Best Vegan Makeup Products Makeup Experts & Real Women Actually Use

911— compassionate beauty alert! Have you ever found it difficult {and confusing} to find good makeup products? With countless number of makeup products arriving on the shelves every day, choosing the right products can be really daunting. Plus, when the equation involves “vegan” prefixed to makeup, the pursuit becomes even more challenging.

Glossy magazines and beauty editorials often publish “natural” and “the next breakthrough” products without knowing their underlying animal ingredients and derivatives. In fact more often than not these editorials are paid for such features making these recommendations unreliable. You cannot even rely on celebrity endorsements or ads as they are highly objective.

To resolve the vegan makeup dilemma, we got to the task of asking the real vegan women {including make-up experts} from Toronto to London, to share their makeup staples and the reasons they love them. These are the products they pack in their own makeup bags and love and swear by.

From the eyeliner that glides on easily and the lead-free lipstick that lasts all day long to what keeps their skin soft and protected after taking off all that makeup – these gorgeous women share their favorite tried and tested vegan products.

Scroll down to find out which vegan makeup must-haves made the list of these gorgeous women {products that really work and have no harsh substances}. You may want to take some notes before you head off to the makeup counter next time to replenish your supply. Plus, you might get to learn about new vegan makeup brands along the way!

Alivia Prattas

Alivia - Best Vegan Makeup Brands - Organic Makeup - Vegan Beauty

Current Location: Vancouver, Canada

Originally from the Big Island of Hawai’i, Alivia is a 24 year old ethical marketer and photographer with a passion for travel and compassionate living. Having gone vegetarian at age 14 and now vegan for the past two and half years, Alivia loves sharing plant-based meals and her latest cruelty-free finds with friends and family — especially those interested in learning more about the vegan lifestyle.

We asked Alivia to share her must have makeup products and here’s her list:

1. Hurraw! Black Cherry Tinted Lip Balm

“My absolute favorite lip balm! Although Hurraw! makes dozens of amazing choices, the Black Cherry is especially great due to its beautiful, naturally created tint from the Alkanet root. Brownie points for the product being organic, cold-pressed, and crafted in the USA.”

2. Pacifica Smolder Eye Lining Gel

“I was addicted to black eye liner until I discovered Pacifica’s amazing eye lining gel in Anchor: a gorgeous Bronzed Brown shade that makes for a more natural — yet still bold look. Pro tip: you can also use them as a cream shadow for a smoky eye {isn’t that cool?}.”

3. Bare Minerals Original Foundation

“Having used bareMinerals for years now, it’s safe to say there is no other brand I will use for my foundation needs. The product is light going on and long-lasting (even in Vancouver’s rainy climate). I especially love the minimal ingredient list and easy application. My shade of choice is Medium Beige which surprisingly suits my skin color year round — even after tanning in the summer!

{Note: not all bareMinerals products are vegan, so make sure you read the ingredient list before buying – carmine and beeswax are two notorious and most common ingredients that sneak in their formulations}.

4. Ecotools Makeup Brushes

“Featuring sleek bamboo handles, recycled aluminium, and soft 100% cruelty-free bristles, it’s hard not to fall in love with Ecotools as your go to makeup application brushes. With a wide range of options from buffing to blush, you can feel good knowing that not only will you look flawless but you’re supporting an eco-friendly and charitably minded company. For easy cleaning, I wash them in hot water with Dr. Bronner’s Castille Liquid Soap in between uses.”

5. 100% Pure Fruit Pigmented Eye Shadow

“If you know me it’s not much of a secret that 100% Pure is my all-time favorite makeup company. As not only a vegan but someone who strives to live a natural lifestyle as well, I couldn’t have been happier to find a company with such clean and clear ingredients. As a marketer, I also appreciate their fantastic eye-catching packaging which as a bonus is made from recycled materials in their solar powered factory in California. The Cocoa Plum is my favorite shade not only as an eye shadow but as an eyebrow filler as well.”

Charada Makeup - Best Vegan Makeup Brands - Organic Makeup - Vegan Beauty

Current Location: Ohio, USA

This Aussie vegan makeup artist, who is part Tasmanian Aboriginal, is dedicated to spreading the word about what she calls “truly cruelty free beauty”. A vegan for almost 5 years, Charada’s calling came when she read a book called “Eating Animals” by Jonathan Safran Foer. She says the change was easy and these 5 years as a vegan have been a great educational journey. She says, “it was an awakening of sorts and it really led to a change in perspective about everything I thought I knew.”

Charada has many interesting facets to her – she is passionate about animal rights, has shaved her head more than once and is married to her incredible vegan man whom she met on Tinder {we need to take vegan dating tips from her}. Furthermore, she has created an online searchable database of vegan beauty products from around the globe. Her hobbies include world travel and vegan brekkies.

Now what can be better than asking the expert herself about the best vegan makeup she uses on her clients {and herself}, right? Below Charada shares her absolute makeup must haves:

1. Montalto Biolinfa Essenziale

This face oil changed my skin for the better. It hydrates, balances, firms and tones, evens out skin tone and aids in the healing of blemishes. I use this as a moisturizer twice daily. I will never be without it again.

2. Obsessive Compulsive Cosmetics Skin Concealer in Y1

I love all of the OCC range but if I had to choose one product it would have to be the concealer. A little under the eyes, around the nose and on any blemishes brightens up the face. Y1 is the perfect tone to correct my dark under eye circles.

3. Arbonne It’s a Long Story Mascara

“The Arbonne mascara is magical. It’s dramatic and it thickens and lengthens beautifully. It’s my go-to mascara for me and for my clients.”

4. Arbonne Makeup Primer

I love this primer! It mattes skin, minimizes pores and fine lines. It makes skin a perfect base for foundation. I use this primer daily — in my professional kit and at home. I even like to wear it alone over the Montalto face oil to give my skin a natural matte look for “no makeup” days.

5. Hurraw! Lip Balm

“Hurraw! makes the perfect lip balms. While they come in several amazing flavours, my favourites are Moon Balm, Coconut and Vanilla. When I want to add a little colour, I like Black Cherry (which has a subtle deep red tint).”

Check out Charada’s makeup artistry and blog at


Carlynne Epstein

Carlynne - Best Vegan Makeup Brands - Organic Makeup - Vegan Beauty Address Chic

Location: California, USA

A true born and bred Cali Girl, Carlynne had the pleasure of evolving into the woman she is today along some of the best sights California has to offer.  Along with the guidance of her free-spirited parents, her love and compassion for nature and animals sparked at a very young age. When her long time dream of opening her hair and make-up studio in Venice Beach finally became a reality, her first priority became deciding on the right products / companies and services to support and offer to her clients — ones that fall under her strict guidelines of being non-toxic, cruelty-free, and vegan. “I wanted to create a safe and positive space for women,” she shares…. “to share in our practice of ‘mindful beauty’ means being conscious and aware of everything we do — from the supportive and positive space we create for our clients to the products and services we choose to offer them. This way we can all maintain mental, physical, and karmic health.”

We were overjoyed when we came across this makeup artist who works with all things “vegan”. Here is the list Carlynne shared with us that includes the makeup products she vouches for:

1. Bdellium Bamboo Vegan Make-up Brushes

“Your tools can make all the difference for a flawless make-up application, and finding brushes made from high quality vegan bristles that also perform and feel well can be a challenge. I was so happy to discover this line of eco and vegan friendly make-up brushes that are super affordable, and feel amazing on the skin making it easy for you to get professional results at home too.”

2. Obsessive Compulsive Cosmetics Color Pencils

“Get double duty with these lip and eye friendly pencils that glide on with just the right amount of creaminess, and come in the best array of colors for all skins tones.”

{We love OCC lip pencils too}

3. 100% Pure Maracuja Mascara

“Finding vegan mascara can be quite challenging, and the fact that mascara comes in close contact to your eyes I want to make sure that I use only products with safe ingredients. When I found 100% Pure’s Maracuja mascara I was quite thrilled as it is not only vegan but made from all natural ingredients. This smudge free formula creates full and soft lashes and comes in two colors – black tea and chocolate that smells good enough to eat.

4. 100% Pure Lip and Cheek Stain

“I love this multi-purpose all vegan long wearing lip and cheek stain. Great for hot summer days when you don’t want to fuss with much. It gives a nice flush to the cheeks and lasts forever. And you get two products for the price of one. Cherry is my favorite!” 

5. 100% Pure Oil Blotting Sheets

“It is so nice to de-shine throughout the day without adding any unnecessary product. These magical little sheets are like an oil magnet, blotting up any excess oil, and fit into any size bag for on the go touch ups.”


Danielle Schleese (Founder) & Briana Miller (CEO)
Danielle and Briana FACED - Best Vegan Makeup Brands - Organic Makeup - Vegan Beauty - Best Vegan Foundation

Current Location: Toronto, Canada

Best friends and business partners, Daniella and Briana believe in conscious consumerism and beauty rooted in compassion, health, and empowerment. They run FACED Vegan Makeup Artistry and vouch by HAUT Cosmetics products, a Canadian line based in Vancouver B.C. FACED does not currently have a business partnership with HAUT, but all of their artists use HAUT products exclusively in their kits.

1. HAUT Canadian Glacial Clay Cleanser

“The ingredients used in Glacial Clay Cleanser make it an absolute must-have. It is as nourishing and close to the earth as you can get. It uses ancient, simple ingredients that promote cell regeneration and gently exfoliate the skin while imparting essential nutrients that your skin needs.”

2. HAUT Coconut Cream Moisturizer

“This moisturizer is a luxurious blend of fruit oils that works in all climates, is appropriate to men and women, and is rich enough to use as a night cream, but gentle enough to use around the eyes. Coconut oil has a natural spf that nurtures the skin while allowing it to breathe. We use this moisturizer before putting on any makeup to make foundation of a flawless base.”

3. HAUT Pink Brightener

Danielle: “The pink brightener compliments the eyes in the most natural way. It’s great for lifting and brightening the under-eye area while protecting the most delicate skin on the face. The way it diffuses and reflects light really makes you look glowing and awake.”

Sharon: “I had my one-on-one session last week and, as someone plagued by dark under eye circles, this really was the must-have of the session. It’s amazing.”

4. HAUT Illuminating Loose Tint

“We love this product not only because it balances skin and keeps the moisture sealed under the surface but also because it is free of talc and titanium dioxide. They include arrowroot, which is soothing and helps heal breakouts and irritation. It also photographs exceptionally well and doesn’t leave any white-cast on the skin. What’s not to love about this product?”

5. HAUT Mauve Magic Aloe Cream Tint

“This product does it all. It compliments a wide range of skin tones and can be used as a shadow or a blush. The ease of application is incredible, and it can be built up to create a subtle flush or a dramatic statement cheek.”


Heena Modi

HEENA - Best Vegan Makeup Brands - Organic Makeup - Vegan Beauty

Current Location: London, United Kingdom

Born and raised in London, Heena had been a vegetarian most of her life. Her family, also vegetarian, never imposed the vegetarian lifestyle upon her. On her own terms, Heena stopped eating eggs when she witnessed her Mum cracking a ‘bad’ one and was aghast at what she saw.  At age 11, she decided to go veggie — as she did not agree with killing animals for food. This breakthrough slowly turned into a 360 degree vegetarian lifestyle in which Heena even stopped buying animal skins for clothing. In 2008, when she watched a PETA India video on cruelty to animals in farms, she felt a sense of compassion and immediately switched to a vegan diet. Today she thinks, lives and talks all things vegan.

She has never felt this happier before, turning vegan has made her feel aligned, minimalist and carefree. Now she feels her life is much simpler and fulfilled as a result of this shift. Heena is committed to helping others make and/or maintain the shift to a vegan diet and lifestyle. She also offers lifestyle coaching — which you can find more about on her website:

We asked Heena about her favorite go to vegan makeup products and here’s her list:

1. B. Dramatic Bold Liquid Eyeliner Black 100

“I am not much of a makeup person, and I only use a few essential products. This eyeliner from the B. Range, which is a cruelty-free brand exclusive to Superdrug is one of my favourites. It is easy to use, has effortless precision and appears bold — yet elegant.”

2. B. Loud High Volume Mascara Black 100

“I like products that deliver and yet are easy to use like this mascara from B. It is light, effective and lasts quite long, yet very easy to take off too.”

3. TRIPLE ROSE Luxury Organic Facial Oil

“This amazing organic rose oil for face by Orchard View Naturals Therapies and Skincare takes care of my skin after I remove the makeup. It is gentle and very light and puts back moisture on the face without making it greasy. I use it before I go to bed and sometimes also use it as a primer before putting on my makeup”.

4. MU LONDON White Chocolate Elbow, Knee & Heel Cream

“Although this cream by MU London is labelled for elbows, knees and heels, it is a super versatile product. I use a tiny amount on my lips and they feel protected, soft, and smooth and smell delicious as a result. I always use it before putting on some lipstick so my lips stay hydrated for longer and it also makes the lipstick glide on smoothly”


Sonia Sae
Sonia Sae - Best Vegan Makeup Brands - Organic Makeup - Best Vegan Makeup Products - Vegan Beauty

Current Location: Barcelona, Spain

The proud parent of Jumanji {fox} and Sky {cat}, Sonia is a flight attendant and a vegan activist from Barcelona. Sonia stopped eating meat seven years ago and has been a pro vegan helping and encouraging others to also lead a compassionate life. When she is not flying, Sonia is educating people, and doing everything she can to spread veganism. From printing and distributing pamphlets to attending and organizing protests, this gal is leading the pack!

Of course Sonia follows a vegan lifestyle when it comes to her beauty routine and closet. So we ask her to reveal her go-to vegan makeup products – and here are her picks:


“My hands down favorite when it comes to lipsticks is Inika and my favorite among all the colors is Tuscan Tales, a beautiful red color. They give my lips the perfect color, they’re hydrating and the color really lasts. What I love most about Inika lipsticks is that they are free from any harsh chemicals and animal ingredients. They really keep my lips moisturized and protected and I love them.”

2. Lily Lolo Pressed Blush – Just Peachy

“I love this blush from Lily Lolo, it just gives you a natural look that’s so pretty. It is also amazing for on-the-go application giving your cheeks a very natural flush”

3. Lavera Natural Mousse Make-Up- Honey

“I’m completely dedicated to this product; it gives me easy, flawless coverage without clogging the pores. The fact that it is packed with organic shea butter and organic castor oil ensures that not only it gives me a beautiful skin but the ingredients are also working to deliver a naturally healthy skin – a rare thing in foundations. At the end of the day my skin is breathing, the makeup isn’t cakey, the wrinkles aren’t accentuated and it doesn’t make the skin look oily. Love the mousse texture too, it blends like a dream and gives better coverage than a liquid foundation. Don’t be fooled by the word honey, it’s just the color reference.”

4. Purobio cosmetics “GLORIOUS volumizer” mascara

“Purobio Glorious Volumizer Mascara is my go-to product. I’ve tried several mascara formulations but they were never quite right, this one gives amazing volume, the wand refuses to allow any clumping and comes off real easy. The best part – it is made from all natural animal-free ingredients.”

5. Lily Lolo “Laid bare eye” palette

“Finding a good vegan neutral eye palette is quite challenging but Lily Lolo Laid Bare Eye is like a blessing. The colors are very pigmented, the palette has a nice mix of matte and shimmer shade that ensures this can be used for everyday to party looks and it has a very nice blendable and buildable formula. The fact that it is made from organic ingredients including jojoba, argan and pomegranate seed oil makes me wear them all day everyday without worrying about creasing and being harmful for the skin.”

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