9 Health Food Trends to Watch in 2017 | #TrendingVegan

Turmeric latte, colorful smoothie bowls, activated charcoal drinks, aquafaba meringues, amaranth porridge, avocado brownies, seaweed vegan sushi and all things raw – if it sounds like we are describing the trending Instagram posts, we are.

Veganism has been swimming its way into the mainstream for a couple of years now. It’s the era of food conscience – people are being more cautious in what they put in their bodies and also it’s impact on the environment. It’s no surprise that world’s biggest trending superfoods in 2016 were vegan – they’re good for the health, for the environment and for the animals. Veganism has now been officially upgraded from dowdy and hippie to glamorous, sexy and beaming with health.

We expect 2017 to be even better when it comes to awareness about benefits of vegan lifestyle as the healthy living phenomena is sweeping the world. Here’s a look at some of the top healthy food trends of 2016. So, tune up your New Year diet and add some of these amazing delicious healthy foods to it as these trends will continue to reign in 2017.

Turmeric latte gets viral

Turmeric Latte - Health food trends - Superfoods 2017 - VeganImage via sugarfreerevolution

Golden milk, or turmeric latte, has taken over coffee with a cult following and fans like Gwyneth Paltrow bringing it to the mainstream. There’s hardly any wellness cafe where you won’t find this delicious drink packed with nutrition and health. Turmeric, although new to the West, has been used in the Indian subcontinent as an everyday spice for centuries. Turmeric and milk is a staple natural medicine for common cold, fever, and infections that nearly every Indian has grown up with. Indian women use turmeric in their home-made face masks to lighten their skin.

Known for its many benefits (it works wonders for skin), anti-inflammatory and medicinal properties (fights cold and infections, relieves muscle pain, delays diabetes, protects from effects of Alzheimer’s and fights against cancer), this superfood is a definite must-have in your everyday diet. We love the way it pictures – the vivid yellow doesn’t require any Instagram filter either!

The best way to consume turmeric in combination with black pepper, which helps the body absorb curcumin. Cold pressed turmeric juice added to coconut milk and combined with ginger and black pepper is the most common recipe that can be easily found in any health café. You can even make it yourself at home.


Nutty milk takes over dairy

Nut Milk Superfood - Health Food Trends - Vegan nut milk recipeImage via cancannutmilk.com

Nut milks have become the celebrity of superfoods. Fresh nut milks from almond, cashew, macadamia, pecan and even hazelnut are extremely delicious and highly nutritious and rich in fiber, protein, iron and vitamin. They are super easy and quick to make at home, all you need is a blender, nuts and water.

You can have the nut milk on its own, add it to your coffee or blend with smoothies. We love having almond milk with fresh vanilla pods, dates and cocoa powder. While we recommend the freshly blended homemade milk, you can choose from plenty of nut milk options readily available in the market – the cold-pressed ones are the best kinds. Make sure to always get the emulsifier-free, all-natural organic version. The long-life nut milks from the supermarkets are an absolute no-no – they will ruin the taste of your latte in an instant with their disagreeable flavors and unhealthy additives.

Seaweed is the new kale

Image result for seaweed superfoodImage via alchemyradianthealth.com

These marine plants are nutrient dense – packed with Vitamin C, rich in sea minerals (especially iodine), high in fiber and drip in calcium. They also boast anti-inflammatory and anti-bacterial properties. This green stuff is not only great for skin but is excellent for overall health and aids in digestion. It tastes great and adds rich flavor to dishes.

2017 saw chefs from all over the world using seaweed in their exotic preparations and even the food manufacturers are using it as a healthy option for replacing salt. This ocean harvested green has been a staple of the Eastern cuisine for centuries but has now become a beloved of the whole world. Sprinkle it to your smoothies or try some raw vegan seaweed sushi to enjoy this nutrient packed food in the New Year and beyond. Another great hack is seaweed salt – a mixture of small-flaked dulse, nori and sea greens mixed with sea salt.

Plant protein trumps animal sources

Healthy Plant Based Protein - Health Food Trends - Vegan FoodImage via myhdiet.com

Ditch the idea that protein has to come from animals as plant protein has taken over the world. Pea, lentil, mung beans and hemp proteins are popping up everywhere. Even the United Nations declared 2016 as the International Year of Pulses. Issues like health, sustainability and animal welfare caused the shift and the only way to get your protein in 2018 and beyond is through plants!

Matcha made in heaven

Matcha Latte - Health food trends - Vegan trends - Superfoods 2017Image via abcnews

If you haven’t heard of matcha you must be living under a rock. Powdered Japanese green tea, known as matcha, caught attention before 2016, but this year matcha was everywhere and in everything from coffee, dips, breads, porridge, curries and even desserts (matcha mousse and matcha ice-creams are our favorites). It found it’s way inside nearly every coffee shop and there has been a rise in specialty matcha cafés, like the MatchaBar in New York. Packed with tons of antioxidants that protect against aging, heart disease and cancer, matcha is also a great energy booster.

With it’s super earthy flavor, matcha may not be everyone’s cup of tea. Matcha latte tastes delicious, but if you don’t like the flavor, try the matcha salt – simply mix matcha powder with sea salt and sprinkle it on everything. Make sure to avoid the extra dose of sugar that matcha is usually married to.

Let’s put maca in everything

Packed with nearly 60 phytochemicals, loaded with iron, calcium, magnesium, potassium and rich in vitamins (B1, B2, C and E), it’s no surprise that the fitness world is being taken over by maca storm.

Available in mostly powdered form, 2016 saw maca in everything – from your smoothies and juices to even coffees and puddings. Traditionally, maca is used to treat anemia, chronic fatigue, and to boost energy. It is also known to enhance both physical and sexual performance as well as male and female libido by balancing hormones (source).

P.S. Not recommended for pregnant women and people on certain medications.

Food bowls from breakfast to dinner

Image result for vegan bowl meals

First there was smoothie bowl frenzy and now it is food bowls from lunch to dinner that’s an Instagram darling. We first discovered food bowls for main meals when we visited the vegan restaurant The Bowl in Berlin where everything from your drinks to entrees to desserts and even coffee is served in a bowl. We were amazed with the concept. This creative one-dish meal is less fussy to eat and offers you so many options to pick from like quinoa bowl, smoothie bowls, Buddha bowl, protein bowls, salad bowls and acai bowl. You can have them hot or cold and combine all sorts of vegetables in it and pair with whole grains like brown rice, chickpeas or even couscous and quinoa topped with sliced avocados, nuts, and seed mix.

There are many benefits to this trend. Eating from a bowl is a good way to monitor your portion sizes that can also help you keep your weight in check. The concept of food bowl is to inculcate the habit of healthy eating by making the healthy food look tempting with beautiful presentation. How can you resist the temptation of eating those colorful smoothie bowls with creative toppings? If you were served the same thing in a simple glass you would probably give it a miss. You’ll also feel full a lot faster and be able to savor the burst of flavors in every bite.

If you haven’t already, it’s time to start with smoothie bowls as your staple breakfast in 2017. Your Instagram feed will be flooded with inspirations in case you don’t know how to make one.

Say hello to amaranth

Amaranth slowly started taking over the quinoa craze in 2016 and it’s going to be the superfood of the year 2017. Just like quinoa, amaranth is a seed that’s a great source of protein, fiber and amino acids making it a great addition to your diet. Unlike it’s rival, amaranth cooks quickly and is a great gluten-free option making it perfect addition to soups, salads and even as a breakfast porridge.

Dip in aquafaba

Image result for aquafaba menguinesImage via korasoi.com

The perfect egg replacer, aquafaba has become a hit with vegans and non-vegans alike because it is super low in calories and doesn’t smell, unlike egg. This slimy viscous substance is the thick liquid that results from soaking or cooking chickpeas or other legumes that you usually dump down the drain. The obsession with the ingredient started when a French chef put up a vegan meringue recipe using aquafaba as an egg replacer. Use it to make your waffles, mayonnaise, pancakes, cocktails and even your vegan eggnog.

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