Today is Earth Hour & Here Are 3 Reasons Why Should You Care?

Today is Earth Hour – a movement started by WWF to raise awareness about the problem of climate change and the need to conserve energy on a worldwide scale. Each year, millions of people around the world and thousands of cities across the globe switch off all or their non-essential lights for one pre-defined hour marking the EARTH HOUR movement. The idea is to bring together the world to learn how to lead a sustainable life and think about how to combat a problem that affects everyone.

By turning off your lights for one hour at 8:30pm, you can be a part of this great movement and show your commitment to the future of our climate. Here are 3 reasons why you should be part of Earth Hour 2017.


Even an hour of energy consumption makes a huge difference if millions of people commit to it. Since we all love numbers, let’s start with some statistics and show why we should shut down out lights for an hour today marking Earth Hour!

According to WWF Thailand, Bangkok’s electricity usage reduced by 73.34 megawatts during the hour – saving 41.6 tonnes of carbon monoxide from being produced. In Christchurch, New Zealand, the city saw a 13 per cent drop in electricity demand during the hour (Source).



Earth Hour is not about how much energy we saved during that one hour, but about highlighting the issues faced by the planet and creating awareness among people to live more sustainably. By asking people to switch off lights for one-hour the movement aims to encourage the habit of using energy more responsibly and think about the impact of our other lifestyle activities on the planet.

Go beyond the hour. When you are not in a room or not using your electronics, it makes sense to switch-off the unrequired lights and other appliances. When we inculcate this habit of conserving energy, we also inspire our family and friends to be responsible with energy use and it creates a beautiful ripple effect. In turn it directly helps in reducing our carbon footprint and energy consumption. This reminds us of the words of Nelson Mandela

“Let us stand together to make of our world a sustainable source for our future as humanity on this planet.”



Switching off your lights for just one-hour is the easiest way to be a part of a huge movement that will help fight climate change and positively contribute to the planet. You can stay home and watch the skyline, enjoy the views or just meditate for a while. You can also switch-off lights at home, head out for a walk or participate in many community events that are hosted on Earth Hour Day in over 7000 cities worldwide.

So, you save the planet, reduce your carbon footprint and also get to be a part of your community and make new friends. Could it get any better?



One thought on “Today is Earth Hour & Here Are 3 Reasons Why Should You Care?

    Alastair says

    beautiful article. we need to save our planet and be more responsible about our choices. I’m all in for earth hour and beyond

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