Vegan Makeup Brand Founder Shares Beauty Advice for 2017

Here we are once again in the month of New year’s resolutions. New Year and resolutions are all about hope, that things can get better, hope that you are going to turnaround your lifestyle, finally lose those 15 pounds or de-clutter your wardrobe.

That’s why we thought why not start the New Year with expert’s view on beauty and how to make our beauty box toxin and animal free and improv our beauty routine. After all, beauty is an integral part of every woman’s life and most women spend a fortune on makeup. Even the simplest woman has something in her makeup cabinet – even if it is just a kohl pencil.

We reached out to the CEO and Founder of vegan beauty brand Gabriel Cosmetics (and also Zuzu Luxe), Gabriel De Santino, about his approach to beauty, how and where to shop for clean and vegan beauty products, makeup mistakes to avoid and some important skincare tips.

Interview with Gabriel - Founder of Vegan Makeup Brand

You started your eco-friendly and cruelty free makeup line long before these buzzwords were popular. How did you get into beauty and make-up industry?

I have always admired my grandmother’s homeopathic philosophies and as a true entrepreneur at heart, I thought I could create something that was results driven. However, I realized that there was dearth of quality products that were also truly natural and animal free. Drawn from this passion for natural beauty, I became a makeup artist and eventually created my own skincare and makeup line that was healthy but didn’t compromise on quality or performance. We’ve been on the fast track ever since!


Why did you decide to go for cruelty-free and vegan make-up line?

I created a line that parallels my lifestyle. I highly value balance in my life, and advocating for vegan and cruelty-free products gives me that balance. It’s all about having healthy options that doesn’t inflict cruelty on anyone.


What is your approach to beauty?

Healthy skin is the best feature any person can have. Even makeup applies better to skin that is taken care of and natural products are the best kind of remedy. When your skin is well balanced and healthy, less makeup is needed. I believe makeup should enhance, not hide.


What are the ingredients to avoid in your skincare and makeup?

Unfortunately, beauty is the most notorious industry when it comes to ingredients. Even the most well-known and even so-called natural brands have nasty ingredients packed in their products. Parabens and phthalates, artificial fragrances, and sulfates are commonly found even in the best of makeup and skincare products. Fortunately, at Gabriel we make sure to not use any nasty ingredients and keep our products safe yet high quality.


Finding clean vegan make-up is difficult, and can be expensive. Please share your tips on shopping for quality, clean, non-toxic vegan makeup.

Natural and vegan products are more accessible today than it was, say, ten years back. With the increased awareness about health and well-being and more transparency, consumers are conscious about their choices. This has opened whole new doors and there are plenty of clean, eco-friendly and vegan brands now easily available in the market. More and more mainstream retailers are starting to carry natural beauty products, so consumers don’t necessarily need to go to health food stores to buy clean makeup. In the US, Target is a great place to find non-toxic vegan makeup at reasonable prices.


What’s your skincare routine and the products you swear-by? 

I use Gabriel Organics oily skincare series morning and night.  A few times a week I mix our exfoliator with my cleanser.  I carry a travel size Hydrating Mist with me as well, I like to spritz throughout the day to keep my skin hydrated and fresh.


In the skincare department, which companies do you fully trust in terms of the quality of the ingredients they use? 

There are lots of great companies out there. I love Weleda, Skin Food and of course, I tend to use mostly my own products because I am one hundred percent sure of what goes in that.


Please share with our readers some important skincare and make-up tips.

There’s no secret mantra to a beautiful skin; really if you follow the basics it will do the trick –

  • keep your skin clean and moisturized,
  • drink lots of water,
  • find makeup that suits your skin tone,
  • for makeup, the 3 secrets to beautiful application is: blend, blend and blend


5 things every woman must have in her beauty bag.

You can rule the world with a good moisturizer, powder, lipstick, concealer, mascara.

Gabriel Cosmetics Vegan Makeup Brand - Vegan Beauty

Four make-up mistakes most women make when applying make-up.

Mistake #1: Not taking care of your skin. It is important to correct vs. cover. Many women do not prep their skin before makeup application. A well-moisturized skin creates a smoother application – there’s no other way to get that flawless look.

Mistake #2: Using the wrong shade of foundation/powder. All you have to do is stop in for a complimentary foundation match at any makeup counter (or if local, at the Gabriel Boutique in Redmond, WA). Make sure to switch foundations for the season due to sun exposure.

Mistake #3: Skipping the primer. Primers are great to lock color in place and extend wear.

Mistake #4: Not blending. It is important to blend; makeup can look harsh if not well

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