Designer Bags With An Ethical Twist: Luxury Vegan Bags

Every woman desires luxury designer handbags, and just because you are vegan or vegetarian does not mean you have to refrain from guilty pleasures of life.

But finding luxury designer vegan fashion bags can be quite challenging. There are plenty of non-leather bag options from big designer labels but the problem is they either have leather trimmings or the leather logo tag inside, which is an absolute no no.

When you think of designer vegan handbags the only name that rings a bell is Stella McCartney. While we love and are obsessed with her bags (see our favorite picks below), we all need some diversification.

Having said that, we ransacked the stores and internet and did a thorough due diligence to pick the most stylish vegan luxury handbags out there. Good news is we found over a dozen styles from the limited edition Givenchy Antigona in rubber (unfortunately it is now sold out) to Bao Bao from Issey Miyake, Moschino bucket bag and many more.

Scroll down for the list of stylish luxury designer vegan handbags, which you can splurge on guilt-free! Thank us later.


Stella McCartney Handbags


Stella McCartney Handbags (Glitter Gunmetal Crossbody for $1,325, Bucket Shoulder Bag for $850, Black Shoulder Falabella Bag for $1,275 and Gold Crossbody for $945)


Bao Bao Issey Miyake

Bao Bao Issey Miyake Faux Leather Tote - Luxury Vegan Handbags - Vegan luxury

Bao Bao Issey Miyake Platinum Faux Patent Leather Tote for $1,600 (the gold is for $1,995 and the less intricate black is at $425)


Jill Milan Luxury Handbags
Jill Milan Luxury Vegan Bag - Luxury Vegan Handbags - Vegan Designer Bags - Vegan Handbags - Luxuy Bucket Bags

Jill Milan Vegan Leather Bucket Bag for $500
(get a 20% discount on your first purchase with code WELCOME)


Tokyo Bags Mito Classic Tote

Mito Classic Vegan Tote Bag - Vegan Bags - Vegan Handbag

Tokyo Bags Mito Classic Tote for $120


Shrimps Faux Fur Clutch

Shrimps Faux Fur Clutch - Honey Clutch - Vegan designer handbags - luxury vegan bags
Shrimps Faux Fur Clutch
for $467


Le Suri Bucket Bag

Le Suri Vegan Bucket Bag - Luxury vegan handbags - Vegan Handbags

Le Suri Bucket Bag  for $299.99


Edie Parker Clutch

Edie Parker Clutch - Luxury Vegan Handbags - Vegan Clutch Bag - Celebrity Bags - Edie vegan clutchEdie Parker Acrylic Clutch  from $895, shop here
(Celebrity favorite red carpet bag. Read more about Edie Parker Bags here)


Charlotte Olympia Box Clutch

Vegan luxury bags - vegan designer bags - Charlotte Olympia clutch

Charlotte Olympia Acrylic Box Clutches from $995


Furla Candy Mini Bags

Furla Candy Bon Bon Mini Cross Body Bag - Luxury Vegan Handbags - Vegan Handbags - Vegan Designer Bags

Furla Candy Mini Crossbody Crossbody Bag for $148  (for more colors and new styles, click here)


Kartell Italian Bags

Kartell Grace K - Vegan Luxury Handbag - Luxury Vegan Handbags - Vegan Designer Bags Italian Handbag

Kartell Grace K Bag for $289 (Bucket Shoulder for $305)


DESIGNINVERSO Milano Shoulder Bag

DESIGNINVERSO Milano Shoulder Bag - Designer vegan handbag - luxury vegan handbag

DESIGNINVERSO Milano Shoulder Bag for $137 (yellow, blackpink)


Arture Reversible Cork Tote

Arture Reversible Vegan Tote - Vegan Handbag - Luxury Vegan Handbags
Arture Reversible Cork Tote
  for $189


Ralph Lauren Luxury Vegan Bags

Lauren Ralph Lauren Acadia tote - Luxury Vegan Handbags - Vegan Bags
Lauren Ralph Lauren Acadia Tote for $88


Melie Bianco Shoulder Bags

Melie Bianco Vegan Handbag - Luxury Vegan Handbags - Vegan Designer Bags - Luxury Vegan Bags

Melie Bianco Shoulder Bags for $115


Tory Burch Baby Bag

Tory Burch Baby Bag- Vegan luxury handbags - Luxury vegan handbags - Vegan handbags - Stylish Handbags

Tory Burch Quilted Slouchy Baby Bag for $395


Olympia Le Tan Cotton Book Clutches

Olympia Le Tan Clutches - Vegan Designer Bags - Luxury vegan handbags

Paris-based designer Olympia Le-Tan has taken the handbag world by storm with her cute yet chic cotton book clutches inspired by old book covers. Each of her fun printed bags are handmade. In fact her idiosyncratic book clutches have become a favorite with celebrities on the red carpet too! It’s definitely a must have in every woman’s bag collection because not only are they gorgeous but they also double up as art. Plus the fact that she makes only 16 pieces per design makes them exclusive too.

Olympia Le Tan Book Clutches starting $436 (sale)


Ted Baker Faux Leather Backpack

Ted Baker Faux Leather Backpack for $158


Kate Spade Satchel

Kate Spade Flamingo Bag Luxury Vegan Bags - Luxury Vegan Handbags - Vegan Handbags - Designer Vegan Handbags

Kate Spade Flamingo Satchel for $278

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