Los Angeles Hosts 3rd Annual Fair Trade Fashion Show This July

Ethical Fashion - Fair Fashion Show - Ethical Fashion Show Los Angeles

Every time you swipe your card, you cast a vote to the kind of world you want. Most of us spend thousands of dollars on fashion every year. Little do we know that those seemingly innocuous purchases we make are often result of exploitation of human, animal and the planet.

Fortunately, the world is waking up to the truth. A new breed of brands are changing the rules of fashion industry. And this month end, Los Angeles, the hotspot for ethical fashion, is hosting a Fair Fashion Show bringing together the best of ethical and sustainable fashion brands. This will be the third annual Fair Fashion Show where sustainable chic will be presented on the runway – models strutting down in clothing, shoes and accessories that are all vegan, eco-friendly, fair trade.

If you are in Los Angeles, you ought to block your calendar and make sure to visit Fair Fashion Show. Now only will you be awed by the chic side of ethical fashion, which you probably didn’t know exists, but you’ll also be supporting a cause. 100% of the proceeds from ticket sales of the show and the sponsorship money will go to benefit a charity that fights slavery and human trafficking.

When asked about what inspired her to start a Fair Fashion Show, Sica Schmitz (the official host & founder of this annual event and owner of Bead and Reel) said, “When I would explain people about ethical, fair trade and vegan fashion they would either not know what those terms mean (or how they related to fashion), or assumed it wasn’t stylish (which, often times it’s not!). Having interned at New York Fashion Week during college I knew how powerful the experience of a fashion show can be in making things seem chic, modern, and desirable. That’s when I realized that a fashion show would be the perfect platform to help showcase the chic side of ethical fashion.”

Sica - Ethical Fashion Store Founder - Bead and Reel Founder
Sica Schmitz, Founder Bead & Reel

This year, the Fair Trade Show is being held on July, 29th at CTRL Collective in downtown Los Angeles, and is hosted by Bead and Reel to support Free The Slaves, an organization that fights against slavery and human trafficking. “An ethical entrepreneur friend introduced me to Free the Slaves and I was so impressed with the incredible work they are doing. The organization not only helps victims of trafficking but also works towards preventing the conditions which allow it to exist (though advocacy, policy, and education). Over the past year they had started exploring the role of the fashion industry in trafficking and forced labor and it seemed like such a natural fit since fair trade is one of the many forms of business which helps eradicate modern day slavery,” said Sica.

The evening includes a fashion show, styled by Sica Schmitz, a panel sponsored by Eco Sessions, delicious plant-based cuisine and lots of shopping (curation of stylish ethical designers from the region). “This fashion show not only aims to make a positive social impact by donating all proceeds from the show to Free the Slaves but will also be a platform to show that ethical fashion can also be stylish and smart,” says Sica. “Fair ethical fashion is often stereotyped as boring or drab. Come to this show and you will see a different face of ethical fashion, one that you’ll fall in love with.”

Sica aims to raise $20,000 from this event to support the cause and you can even track the progress of their collection online. So what are you waiting for? Time to swipe your card for a stylish cause. Get your tickets here ($75 for general and $150 for VIP admission).

Ethical Fashion - Fair Fashion - Ethical Fashion Show Los Angeles

(All images courtesy Bead & Reel & cover image via zimbio.com)

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