11 Stylish Fringe Picks With How To Wear Fringe Guide

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The fringe trend started in the 1920’s when the flapper look became popular. It was in this era that the short skirts were introduced for the first time and fringe lent length to them. Then came the 70’s from where the fringe craze took off to another level, courtesy “Easy Rider” film that made fringe a big fashion statement. Then somewhere in the beginning of the new millennium the fringe was lost and forgotten, only to make a huge comeback in 2014. And here in 2015, the fringe trend is swinging harder than ever and we wouldn’t be wrong to say that it is the hottest spring trend.

This western hippie trend has had a makeover this season and fringe isn’t just for the Coachella anymore. In fact the fringe trend has sneaked in the most sophisticated of wardrobes and was even spotted on the Fall runways. Even the sophisticated and glamorous Amal Clooney could not resist the trend and the likes of Olivia Palermo have embraced it with full arms {literally}. And of course the street style stars have made this trend inescapable.

If you are thinking it’s too late to get the trend in your closet, think again. The summer has just started and the fringe trend has already taken the Fall 2015 runways by storm.

See what we mean by flipping through the slideshow and then shop the trend with our favorite fringe pieces that you can wear season-after-season with clever styling.

Just a word of caution, fringe can be very overwhelming and tricky. We suggest styling your fringe pieces with sleek accents to offset any potential costume-y vibes.

Are you ready to join the fringe group?

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