants saw me through more than one party during the winter holidays. And the best part? It is all so affordable. Nasty Gal gets definite thumbs up from me.


Vegan Shopping - Nasty Gal Vegan Suede BagNasty Gal x Nila Anthony Wild West Vegan Suede Bag for $59, available at


This curator has been around for almost two decades, offering the latest fashion from all around the world. Lulu’s is another very affordable brand that consists of the trendiest clothing that comes fresh from their designer’s studios. All you pro vegan fashionistas can choose from an array of their vegan-friendly clothing and accessories without breaking the bank. I personally love shopping from this website.

 Vegan Shopping - Lulu Vegan Leather SkirtLulus Pleated Lavender Vegan Leather Skirt for $58, available at



I have had my eye on this brand for a while but haven’t had the opportunity to shop from them yet. Nonetheless, I feel that it deserves a spot on this list. Nicora Johns is a brand that uses only cruelty free, vegan leather to make its shoes in self-sustained factories. All their high quality shoes are handmade which according to the founder of this brand, Stephanie Nicora, makes them more long lasting unlike mass produced shoes. These are on my wish list and would soon be a part of my vegan wardrobe.


Vegan Shopping - Nicora Johns Vegan Shoes Vegan BootsNicora Johns Vegan boots and Shoes, available at


The American bohemian apparel and lifestyle brand Free People also offers a cool vegan friendly line that’ll make you believe its real. My favorite is their vegan leather jacket that comes in high-quality faux fabric making it virtually indistinguishable from the real thing. Just type “vegan” in the search bar and you’ll get a selection of super stylish moto jackets, pants, shoes, sandals and handbags – all leather free. They first launched their vegan collection in 2011, and its offering has more than doubled since then, which is good news for people like us who want good leather alternatives but without sacrificing on the quality.

Vegan Shopping - Free People Vegan Leather JacketAryn Vegan Motorcycle Jacket for $ 168, available at


Among the high street brands Zara and Mango are my absolute favourites, although they are not entirely vegan fashion brands. They do carry clothes that are made from wool, silk and leather but they also offer variety of vegan alternatives to their leather, silk and wool products. You need to read the material description marked on each product, but the effort would be worth it.

I have invested in plenty of versatile faux leather pencil skirts from Zara that can easily transition from being office wear to happy hour outfits.


Vegan Shopping - Zara Vegan Leather Skirt and Vegan Leather DressZara Faux Leather Skirt and Dress for $59.9 and $49.9 respectively


About the author: Nidhi Mohan is a flight attendant by profession, who holds a Bachelor’s degree in psychology. Her passion for travel led her to enroll for a job in the aviation industry where she met her husband. After flying for a decade for airlines in India and Dubai, she has finally settled down to Houston, Texas where she lives with her husband and 6 months old puppy. She is a vegetarian by diet and follows veganism sartorially.

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