5 Vegan Lipsticks To Get The Perfect Pout In Honor Of National Lipstick Day

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Get the perfect pout on National Lipstick Day, and beyond, with the best vegan lipsticks handpicked by our experts. Each of these lipsticks will deliver the perfect color, moisturized lips and flawless finish – so you can keep puckering without hurting a soul! It’s time to say goodbye to those carmine, beeswax and other animal ingredient loaded formulas (who wants to smear bug juice on their lips?).

It’s a win-win situation

Best vegan lipsticks: Kat Von D

Best Vegan Lipsticks - best organic lipstick - cruelty free lipsticks - natural lipsticks - Kat Von D Lipsticks - Vegan kat von d

The vegan tattoo artist’s fame and celebrity following is enough to tell you how good her lipsticks are. Whether it’s the silky-smooth classic lipstick that come in elegant black studded case or the matte liquid lipsticks with serious staying power both the amazing formulas can give any non-vegan lipstick a run for their money. Brownie points for being paraben and phthalates free.

Our favorite? It’s hard to pick a color from her beautiful range, but Lolita gets our vote for being so versatile (both Studded Kiss and Liquid has this shade).

Best vegan lipsticks: Lush


A lipstick that is made from one hundred percent natural ingredients, lasts forever on your lips, is moisturizing and has high-pigmented formula is not a fragment of our imagination but actually true with Lush Liquid Lipsticks that are also vegan.

Our favorite? Nothing can beat their gorgeous red colors – Deceptive is our fav and if you’re the one who loves purple try ‘Drive’.

Best vegan lipsticks: Hourglass

While not all the lipsticks from Hourglass are vegan, the super amazing liquid lipsticks of this American luxury beauty brand are. When we say it’s the best matte liquid lipstick we mean it – the lip color goes on smooth, delivers a rich color and doesn’t budge. This densely pigmented formula comes in beautiful shades of pink, red, aubergine and orange. Brownie points for adding antioxidants and healthy ingredients like goji berry extracts in the formula. One caveat: it may not be suitable for very dry lips. We recommend moisturizing your lips before getting it on.

Our favorite? The True Red is divine – a very rich and elegant deep red color and also the peppy Tangerine.

Best vegan lipsticks: 100% Pure

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This organic lipstick banishes all stereotypes about organic and natural cosmetics with its super amazing lipsticks. The all natural and organic lipsticks from 100% Pure keeps your lips hydrated, is well-pigmented, stays long enough and includes healthy ingredients likes organic cocoa butter, cherry, blackberry and blueberry that not only colors but delivers your lips much needed nutrients. The beautiful packaging is a bonus!

Our favorite?  Lip Glaze in Rhubarb and all glosses

Best vegan lipsticks: Aromi

Best Vegan Lipsticks - best organic lipstick - cruelty free lipsticks - natural lipsticks - Aromi Lipsticks - Vgean Aromi(Image Source)

The indie brand Aromi is committed to creating beautiful products that perform using finest ingredients and might we say their lipsticks are actually quite a thing. Their moisturizing classic lipsticks are our favorites in the range, but the matte liquid (which has wider color options) and metallic liquids are equally great. Did we mention all their products are vegan, cruelty-free (leaping bunny), gluten-free and formulated without nasties including parabens, phthalates, triclosan, mineral oil, or sodium lauryl sulfate.

Our favorite? Poppy in classic lipstick and electric orchid liquid matte lipstick

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