When it comes to creating a stylish wardrobe, all you vegan guys and animal lovers, don’t think we have left you out in the cold. From perfectly cut suits to well-fitted jeans {sans leather badge} to that one pair of stylish shoes you have no excuse to not own, we’ve created a full wardrobe especially for you.

With these stylish and quality vegan picks, there’s no excuse to wear the skin of a dead animal or harm even a worm to look fashionable. It’s time to upgrade your wardrobe without compromising on your ethics and style. Our ethical vegan picks are just what you need to begin building your stylish vegan wardrobe brick-by-brick.

Scroll down for the must-have pieces that every man should have in his wardrobe.

Note: All featured brands believe in the same values as you do, i.e. leading an ethical lifestyle by respecting not only the environment but the life of animals as well.

Vegan Shoes for Men

We know how hard it is to find a good quality pair of vegan shoes. But with the help of technology vegan man’s fashion scene has completely changed with smart microsuede to future leather. Having said that, our style experts have picked some really stylish shoes crafted with finest vegan leather that you won’t be able to resist. From dressy patent to classy lace-ups to boots to derby shoes we’ve picked every style for every occasion.

Style 1: Classic Black lace-ups 

V86 Oxford Vegan Shoes - Vegan Shoes for Men - Luxury Vegan Shoes

Every man’s wardrobe needs the most elegant pair of oxford shoes. Why not invest in a pair of lace-ups handcrafted in Italy using finest vegan leather? Yup, you can have your own piece of vegan luxury with Opificio V’s shoes that’s perfect for work to business dinner! Pair it with printed socks to show-off your modern side.

Opificio V Oxford shoes for $255 (ships worldwide)

Style 2: Desert Boots For Off-Duty Style

Vegan Shoes for Men - Vegan Boots - Vegan Mens Fashion

If it’s on your list to upgrade your wardrobe from boring to next-gen then it’s important to infuse the right amount of color that screams stylish (and not OTT). Ethically made in Portugal, these desert boots would ace in kicking up your style up a notch. These vegan shoes handsomely contrast different colors – blue complemented with red.

The striking red on the sole and laces is the right amount of bold to liven up any monochromatic outfit. Wear them with cropped trousers to show off all the dapper detailing.

NAE Color-Blocked Desert Boots for $159.99

Style 3: Classic Chelsea Boots

Image via

With a design as classic as the Chelsea boots, you can ensure you always put your best foot forward. Complete with polished upper that’s crafted with microfiber leather, elasticated sides that’s easy to slip on and a slightly narrow ankle opening for a neat finish these elegant boots are every bit as luxurious to wear as they are to look at.

For the most sophisticated take, wear them with your classic trench to create a sleek silhouette.

Montana Chelsea Boots for $165 (black and brown options)

Classic white shirt

Organic Cotton Formal Mens Shirt - White Organic Cotton Shirt by Arthur and Henry

The LBD for a man takes the form of a classic white shirt considering this is the most versatile item in every man’s wardrobe. No matter the occasion, the one piece of clothing that you’ll always reach for would be a white shirt – whether you’re wearing a pair of jeans, trousers or a tux. So make it a point to get one that is ethically made.

The Brave Gentleman’s classic white shirt is the perfect wardrobe choice. Crafted from durable eco-twill, which is the result of organic cotton and recycled poly blend and tailored immaculately with slim cuts it’ll ensure you look your best, no matter the occasion. Plus this slightly thicker type of twill breaks-in and softens over time, resulting in long-term wearing making it worth every penny.

Arthur & Henry Organic Cotton White Herringbone Men’s Shirt for $96

Must-have White T-shirts

Organic Cotton Tshirt for Men - White Organic Cotton Tshirt - Vegan Mens Fashion - Ethical Fashion

What would you do without a white T-shirt? Right? They’re like the next thing you need after water, air, and food. It’s that one piece of clothing you need every day because it will go with everything you own. You can wear it by itself for spring and summer, or layer it with a flannel during fall to attend a concert or team it with a biker jacket for that stylish tough guy vibe, they’re a must-have.

You must be wondering aren’t all cotton t-shirts vegan? Oh yes, they are but not all are organic. In this wardrobe cleanse you need to ensure you get the best, so we’ve hunted down just the right one that’s made from Global Organic Textile Standard certified cotton that is grown, hand-picked, ginned, spun and knitted into this amazing fabric that makes your tee.

The White T-shirt Co’s Organic Cotton Fitted Long Sleeve Round Neck T-shirt for $48 & Short Sleeve Crew Neck T-shirt for $48

 Monkee Skinny Vegan Jeans

A pair of skinny jeans is hands down an essential for everyone. But most on the shelves suck; thanks to the leather patch in the back. Don’t worry, we’ve got the best vegan denim pick in the Monkee Genes. Each of their stylish pair is not only one-hundred vegan but they’re also made environmental materials. And they’re also PETA-approved. We love this dark skinny, wear it with a simple tee or dress it up with a shirt and a blazer.

Monkee Genes Dark Denim Skinny Peanut Skinny Jeans for $76.78

Vegan Tie

Mens Ties Vegan ties for Men - Men Vegan Ties - Vegan Mens FashionImage via

A tie is every guy’s wardrobe essential, whether you need to wear it for work or to your mate’s wedding. A classic plaid in red to the black and white houndstooth, you can now find whatever style you want in their vegan avator with silk-like finish {without harming the worms}.

Jaan J.’s Skinny Vegan Ties for $35.50 and Desideratum Cravatte vegan ties from $40

Vegan Bow Ties

Riot Vegan Bow Ties - Vegan Mens Fashion - Vegan Wallets for men

Of course, you need a bow tie. Whether it’s for the red carpet or for a formal dinner or just to spice up your look. But can’t find a good vegan one?

Don’t worry, we’ve found just the one you need. Have you heard of Riot Bow Ties? It’s the brainchild of animal activist Mario Hurtado who started his own fashion label that makes some really awesome vegan bow ties. These cruelty-free bow ties come in every style and texture you can imagine from polka dots to plaid to solid red to exotic animal prints and even studs and each piece is handcrafted.

If you’re seeking for some adventure, wear your slim fit button up with a studded bow tie and skinny jeans. Or execute a raffish party outfit with a polka-dot patterned bow tie. Or keep things classic with a red bow tie with a crisp white shirt and a tux.

Riot Bow Ties from $25

Vegan Coat

Vegan Coat for Men - Vegan Mens Fashion - Vegan Style

Finding a wool-free wool coat for the cold winter days can be quite challenging for an ethical man. Fortunately, we’ve got what you need – a stylish, masculine and versatile winter coat that’ll keep you warm even on the coldest days. Crafted from organic moleskin {100% organic cotton fibres} and lined from Primaloft ECO, this stylish and deeply ethical winter coat will keep the cold at bay. Its quality and durability outpaces that of the regular wool coats but without putting the poor animals through the horrific abuse.

Not only this double-breasted coat with notch lapels a timeless piece that’ll never go out of style, but it is also both thickly substantial and immaculately fitted.

Vaute Couture Vegan Peacoat for $500

Off-Duty Vegan Jackets For Winter

Save The Duck Vegan Jackets for Men - Vegan Coats - Vegan Mens Fashion

Winter always gets you in a scoop, isn’t it? There’s always a problem finding the best non-wool alternatives to keep you warm and cosy. Not anymore.

Save The Duck’s vegan outerwear are your perfect winter companion that’s the perfect blend of form, function and style. Made from the quality synthetic material, aka “Plumtech”, these vegan jackets are not only going to keep you warm but also let you breathe {thanks to this special material}. It also comes with a small packable travel bag that you can sneak in this parka jacket when you want to travel light.

The lightweight quilted jacket is great for travel or everyday wear and will keep you warm and cozy without sacrificing your style, while the black jacket with removable hood is perfect for all your off-duty looks.

Save The Duck’s Quilted Black Parka for $178 & Save The Duck’s Hooded Jacket for $465

Vegan Suit

Brave Gentleman Vegan Suit for Men - Vegan Tailoring - Vegan Mens Fashion

A pair of the perfectly tailored suit is what completes every man’s wardrobe. Whether you need one for work meetings or for a wedding function, when it comes to picking the perfect vegan men’s suit, you can’t compromise on quality or style.

That’s why we’ve got you the best. Brave Gentleman’s twill jacket and trousers that’s handcrafted in New York with organic cotton and recycled poly-twill. Don it with a vegan tie, classic white button down and patent shoes to look most stylish vegan guy to walk the planet. Not only will you look extremely classy but also you know you have done your part for the environment too.

Brave Gentleman’s Vegan Suit Jacket for $570 and Pants for $350.

Simple Yet Stylish Vegan Belts

A classic black belt completes your look, and we prefer the minimalistic style that can be worn with pretty much everything.

So it’s no surprise that when it comes to picking vegan belts for men we like to keep things simple and focus on quality. That’s why we picked two classic belts that you can wear with your denim as well as trousers.

Reus Vegan Belt for $49.99 (black and brown color options)
Truth Vegan Belt: The Slug
for $72

Vegan Wallet Made From Cork

Every guy needs this one piece of accessory to hold his cards and cash. With all that effort you put-in you ought to respect your hard-earned money by storing it in a respectable billfold.

We know it can be tough to find the ideal wallet that is equal parts ethically made and classy. Don’t fret; we’ve handpicked the perfect one for you. This stylish wallet is not only vegan but also eco-friendly. It’s got everything you need in a wallet – eight credit card slots, a large bill compartment, two slots for the extras and a clever sim card slot for keeping you organized when you are traveling. Plus it is sleek enough to slip into your pocket. This color-blocked style comes in four gorgeous colors too – burgundy and natural options that open to black and black and navy styles that open to brown

Gale Men’s Cork Wallet for $49

Stylish Messenger Bag

Tokai Vegan Messenger Bag - Vegan Mens Bags - Vegan Mens Fashion

Complete your style arsenal with a stylish messenger bag that will allow you to jump from style connoisseur to intrepid adventurer within seconds. This Tokyo Bags messenger bag in handsome supple leather {vegan of course} balances both style and substance. It comes with ample pockets and compartments to stack up all your essentials {even a laptop}.

With its classy style, it will look just as cool on the weekend as it does in the office.

Tokai Vegan Messenger Bag for $215


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