Interesting Ethical Crowdfunding Campaigns to Back Now

Crowdfunding is opening doors for smaller brands to create sustainable products that not only meet the function but are also truly unique and beautiful. Whether it is preserving an ancient craft, promoting slow fashion or offering sexy and stylish eco-friendly clothing we’ve picked out the best ethical crowdfunding campaigns that you must back now. After all, the more ethical brands are there out in the world, the faster we’ll see the change happen in the second most polluting industry in the world – fashion.


Kantala Vegan Handbags - Sustainable Fashion Crowdfunding Projects

Ditching fast fashion and creating beautiful handcrafted wallets and handbags with eco-friendly Hana plant fiber, the Sri Lankan brand Kantala is not only trying to promote slow fashion but is also preserving the 300 years old ancient weaving technique that’s on the verge of dying.

Since 2013 this sustainable company, brainchild of Nadishan and Vikum, have been creating ecological, functional and playful fashion accessories that look good and is also good for the people and planet. Fast forward 2017, they’ve created a beautiful collection of handbags and wallets using the revolutionary pinatex (pineapple leather) and Hana plant fiber that they want to take to the world. After all, the fashion world needs products that provide decent wages to people making them and, also, help preserve the rich traditions and crafts of the world.

Each of their eco-friendly bags and wallets are made with sustainable Hana plant fiber (that re-grows fast and grows abundantly) and is dyed with a combination of vegetable dyes and eco reactive dyes. The lining and detailing used in the bag is pineapple leather, making each of their bag 100% ethical – eco-friendly, ethically made using sustainable materials, cruelty-free and supports artisan community.

Goal: $40,000

Product Range: starting from $75 (Aayuh clutch bag) to $289 for 3-bag bundle (one wallet, one wristlet and a tote)

Campaign ends on: 26th July

Our pick: Artha Zip Around Wallet with handwoven fabric on the outside and pineapple leather on the inside. It features multiple compartments and can hold upto 12 credit cards and also features a separate coin pocket. It comes in three gorgeous colors – bright pink, blue and yellow.

Project Live on Indegogo


Ethical Fashion Brand SixChel -Ethical Crowdfunding Campaigns - Ethical Kickstarter Projects(Image via

Promoting slow fashion, this American brand is dedicated to creating outfits that look good, do good and change the way fashion industry runs. Their figure flattering, feminine silhouettes will look great on most body-types while the eco-friendly fabrics ensures you don’t contribute to the dark side of the fashion industry (the second most polluting in the world).

SixChel has created a 4-piece capsule collection that includes a sexy halter top giving you choice of three fabrics (Tencel, hemp and organic cotton), a sleeveless wrap top that comes in choice of hemp/organic cotton with vegan leather or bamboo/organic cotton with vegan leather, flattering high waisted pants that you can get in either vegan leather or hemp and organic cotton blend and a stylish dress with sexy back detailing that comes in tencel, hemp/organic cotton blend and vegan leather.

Goal: $16,950

Product Range: starting from $25 (organic cotton pouch) to $395 for their entire 4-piece capsule collection (2 tops, one dress and pants)

Campaign ends on: 30th June (4 days left)

Our pick: Elizabeth dress in tencel with a sexy back – it’s perfect for day-to-night look and the fabric is eco-friendly and lightweight.

Project Live on Kickstarter

Breakfast Swim – The Sustainable Bikini Brand

Breakfast Swim - Sustainable Bikini - Eco-friendly fashion - Sustainable Crowdfunding Campoaigns

Swimwear is the most polluting product in the fashion industry. Almost all of the swimwear in the market is made from synthetic fabrics that are not biodegradable and end up in the landfill, polluting the planet and harming the environment. There’s a new breed of sustainable swimwear that’s cropping up in the market (thank God for that) that’s crafted from eco-friendly materials.

The newest of them is Breakfast Swim – a bikini brand that makes all it’s bikinis from a 100% recycled nylon fiber, Econyl, that’s printed using a digital printing technology that virtually uses no water. The designer has put in a lot of thought to the design and fit of each bikini – styles that hug you at all the right places and shows just the right amount of skin (not too much or too less). Now that’s something we would definitely love to put our money in – a product that’s sexy, stylish and good for the environment. By pledging as little as $10 for a thank you note or $125 for a bikini set, you will be supporting a brand that wants to change the way fashion industry works and promote sustainability.

Goal: $12,720

Product Range: Starting from $55 for a top or bottom, $310 for 3 bikini sets to $1000 a customized bikini delivered in 2018 plus a 2017 bikini set.

Campaign ends on: 30th June

Our Pick: Margarita Top & Bottom in Baby Pink – it’s feminine, sexy, stylish and classy

Project Live on Kickstarter


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