5 Easy Ways To Staying Healthy At Home

5 tips to staying healthy at home - Vegan Wellness and Health

Most of us aspire to stay healthy by eating well and working out regularly, however, the reality often paints a different story. When was the last time you paid for that gym membership and actually went to the gym the whole month? Or that you decided to eat healthily and continued the momentum the whole week? Most of us don’t even last a day.

When it comes to your schedule, time is of the essence. With our busy lifestyles, we want to stay fit but we often lack the time and sometimes the motivation.  If taking out time to go to the gym or playing your favorite sport becomes difficult, you can still manage to stay healthy from home. You don’t have to be a fitness expert to dabble in wellness habits. Just some simple changes in your routine and inculcating good eating habits can do the trick. With this in mind, we’ve put together some tips that make getting (and staying!) on a healthy track convenient and easy.

 Workout from home

Making that effort to going to the gym is one of the biggest reasons why we skip workouts. How about bringing the gym at home? Get the complete guide to building a gym at home right here. This guide gives you information about the creating the ultimate home gym as per your needs and budget – right from what kind of equipment you would need, gym flooring suited to your space to the gym gear to ensure you’re safe and get the maximum output. A home gym would ensure you can workout any time of the day and save on commute and excuses.

Not a gym person? Don’t let it stop you from working out. Go for swimming, do yoga, switch on YouTube and do a dance workout, create a workout group of your friends. There are plenty of options – no excuses accepted.

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Have plants at home

Plants are not only environmental-friendly and mood lifting, but they also have a very positive effect on your health. There are many great air-purifying indoor plants that are a great decor piece and act as natural air filters, a must in this age of pollution and toxins everywhere. Plant some of these beautiful plants inside your home to breathe fresh and clean air – a must for your health.

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Adopt a plant-based diet:

A vegan diet not only helps the environment but is a great way to stay healthy and fit. In today’s times, our refigerators are often filled with food but our body lacks nutrition. The truth is these days we don’t eat real food anymore. The seemingly healthy snacks or meals that we often stuff our bodies with eat are made with substances like fructose, corn syrup, MSG, BHT, polysorbate or other hard-to-pronounce ingredients that are doing more harm than good. Most of the store-bought items, yes including your trusted granola bars, are designed to make you feel full and satisfied but lack the nutrients your body needs to stay healthy and fit in the long run. The best way to ensure you are eating right and well is to fix your own meals.

Preparing plant-based meals at home is super easy plus it has many benefits. It is light on the wallet, is packed with nutrition, and works wonders for your skin and overall health. Start your day with a fruit smoothie like banana, berries and peaches or avocado, pineapple and nectarine. Use orange juice to blend these smoothies and never ever filter them. You can get a glass of smoothie ready in literally 5 minutes, plus, it’s a wholesome and filling breakfast that’ll keep you energized. Beans with veggies and a wholemeal bread or a pasta with a salad make for a great lunch – quick and easy. For dinner, you can go for soup and salad or brown rice. It’s simple, and with the right prep and ingredients, it can be super delicious and very healthy! Make sure to drink plenty of water, fresh coconut water and lime water to stay hydrated. Staying hydrated is crucial to your productivity, helps you stay alert and fresh and is great for overall health.

When you don’t have time to prep your own meals, opt for a plant-based restaurant. Another good option is to get subscribe to plant-based meal prep subscription boxes like Purple Carrot or Veestro that’ll delivery you full recipe with ingredients everyday. All you have to do is take together the ready ingredients and follow the instructions. You can a lot of time and effort in planning.

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In short, eat as much whole as possible, taking cues from what our forefathers ate – home cooked fresh meals free from pesticides and GMOs (aka organic). Remember, eating clean is the foundation to staying healthy. No matter how much you workout, if you are not giving your body the nutrition it needs, everything else will fall apart. When you are ready to invest time and money in your home, for your wardrobe and other material needs – then you definitely should invest in the most important home that’ll stay with you all your life – your body.

Have your Zen-inspired space inside the house

Are you getting your me time during the day? Your home is the best place to get this ‘solo time’ – to meditate, just relax and do a digital detox, this will ease the effects of depression, anxiety, and stress. Must-have to stay healthy. Find that perfect spot in your house where you can do this. Spruce it up with some nice mood-lifting decor like adding planters, use essential oils for relaxing aroma or burn a clean toxin-free candle {vegan of course!}. Give yourself at least 20-minutes every day to meditate in this spot and make sure you are doing it without your computer or mobile phone. Taking time out for yourself is the best way to reduce stress.

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Always stock healthy snacks at home

When hunger strikes we often reach out to sugary or fried treats, especially when it comes to TV time. Binging on unhealthy food is one of the biggest reasons to put on those extra pounds and have other health issues. To stay away from eating garbages and pile up those calories always store healthy snacks at home. Next time you get in the mood for munching swap your crisps with nuts, baked veggie chips, fruits, dried fruits or dates. Healthy snacking throughout the day will keep you at bay from falling victim to vending machines and sugary treats, plus keeps your energy levels up the entire day.

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