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Gone are those days of vegan shoe hunting when you headed out for a Cinderella experience and came up empty handed because your only options were ugly fabric sneakers or cheap pleather heels that looked tacky. A new breed of ethical and compassionate designers is changing the vegan shoe game and pushing compassionate footwear safely out of the dichotomous realm of dowdy or obnoxiously expensive.

While Stella McCartney remains the stalwart of stylish vegan and sustainable footwear, you are not short of choice when it comes to picking stylish vegan shoes that won’t cost a leg and an arm.

With so many innovative materials such as Pinatex from pineapple leaf, cork leather, beech wood fabric and vegan leather made from apple peels {we’re not kidding, there are shoes made from apple}, the shoe industry is becoming increasingly exciting, allowing designers to pave the way for fashionable footwear without compromising on ethics or quality.

We’re seriously spoiling you with choice {and style} with this list of best vegan shoe brands put together by our team of style experts who rounded the globe for you. From sexy stilettoes to fancy flats, metallic platforms to elegant pumps and classic brogues to staple sneakers, these brands create shoes from vegan and eco-friendly materials that won’t cramp your style. Trust us, these are good!

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 Based in: New York

Ethics: Vegan, eco-conscious and gives back

Best for: Heels and pumps (sustainable luxury)

Price range: $$$

Offerings: Women

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Bringing together form, function, and ethics {which even the biggest designers fail to provide}, vegan shoe brand Veerah’s designs are rooted in classic shapes and styles, but with a clever and ethical twist. Their shoes come with beautiful detachable accessories (like tassel, brooch, bows and fringe), are constructed with innovative eco-friendly materials and feature memory foams and anti-slip pads that take out the grieve from wearing heels all day long.

Stacey Chang, the founder of Veerah, desired a pair of shoes that can be dressed up and down, so you don’t need 5 pairs but can get 5 styles from one and that’s when she started developing the Veerah shoe. Stacey, like us, believes that the function of even a high-heeled shoe is to allow a woman to walk comfortably. When walking in her heels if the woman feels like she’s in labor, then it doesn’t matter how pretty the shoes are. We believe it is an unsuccessful design, no matter the label.

Versatility and comfort is the cornerstone of Veerah’s design, but even more is their commitment to sustainability. All their shoes are made with hi-tech animal-free and eco-friendly materials like recycled plastic, organic cotton and the revolutionary apple peel leather made from organic apples. The company even uses eco-friendly packaging and donates a portion of their proceeds to women’s empowerment organizations.

Their beautiful shoes will not fail to convince potential naysayers that shoes need not sacrifice style in order to be vegan. Now you see why Veerah is on top of this list? It’s undoubtedly our favorite footwear brand because shoes that does good, looks incredible and are comfortable to wear is every woman’s dream.

Our favorites?  We’re not kidding when we say all their shoes are amazing. Give us anything from their collection and we’d be delighted!

Shop Veerah shoes

NAE Shoes

Based in: Portugal

Ethics: Vegan and eco-conscious

Best for: Boots and wedges (and formal shoes for men)

Price range: $-$$

Offerings: Men and Women

Have you ever browsed at the vegan and sustainable shoes options and wondered why there are so few choices for ethical gals who are on a limited budget? Well, you can now get a pair of stylish vegan shoes starting at ~$100, and boots averaging at $165 from NAE. Founded by husband-wife duo Paula Pérez and Alex Pérez, this Portuguese based vegan footwear brand literally stands for No Animals Exploited and is a strong believer in the respect for the environment and its beings.

From perfect summer wedges to sassy gold sneakers, trusted peep-toed heels to cozy knee-high boots, minimalist sandals to classic suede boots – NAE offers one of the widest variety of vegan shoes that are stylish and ethically crafted in their local factory without trumping on quality. They use hi-tech sustainable leather alternatives like Pinatex (leather-like material from pineapple leaves), cork, PET and ecological microfibers to create classic styles at an affordable price.

Did we mention that NAE also has a great range of vegan shoes for men?

Our favorites? The Irene Sandals are a must-have in every woman’s wardrobe and their Justin and Dover styles for men are perfect for every occasion.

Shop NAE shoes


Based in: Italy

Ethics: Vegan, handcrafted and eco-conscious

Best for: Luxury heels and boots and men’s shoes

Price range: $$$-$$$$

Best vegan shoes and vegan heels Nemanti Italian Luxury Shoes - Best vegan shoe brands

Italian shoes have been the epitome of luxury and style. As a true connoisseur of shoes, if you thought that being vegan means sacrificing on this guilty pleasure of life, its time you reevaluate your options.

At first glance, you’d never guess Nemanti shoes are actually vegan. The luxury leather boots or the perfectly crafted oxford shoes can be easily mistaken as genuine leather. Creative Director Paula Caracciolo founded Nemanti in 2013 when she could not find a genuine Italian vegan pair of shoes for herself. As a true Italian, she was saddened by the distraught condition of the Italian shoemaking industry (with companies shifting their production to China), and decided to create her line of vegan shoes using classic silhouettes that were elegant, ethically produced and made in Italy. “In the beginning, the artisans were outraged by the idea of creating luxury shoes without leather, but with my passion and the availability of high-quality vegan leather alternatives they were on-board”, says Paula. From flamboyant heeled pumps and luxury velvet wrap around stilettos to elegant and sensual boots, her shoes stand out because of their ability to add a modern touch to classic silhouettes that look every inch a designer-piece.

Handcrafted by artisans using centuries old shoe-making craft, Nemanti shoes are a piece of luxury you truly deserve (if you got the dough). Oh, and their vegan shoes for men are too good to be true (but they are)!

Our New Year Resolution is going to be to start saving up, so we can treat ourselves with Nemanti Manarola heels.

Our favorites? The wrap around Moneglia vegan heels in luscious purple is stunning and every man should have the handcrafted classic Monkstrap style from their collection.

Shop Nemanti shoes


Based in: Italy

Ethics: Vegan and eco-conscious

Best for: Show-stopping shoes and velvet loafers

Price range: $$$

Offerings: Women

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This Italian vegan shoe brand is one of the newest arrivals in the ethical shoe market and we’re delighted they exist! Founded by Erica Ramilli, their whimsical and out of the ordinary shoe line featuring materials like rich velvet, satin and jacquard will easily transform a boring outfit into a winning fashion moment.

Combining playful bold designs and Italian craftsmanship, Daquy’s shoes are made by artisans in the famous Marche and Tuscan shoe making districts using rich vegan and eco-friendly materials. With high-street style trends and Zara-esque styling and photography, this brand will have you feeling right at home. From brocade loafers and printed trainers to velvet lace-ups and embroidered chunky platforms, stock up on some shoes that are eye-catching to make your dollar worthwhile.

At $153-$415, they’re definitely not at the most attainable price range, but these designs are definitely worth saving up for if you’re looking for truly show-stopping shoes. Plus, with these beautiful shoes on your feet, by simple virtue of looking down on a hard day, you’ll feel a tad better!

Our favorites?  It’s hard to pick a favorite from their incredibly beautiful and flamboyant shoe collection but if we must then the vegan pink velvet loafers {that we’ll pair with socks and miniskirts} and the chunky black platform heels with floral embroidery will be our picks.

Bourgeois Boheme

Based in: London

Ethics: Vegan and eco-conscious

Best for: Androgynous shoes, boots and men’s shoes

Price range: $$-$$$

Offerings: Men and Women

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British born Bourgeois Boheme is at the center of the fashion world, with everyone from Vogue to Mr. Porter featuring them on their glossy pages. The brand has already kicked up a storm in both the vegan and fashion world, with their innovative materials, British aesthetics, and sleek designs. They’re the best vegan shoe brand to feed your love for androgyny and classic designs.

With a strong belief that a vegan shoe should be much more than the exclusion of animal materials, Bourgeois Boheme showcases a range of timeless styles that are handmade in Portugal with the finest Italian vegan leathers. In order to maintain their eco-friendly title, founder Alice is always on the lookout for new exciting materials, whether it be Italian cotton weaved with paper, cork, pineapple leather, recycled rubber or plant-based polymers to create beautiful footwear that only feeds our shoe obsession and not global warming.

Whether you are looking for classic Chelsea boots, the perfect brogue, or a classic heeled pump – Bourgeois Boheme has got you covered. For men who fancy a stylish pair of vegan shoes, BB has a great selection to pick a pair for everything that you have on your calendar – work meeting to a weekend getaway and everything in-between.

Our favorites? Our favorites are their Matilda Chelsea boots in sumptuous burgundy and the Kate pumps featuring natural stone slate covering the heels and cork lining.

Shop Bourgeois Boheme shoes

Good Guys

Based in: France

Ethics: Vegan and eco-conscious

Best for: Semi-formal and casual shoes and boots

Price range: $$-$$$

Offerings: Men and Women

With Emma Watson as their biggest fan {she was spotted wearing their shoes during her Beauty and The Beast movie promotions}, Good Guys Don’t Wear Leather has definitely made a mark for themselves and proven style and ethics do not have to be an oxymoron.

Founded in 2010 by Marion Hanania, Good Guys make classics with a twist like dreamy aqua/white striped loafers, two-toned oxford shoes channeling pastels, boat shoes in canary yellow with red soles. Their shoes, infused with French chic, are not just for women, even guys don’t shy away from wearing their classic styles with modern reinterpretation. Famous vegan Saudi Prince Khaled is a fan of the brand, if you don’t believe us check out his Instagram.

Designed in Paris and ethically made in Portugal, their shoes are crafted with conscious and cruelty-free materials like microfiber, canvas and natural rubber. Every fashionista needs a touch of French chic in their wardrobe and Good Guys are the right match!

Our favorites? We’d follow the lead of Emma Watson and get a pair of their Samo white trainers and the beautiful Blake boat shoes in pastel pink, mint blue and dark blue combo.

Bhava Studio

Based in: New York

Ethics: Vegan and eco-conscious

Best for: Sandals and flats

Price range: $$-$$$

Offerings: Women

Best vegan shoes Bhava Studio - Best vegan shoe brands - Best non leather shoes - Vegan Heels

Everyone has a pair of shoes they grab when in a rush, the pair they team with everything and which is the constant in their ‘shoe-love life’. Bhava Studio provides you with just that – a staple shoe that you always go back to when in your time of need.

Embracing the challenge of finding the prettiest, durable and innovative vegan materials, Francisca Pineda, Founder and Design Director of Bhava, has been able to create beautiful designs that are slick, sleek and stylish.

After working for many years in the leather industry, Francisca saw the horrors of the trade – from inhumane treatment of animals to the havoc leather production creates for the planet and decided to ditch leather from her life and founded Bhava Studio – an ethical alternative to a leather shoe.  Using eco-friendly and quality vegan leathers, all their shoes are ethically made in India. They even line their shoes with organic cotton and hand paint their reptile embossed cork.

Our favorites? The Berlin zip bootie and burgundy Dita pumps – can’t go wrong with them in style and comfort.

Shop Bhava vegan shoes

Bangs Shoes

Based in: Asheville, USA

Ethics: Vegan, sustainable and gives back

Best for: Trainers

Price range: $

Offerings: Men and Women

Best vegan shoes Bangs Shoes - Best vegan shoe brands -Eco-friendly Shoes - Ecofriendly Shoes

Looking for something athletic and casual? We recommend the sustainable fashion brand Bangs Shoes founded by Hannah Davis that’s driven by the mission to fund entrepreneurs by investing 20% of their profits to help people start small businesses via Kiva.

From their easy-going no-nonsense high-tops for everyday adventure to classic canvas sneakers that you can wear with everything from your denim to dresses, their shoes are crafted using sustainable practices with rubber, nylon and canvas and are built to last. They come in a mix of 10 colors including classics like white and black to punchy deep red and burgundy and a few embroidered styles.

Their vegan shoes are a great sustainable alternative to styles like Converse and come with a purpose! We think if you have the choice to make a difference in the world, just by deciding where you shop, it’s the easiest way to do some good.

Our favorites? Their Sahara Sand Hi-tops are simply awesome – versatile color that will rock with everything.

Shop Bangs Shoes

Dr. Martens Vegan Shoes

Based in: England

Ethics: Vegan

Best for: Boots

Price range: $$

Offerings: Men and Women

Best vegan shoes - Vegan Dr MartensImage via Dr. Martens

A pair of Dr. Martens is a must-have – this iconic footwear brand has a following that very few brands can boast of. From the red carpet, airport, on-stage performance to streets, every A-list celebrity, from Gigi Hadid and Katy Perry to Rihanna, Dakota Johnson, and David Beckham, has been spotted wearing one of their shoes.

Originally cut from leather, in 2011, Dr. Martens introduced their vegan collection that not only eliminated leather but even ensured that the glue used in the construction is animal-free. This means that vegans can now dress up their feet in their grungy shoes, strappy sandals, and even their cult 8 eye boots. Their exclusive vegan shoe collection is available at all their stores worldwide.

Whether you go for the classic high-top boot or the distinguishable loafer, they will see you through season after season and keep your toes dry in the most unpredictable weather.

Our favorites? For ladies, Dr. Martens 8 Eye 1460 originals in black and Dr. Martens 2976 Cambridge Brush Chelsea Boot in cherry for men are super cool.

Shop Dr. Martens vegan shoes


Based in: Prague, Czech Republic

Ethics: Vegan, sustainable

Best for: Trainers

Price range: $-$$

Offerings: Men and Women

Best vegan shoes - Best vegan shoe brands - Bohempia Hemp Shoes - Eco Friendly Shoes

We love kicks and we love eco-friendly natural materials – combine the two together and you have Bohempia. That’s a clever name for shoes made from hemp – yes, we mean the plant. Hemp is known as world’s strongest and most eco-friendly natural fiber. It requires no damaging fertilizers or pesticides to grow and uses 50% less water to grow compared to cotton.

The cool range of Bohempia casual kicks are locally produced, look stylish, are strong yet comfortable and one hundred percent sustainable – what’s not to love?

Our favorites? We love their red low top shoes – bold and beautiful.

Shop Bohempia Shoes

Sydney Brown

Based in: USA (shoes made in Portugal)

Ethics: Vegan, sustainable

Best for: Clogs and slides

Price range: $$$

Offerings: Men and Women

Best vegan shoes Sydney Brown Clogs - Best vegan shoe brands - Vegan Boots Image via LA Racked

Sydney Brown’s eponymous label is a blessing for the lovers of minimalist designs (and sustainable lifestyle). Former music producer, Sydney lived in Tokyo for over ten years, and that’s where the Japanese influence in her designs come from – minimalistic elegance and sculptural lines.

She is one of the few vegan designers who is extremely articulate and ensures that every aspect of the product adheres to her high ecological standards. In fact, not long ago she would craft her own shoes in her little studio in LA ensuring everything from the materials to the glue that she uses are eco-friendly and animal-free. Her shoes are now produced in an eco-friendly factory in Portugal.

Quality, innovation, sustainability combined with design and function are the fundamentals of Sydney Brown label. Sustainably harvested wood, metallic material made from recycled plastic bottles, cork, natural rubber and water-based glue are some of the eco-friendly and cruelty-free materials used in her collections.

Our favorites? The work appropriate and super chic clogs in black and the statement V-wedge iridescent in faux-nappa from her collection are our absolute favorites.

Shop Sydney Brown shoes

Beyond Skin

Based in: Britain

Ethics: Vegan, sustainable

Best for: Party heels, pumps and boots

Price range: $$-$$$

Offerings: Women

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One of the oldest standing vegan shoes brands, established in 2001, Beyond Skin not only boasts of a celebrity client list that includes names like Miley Cyrus, Olga Kurylenko and Natalie Portman but is also popular among the best fashion magazines like Vogue, Grazia and Elle (you can spot their shoes time and again in their beautiful fashion spreads).

Over the years, their collection has refined and the designs from their latest collection have completely wowed us. They’ve come far in their journey and are one of our favorite brands. They have the widest collection compared to most vegan brands, and also one that will not fail to impress. Whether you are looking for party sandals or glittery pumps, classic court shoes or colorful wedges, chic loafers or smart boots – you would be spoilt for choice with options.

Our favorites? We are in love with the glamorous and feminine Archie cubic mirrored heels and the Shimmery Faux Snake Skin Stilettos

Shop Beyond Skin shoes

Stella McCartney

Based in: Britain with stores worldwide

Ethics: Vegan, sustainable

Best for: Designer heels, kicks and platform shoes

Price range: $$$$

Offerings: Men and Women

Best vegan shoes - Best vegan shoe brands - Best non leather shoes - Vegan Heels - Stella McCartney Snake Skin HeelsImage courtesy @stellamccartney

An epitome of luxury and ethics, Stella McCartney is the only luxury designer brand that never used any leather, fur or animal skin in its collection.

Every fashionista wardrobe would have the iconic Stella Falabella bag and her platform shoes {or their mocks if they’re too pricey to afford).

Her shoes are meant for anyone with a desire for luxury and good taste and while anything from Stella’s collection would, unfortunately, have the uncanny ability to break your bank, they’re still worth every penny. Her Elyse shoes have a cult following and are the most popular style in her collection. While it would help if her platform shoes were a little more comfortable, given they cost a fortune you expect design and function to be married in them.

Covering every trend that suits her distinct style, you will find kitten heels, color blocking and startling metallic in her latest collection. Stella gives you the staples you need and the out-there you desire and who can say no to any of her footwear, it’s all beautiful and all very, very ethical. Perhaps the most well-known vegetarian/vegan designer on the luxury market, Stella is well known for her ethics and approach to fashion, meaning you can wear your new shoes knowing that you are putting your best foot forward.

Our favorites? Everything – just give us the dough to go on Stella shoe shopping spree!

Fortunately, there are so many vegan footwear brands that there’s no reason to wear leather anymore. Apart from the ones mentioned above, there are so many other great shoe brands like the Swedish footwear brand Flattered, which has a small vegan line that’s gorgeous and looks super luxe with their animal-free croc leather and Sofie Bly (also Swedish) who makes beautiful heeled sandals and boots.

London based Ivana Basilotta does luxury stand-out vegan shoes under the brand No One’s Skin (their Luna pumps are stunning) and LA-based Cult of Coquette, founded by Bebe Mehr, does the best vegan pumps (4.75 inch sexy) that are reminiscent of Louboutins. Wills London vegan shoes are perfect eco-friendly options that are also light on the wallet. They do great boots, oxfords (men and men) and work appropriate slingback heels and pumps. How could we not mention the vegan shoe collection from famous Canadian vegan brand Matt and Nat? Their minimalist designs are covetable and their collection has everything from chic heels, slides, oxfords, and kicks (that’s light on the pocket too).

Cri De Coeur

Based in: New York

Ethics: Vegan and eco-conscious

Best for: Statement shoes and lucite heels

Price range: $-$$

Offerings: Women

Best vegan shoes - Best vegan shoe brands - Cri De Coeur Arden Wohl - Vegan HeelsImage via Pinterest

Making a statement and standing out from the crowd is important to Instagrammers and trend lovers; even the vegan ones. Launched in 2014, playful, whimsical shoes with charming prints, bold shades, lucite heels and sexy cutouts from Cri De Coeur x Arden Wohl collection are the perfect pick for who like to make a bold statement.

Cri De Coeur x Arden Wohl is a collaboration between ethical fashion label Cri De Coeur and New York socialite cum pastry chef cum filmmaker cum philanthropist Arden Wohl. Reclaimed wood, organic hemp, PU leather and ultra suede (made from recycled plastics), have helped create a sought-after cruelty-free collection that is inspired by 20th Century symbolism. Their variety of open-toe booties, decadent loafers and platform knee-highs make for a collection worth investing in. The only minor gripe is their sizes start at a US 6 – so ladies with petite feet will need to look for other options on this list to satiate their desire for a statement pair of heels. Plus, it’s time the brand introduced a new collection too, we love the Arden Wohl line but keep us interested with something new now!

Shop Cri De Coeur vegan shoes

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