Nike Curvy Campaign | 2016 Celebrated Women of all Sizes

Brands like Nike are embracing women of all shapes and sizes and we love the fact that finally body positive advertising has gone mainstream. Their social media posts and marketing campaigns have set an example for other brands by including models with more realistic body sizes and focusing on self-love and diversity.

The first time Nike posted pictures of a curvy model (Paloma Elesser), in June, wearing Nike sportsgear, millions of women all over the world were delighted. Of course, the social media was taken over by storm and it went viral. It was a welcome change to see a real-woman owning every curve of her body – unlike the ubiquitous long lean women that have been featuring in the Nike ads since decades.

In an interview, the Nike’s Paloma Elesser said, “People are still bound to the idea of what the image of health looks like, that image is a thin woman. However, just like every person is different, so are bodies. We cannot pigeonhole what it looks like to be healthy”. We couldn’t agree more!

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The best part about Nike’s campaign is that they didn’t even use the word ‘curvy’ or ‘plus-sized’ anywhere. The campaign is just highlighting the need to have the right sized sports bra.

For years companies have been setting unrealistic standards about what a woman’s body to look like and what is beautiful. Women feel pressurized and give-in to unrealistic expectations surrounding their bodies, leading to unhealthy lifestyle. Truth is most women are far from the ‘perfect-figured’ women seen in advertisements everywhere. In fact, even those tall, skinny women aren’t as real as they look. Their pictures are digitally altered to get the unrealistic proportions, thanks to the magic of Photoshop.

Good news is, all this is changing. Nike’s inclusion of curvy models in their campaigns is case in point.

With the 2017 setting-in, we like to see more brands switching to diversity and including women with real-curves in their campaigns. What are your thoughts?

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