3 Vegans Share Their 2017 Resolutions & Advice For Transitioning Vegans

New year is a great chance to start fresh with a clean slate. What could be better than adopting a vegan lifestyle that’s good for the animals, for the environment and your health?

So we asked few 3 vegans from different walks of life what they are resolving to do in 2017 and also their advice for newbie and transitioning vegans.

Click ahead and let their advice inspire you to take the leap to a cruelty-free lifestyle and if you’ve already don’t that, it will help you in transitioning better.

Satu Jalo, Finland: Vegan Model

VEGAN RESOLUTIONS - ADVICE FOR NEW VEGANSA professional vegan model, Satu hails from Riihimäki in Finland and is currently in Hong Kong for work. A self-professed introvert Satu is passionate about promoting healthy lifestyle and experimenting with food (that will be part of my future job) and loves fashion. She loves dressing up and is fascinated by power of clothes.

For last eight years Satu’s New Year Resolution has been to get better from her eating disorder. She finally lived up to her new year resolution and feels better than ever, thanks to her decision to make the vegan switch in 2015. For 2017, Satu has 5 resolutions. Her first order of business is to live full year without taking any toxins, including cigarettes, caffeine, chocolate, alcohol or any other stimulating or toxic foods.

She also plans to paint more, do yoga everyday, be present and enjoy everyday.

Satu’s advice for newbie and transitioning vegans:

Take smalls steps. For some of us it’s hard to jump out from the old and take new habits, especially after years doing so.

Many say they went cold turkey to being vegan, but it took me over 6 months to fully stop all, including leather, and fur, and animal tested make up even though I had been a vegetarian for five years.

However, it’s easier to take the vegan leap now as there are so many great vegan alternatives to everything. For example, there are so many good fake meats that taste good, and so many vegan places that it’s easy to try these new things. There are thousands of websites with so many amazing vegan recipes. Even with things like lentils, beans, rice and potatoes the options are unlimited.

The best tip I can give is to keep your mind open to try new things. And to eat enough!

So many jump off from being vegan as they don’t eat enough. Plants and fruits aren’t as calorie dense, so we must eat more of them, but hey, who don’t like the news of being able to eat more.

When it comes to fashion and beauty, there are so many great cruelty-free alternatives that are now available in the market. You just need to look-up for them.


The “superfoods”…… First of all I don’t like to call any food as a “superfood” as they all are kind of, in their own way.

I carry wheat grass and barley powder wherever I go since I can’t take juicer with me.

I consume vegetables, fruits, nuts and seeds (small amounts) I don’t eat oils and I drink water, coconut water, and none caffeinated herbal teas. Those are my super foods that keep me going.

Ashley Morganic, New York: Vegan Blogger

VEGAN RESOLUTIONS - SIMPLE ADVICE FOR VEGANS - New vegansVegan for three years, Ashley transitioned straight from omni to vegan when she realized the cruelty inflicted on animals for food, fashion and everything else.

She is an advocate for all things related to vegan and ethical living from food, fashion, beauty, & home.

Vegan Resolutions for 2017:

“My vegan resolution this year is to not hold back speaking my truth. So often I find myself holding back from saying exactly what I’d like to say when people question my lifestyle or express why “they could never do it”. I shy away from saying what is on my mind to avoid coming across too harsh, too graphic, or too “extreme”.

This year I want to be confident in letting people know exactly why I do what I do and why they might consider it, too. My words could be planting the seed for a potential lifestyle change in that person down the road. It’s up to us to inspire and educate others! We are the voice for the animals and for the earth who cannot communicate for themselves. And let’s be honest, what’s really “extreme” is taking innocent being’s lives, ruining our Earth, and ruining our bodies by continuing to consume animal products.”

Ashley’s advice for newbie and transitioning vegans:

“My most important advice to those struggling is to always keep in mind what had to happen before your food got on your plate (or before that leather bag got on the shelf). Making that connection between the living animal that you see grazing on the farm and the well-seasoned dish sitting in front of us is that “lightbulb moment” for most.

Eating animal products is often something that we grow up doing – it is so normal to us. Since we are not the ones forced to engage in the slaughter and everything else that it takes for that chicken cutlet or steak to get on our plate, sometimes it’s easy to forget that it even happens. Just take a second to think before you eat and I’m confident you will find yourself passing up the temptations and choosing your values every time. It’s all about being mindful!”

Francesco, Italy: Vegan Personal Trainer


A vegan personal trainer since 2013, Francesco is an affiliate and an athlete promoted by “Veggie Style Supplements“.

Francesco’s advice for newbie and transitioning vegans

You can get all your nutrients and also satiate your taste buds with a vegan diet. You just need to find the right alternatives. I would suggest replace meat and fish with foods such as tempeh, tofu, seitan, or legumes (peas, chickpeas, lentils, beans, soybeans). They will provide your recommended dose of protein and also be perfect meat substitutes.

Make sure to add different types of cereals and not just stick to wheat like you can try buckwheat pasta, quinoa pasta, brown rice and black rice. Introduce grains in the diet such as millet, amaranth, quinoa.

Add various types of dried fruits to your diet; not only they add lots of flavor and taste to your meals (or great on their own} but they are packed with nutrients and have healthy fats. Dress your dishes with hemp oil (particularly suitable for the proper balance between omega 3 and omega 6).

There are several foods that I tried on myself in on this year and I would strongly recommend adding coconut oil and spirulina algae to your diet. They offer immense health benefits.

Much of what you should eat also depends on the lifestyle and needs of the individual person. I personally do not have any health problems related to food since I am vegan.

However, if you have some special needs or have problems, make sure to take advice from a professional nutritionist when you switch to a vegan lifestyle to ensure you get all necessary nutrients from your plant based meal.

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