As the temperature starts soaring so does our hemlines, which means it’s time to get those winter-spooked legs summer ready. While we know the task of prepping your legs, that haven’t seen sunlight in months, can sound daunting but these 6 easy peasy steps will get your pale limbs ready for breezy summer dresses and season’s staple denim shorts.

Sexy Legs                                            (Rihanna, JLO and Katy Perry)

Get Rid Of Ashy Knees

Those dark knees can be an eyesore when you’re showing off your super sexy legs. But with this easy kitchen recipe you can get rid of them in a jiffy {figuratively} – mix 1 tsp of corn flour, 1 tsp of oats powder and almond milk to create a smooth paste. If possible add two strands of saffron or Vitamin E to the mixture and massage this paste on the dark area and let sit for 15 minutes. Do this thrice a week and you’ll see the difference. You can even apply this mask on your face for a glowing skin.



Regular, gentle exfoliation helps remove dead skin and can begin to release any in-growing hairs – paving way for smooth skin. We suggest you exfoliate your legs a few days before and on the day of your hair removal regime. While you shower apply an exfoliating scrub and massage it with your skin in a circular motion. Say hello to smooth, sexy legs!

Vegan Body Scrub for Sexy Summer Legs

You can use a sugar based scrub like Fresh Brown Sugar Body Polish (it has a great scent, isn’t scratchy and leaves skin soft and smooth) for $65, try a salt scrub like L: A Bruket No. 63 Salt Scrub (a soothing scrub made from sea salt, sage, rosemary and almond oil) for $34 or make your own at home (DIY vegan sugar scrub).


DIY Vegan Sugar Scrub                                                                                       (Image via thisrawsomeveganlife.com)

Moisturise Moisturise Moisturise

After a long winter of slathering those heavy creams you may be tempted to ignore the important task of moisturising come summer. But if you aint gonna moisturize it you aint gonna get the sexy legs! We absolutely love this weightless hand and Body Lotion from Winter Organics made from 100%natural and 95% certified organic ingredients.

Make sure to liberally use it before you shave your legs as not only will it help the razor glide over your skin but will also soften hair making them easier to shave without leaving the skin flaky or dry.


Fake That Golden Tan

Vegan Self Tanning Lotion Lavera and Savvy Boheme Oil - Best self tanning lotion

A bronzed glow can make you look sexier and thinner and of course get your legs summer ready. We prefer a fake-tan over the natural one because not only is it quicker than the natural way but it also protects the skin from harmful the UV rays.

We love Lavera’s Self-Tanning Lotion (for $28.5), its organic and vegan and includes macadamia nut oil, jojoba oil, organic lavender and aloe vera in its ingredients list. Not only does it give your pasty limbs the golden treatment but it also keeps them moisturised and smell delicious. Get those sexy tanned legs ready for some show-off!!


Bottom Attention

It’s time to pay attention to the bottoms. No silly we’re talking about your feet! You wouldn’t want rough soles when playing volleyball at the beach of talking of the sandals to feel the green grass at the summer picnic. After you get a nice pedicure, make sure to use a foot cream everyday on your feet before you hit the bed with Luminance Organic Foot Cream (for $18). Made from raw, organic and vegan ingredients its non-greasy formula will ensure you are ready from toe to hip!


Sculpt With Quick Exercises

Nothing can beat the power of toned sexy legs that you can achieve with some quick exercises. Do 3 sets of the good ole squats with 10-15 reps each, follow up with lunges again 3 sets of 10-15 reps, brisk walk in the evening or post dinner for 15-20 minutes. You can also follow this leg and butt workout video to get the enviable sexy legs!

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