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Winter is in it’s full swing and we’re embracing the chilly weather. Knee-length boots, stylish capes, bright coats and smart layering – the things we love about winter. But with all these perks comes some downside. Come colder months and your skin takes a beating with the extreme cold weather outside and hot, dry air inside resulting in pile up of dead skin and flaky complexion. To maintain the glowing skin and healthy locks our beauty experts pick miraculous beauty products to combat the frigid winter weather.

Winter Skincare Guide - Vegan Beauty -Vegan Skincare

From an exfoliating cleanser to super moisturising lip balm, hydrating body oil and moisture retaining shampoo, scroll down for our favorite vegan winter beauty products that’ll keep you gorgeous all through the chilly weather. Aprés ski anyone?

Rahua Natural Hair Shampoo - Winter Beauty Products

1 Rahua Organic Shampoo and Conditioner

You can thank us later for introducing to your new favorite shampoo that keeps your locks look like a million bucks. Formulated using natural organic ingredients and without any harsh chemicals or animal ingredients, Rahua shampoo and conditioner will revitalise your dry and brittle hair keeping them soft and strong even in harsh winter, thanks to Rahua nut oil, quinoa and coconut betaines. Its color care property in every bottle will protect colored and treated hair too.

Rahua By Amazon Beauty Shampoo and Conditioner  for $60

Multitasker Balm - Vegan Australian Bodycare Any Time Balm - Winter Beauty Products

 2 Australian Bodycare Anytime Balm

This multi-tasker extraordinare is the solution to all your winter woes from chappy lips, dry elbows, heels, knees, cuticle care, dehydrated and itchy skin to unruly brows and dry/frizzy hair. Keep this on-the-go-balm in your handbag everywhere you go to counter dehydrated and dry skin.

Just a word of caution, those with super sensitive skin maybe allergic to tea tree oil, which is an active ingredient, so make sure to test a patch before using.

Australian Bodycare Anytime Balm for $18

Alyssum Alchemy Rose Radiance Facial Nectar - Winter Beauty Products

3 Alyssum Alchemy Face Oil

An ultra moisturizing oil when your skin needs that extra hydration in colder days. When it comes to your face, nothing but the best will do, that’s why we recommend the amazing face oil from Aussie brand Alyssum Alchemy made from finest ingredients. Every single ingredient in this moisturizer is certified organic and safe for even the most super sensitive skin and will ensure you don’t lose your winter glow. Don’t let skin woes stop you from having fun in winters whether its ski or ice skating. Not only is this oil handcrafted with love, but it is also blessed with Reiki!

Alyssum Alchemy Rose Radiance Facial Nectar for $54.95

Buddha Divine Cleansing Oil - Winter Beauty Must Haves - Vegan Beauty

4 Buddha Divine Cleansing Oil

Night long parties nearly every day of the winter festive season can wreck havoc on your skin. Harsh makeup removers can make things worse. We love this vegan cleansing oil from Buddha. Formulated with 13 luxurious oils (including jojoba, rose hip, sweet almond and apricot kernel oil) that work wonders on your skin, it is perfect when anything acid-based or exfoliators look terrifying. This facial cleanser and makeup remover will soothe your tired skin, take off all the dirt and makeup and give it the nourishment it needs after a long tiring day.

Buddha Divine Cleansing Oil for $31.5

If you need a cream based formula then we recommend Human+Kind Wash Off Face Cleanser for $16


 The Gnarly Whale Vegan Hair Detangler - Vegan Haircare

5 The Gnarly Whale Hair Detangler

Winter means dry and unruly hair especially after wash. This vegan hair detangler works magic while nourishing your hair with its super-natural ingredients. Just a few spritzes and your locks will be soft and silky. Take your pick from a range of deliciously smelling spritz from pineapple, coconut and peaches (our fav), bubblegum to passionfruit and Somalian rose

The Gnarly Whale Hair Detangler for $11


Herbivore Pink Clay Mask - Vegan Mask - Winter Beauty Must Haves

6 Herbivore Exfoliating Mask

Give your skin a little love with an exfoliating mask that softens the skin and leaves it nourished to boot. The rosehip powder in the mask regenerates skin cells and repairs damaged tissue, chamomile flowers soothes and depuffs inflamed skin while the pink clay rejuvenates and improves skin’s elasticity. Apply this once in one-two weeks for an obsession-worthy glow.

Herbivore Pink Clay Exfoliating Mask for $48

Hylunia Grape Seed Scrub - Exfoliator - Winter beauty must haves - Vegan Beauty

 7 Hylunia Exfoliating Face Scrub

Winter means cold air outside and hot and dry inside, which results in dead skin pileup causing flaky and patchy complexion.

As the mercury drops it is very important to exfoliate your skin once a week to ward off any clogged pores, blackheads and whiteheads. We love the natural grape seed face exfoliant from Hylunia. It dissolves the dead skin cells from the surface of the skin leaving it soft and radiant while maintaining its pH balance. So buff away dullness and reveal a bright and perky complexion.

Hylunia Grape Seed Facial Scrub for $39


8 Pür Minerals Tinted Moisturizer SPF 20

Just because it’s winter doesn’t mean your skin does not need protection from the sun. Even when the weather looks gloomy the harmful UV rays penetrate and damage your skin. We love the four-in-one tinted moisturizer from Pur that blocks UV rays, gives you a smooth complexion and hydrated skin and adds a radiant glow by renewing your skin. The fact that this sunscreen is packed with retinol is a bonus as it helps mitigate acne, increases collagen production and has proven anti-aging benefits. You can find the best vegan sunscreen guide here.

Pür Minerals 4-in-1 Tinted Moisturizer SPF 20 for $37.2

Frank Body Original Coffee Scrub - VEGAN SCRUB - Winter Beauty Must Haves

9 frank body Original Body Scrub

Get the baby soft skin with frank and body original coffee scrub. Yup this product is as good as they claim it is. Works wonders on dry skin and even great for those suffering from psoriasis. Plus a sniff of this caffeinated formula will turn you into a morning person and wake you up from head to toe. Bye bye winter blues!

frank body Original Body Scrub for $28.9

10 Vegan Organic Body Oil - Soapwalla - Winter beauty must haves

10 Certified Organic Luxurious Body Oil

This ultra rich oil blend is a delightful treat for colder days as the combination of jojoba, grape seed oil and rice bran oil firms the skin and nourishes and protects it. The delightful smell of citrus and lemongrass essential oil is divine. The result is soft and supple skin head to toe.

Soapwalla Luxurious Body Oil for $35

Athaara Vegan Coffee Eye Cream - winter beauty must haves - Vegan beauty

11 Athara Coffee Eye Cream

The skin around your eyes is the most delicate and hence needs the most protection from harsh winter winds and dryness. We all know how hard it is to find a good eye cream and this Moroccan coffee eye cream from Athara is nothing short of a blessing. Its gentle, thick and creamy formula keeps the skin around the eyes hydrated while the caffeine, organic avocado and argan oil reduce dark circles, puffiness and fine lines.

Athara Moroccan Coffee Eye Cream (Vegan, Organic and 100% Natural Eye Cream) for $24.95

Vegan lip Scrub - Winter Beauty Essentials - Vegan beauty

12 This Naturally Organic Lip Exfoliator

Winter is synonymous with chappy lips and sometimes using lip balm every hour and even drinking gallons of water doesn’t help.

The best way to get rid of dry and chappy lips is to exfoliate them. Exfoliating ensures your lips are just as smooth during colder days as they’d been on warmer. While the easiest way is to mix sugar and olive oil at home and exfoliate it with a toothbrush, but if you need a quick haul then this organic lip exfoliator from This Naturally is supper effective. It’s shea butter and jojoba oil will give your lips extra moisture and care.

This Naturally Organic Lip Exfoliator for $13.75


Looking for some DIY winter skincare? You can also whip some moisturizing winter face masks at home, get the recipe here.

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