It doesn’t take dozens of coffee cups on your desk to know that you’ve been up all night. Between working late nights to partying with friends and, for some, taking care of the family it can be really exhausting. Late nights, high salt intake, alcohol and stress can get even the best of us and show up on our face screaming E-X-H-A-U-S-T-I-O-N out loud. Dark circles, tired puffy eyes, dry skin, unsightly lines and large pores singing the tales of our dark hours and refusing to be camouflaged by even makeup can make us look older.

That gets us to thinking what do the celebrities and models do to always manage to look fresh and perky despite working at ungodly hours, sometimes going for weeks without proper sleep? What is the secret behind those women who always look like they got those extra 3 hours of sleep the night before?  Or that the only thing they eat is green. Well the thing is there is a difference between ‘feeling tired’ and ‘visibly looking tired’.

Do not fret, we have decoded the code for how not to look tired even when you are {no it does not involve eating only salads and green juices all day, although it would really work if you did that too}. Just follow these simple steps to look bright awake and fresh to take up on yet another crazy day – sunrise to sunrise.

Use Green Tea Ice Cubes

We’re sure you’ve heard this before, but its time you tried it. Always keep green tea ice cubes in the freezer, they work like magic on tired eyes and face. It’s the best trick to looking perked up especially when you are in a hurry. When you feel or look tired take the cubes out of the freezer massage it over your face and then keep on your eyes for as long as you can. The cold helps calm inflammation and it instantly tightens pores. Ta da, you’ll look and feel the part {faking fresh}.


Hydrate Hydrate Hydrate

Staying hydrated is essential for good skin, that’s a no brainer. What you probably don’t know is drinking water in plenty, esp when you look or feel tired, instantly energizes and pumps you up. Add sliced lemon and fresh mint leaves in your water bottle for added benefits.


Genie In A Bottle: Eye Cream

Make your eye cream your lover, never going off to sleep and waking up without her. We love Advanced Eye Therapy by Perricone MD, it works magic on your lines and tired skin. Not only will it keep you looking bright and attentive, it will also nourish your skin, keeping it moisturized and preventing wrinkles.

Perricone MD Advanced Eyes Area Therapy for $98 (1)


Vegan Makeup

A good concealer does the trick 

When your sleep cycle messes up and the shadow of darkness creeps in under your eyes, a gentle swipe of the heavenly HAUT Cosmetics Brightener will camouflage those ugly shadows around your eyes giving you a brighter and younger face. This organic shea butter, olive oil and neem oil formulation keeps your skin hydrated and makes it easy to blend this product to perfection.

We also recommend using a brightening, in a shade or two lighter than your skin, on just the inner and outer corner of your eye to brighten things up. Similar to YSL’s touché elcat, we love the vegan Hard Candy’s Bright Concealer. Not only is this pen great at hiding dark circles and highlighting it also has a brush tip for a neat and easy application. This product comes in colors light to tan and is priced at only $6.

HAUT Cosmetics Brightener for $30 (2) and Hard Candy Lite Bright Concealer for $6 (3)


Invest in an illuminizer

Matte lipsticks may be in, but a matte face will leave you looking tired and sick. Use an Illuminizer and watch as it brightens up dull skin by giving it a natural glow hiding any tiredness. Our favorite is MAKE’s Skin Illuminator a secret product that instantly gives your skin a gorgeous glow and nourishes it underneath with its goody ingredients that includes green tea and ginseng extracts. Hard to find this one? Try Lush Feeling Young highlighter, it works wonders on your skin giving it a dewy radiance while camouflaging all tiredness.

Expert tip: Pairing with contouring, illuminizer can give your face definition by adding it to the cheekbones, brow bone, eyes, nose and forehead.

MAKE Skin Illuminator for $34.00 (4) and Lush Feeling Younger Highlighter for $18.95 (5)


Brightening Face Mask

After a long day of work, nothing feels better than kicking your shoes off, taking off your makeup and putting on a relaxing face mask. It instantly brightens up your face when you look or feel tired. Plus it is a great way to better your skin rather than conceal it with layers of makeup. We like The All Natural Face multani clay mask, it works wonders for tired skin. You can easily use this face mask in your weekly beauty routine for healthier and brighter skin. Don’t forget to put on cucumber slices or grated cucumber cotton pads on your eyes when you have the pack on, it’ll brighten up the tired eyes and banish those dark circles.

We’re also digging Fresh Face Sugar Polish, a natural exfoliant that instantly refines and brightens skin leaving it soft and supple. Massage on your skin and leave for 10 minutes and there you are all perked up!

The All Natural Face Lighten and Brighten Mud Mask for $8.5 (6) and Fresh Face Sugar Polish for $62 (7)


Warm up

For every problem there’s one solution – exercise. As you work-out the blood flow improves giving you that rosy glow while killing whatever tiredness you might feel. Brisk walk, or just hit the treadmill or cross trainer for 15 minutes and you’ll see and feel the difference right away!



Wearing stylish sunglasses is the best trick of getting away with a tired face and eyes. Invest in a quality pair that’ll pep up any look. We love these eco-friendly and super stylish brands.

Stay beautiful the cruelty free way!!

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