Easy Ways To Refresh Your Workwear Wardrobe & Nail Your Office Dress Code

Getting out of bed to work every morning is grueling enough. Add in the fact that you need to pick a smart workwear outfit, and it becomes a real struggle. However, when you assess how much time you spend in the office versus at home or out with friends and the importance of dressing right for 9-to-5 you’d know there’s no room to slack-off.

The beginning of a new year is a great time to break your go-to-work mundane uniform and switch to a refreshing office wardrobe that’s both fashion-conscious and professional. After all, a new year means new you and there are so many fresh pages to re-write your success story, and a great work wardrobe is the foundation to that. Why? It’s simple, when you’re feeling good about yourself, you’re more likely to feel good about your job and, well, frankly everything.

With the right pieces on hand, it’s easy to take your nine-to-five look from drab to swag and have you sartorially conquer the boardroom. So, let’s make your getting-ready-in-the-morning fun again with these simple workwear style hacks that won’t blow away your paycheck. For conscious fashion girls, we’ve included ethical picks to make the job a whole lot easier for you.

Accessorize Like a Pro

Olivia Palermo Outfits - Fashion Week Spring-2017 - Office Style TipsImage via Popsugar

Most of us don’t have thousands of dollars to spend on our wardrobe. If you’re watching your pennies but still want to feel fab in your work clothes, step up the game with accessorizing. Start with your staples, such as a white shirt and a stylish pair of trousers, a versatile LBD (little black dress), a blazer, and a few smart blouses. Anyone of these things might be boring on their own but with the right accessories you can completely transform the outfit and get the right attention.

Less is more when it comes to accessorizing for work, hence our mantra is to focus on quality than quantity. Wearing sophisticated yet cool watches is a stylish way to accessorize on the clock and the easiest to start with. Add a chic silk scarf (vegan of course,), dainty rings and bracelets, a chunky necklace or statement handbag {not all at once} and you’ve gone from total snooze to dinner cruise. And speaking of dinner and cruises, accessories can make a stuffy work outfit more exciting for a post-work date. Carry an extra evening wear clutch and a pair of killer heels to work to wear with your white shirt, trousers and a statement necklace for a dinner date later. Don’t forget to add a bold and beautiful red lipstick.

Look Stylish At Office - Stylish Office Outfit - Style Tips for Work Wardrobe

Shop the look: Black Wrap Dress ($109), Red Peep Toe Vegan Heels ($270), Shimmer Nude Bag ($79.95), MVMT Rose Magnolia Watch & Cuff ($130 & $48), Sharonz Recycled Yellow Gold Spear Earrings ($470) & Axiology Philosophy Lipstick ($30)

Consider a Clothing Subscription Service

Stitch Fix - Personal Stylist Subscription Service - Fashion Box

We’re living in a world of subscription boxes and everything from your beauty needs to a wardrobe can now be delivered to your door, curated by experts just for you. Whether you are fashion-challenged or simply don’t have the time, the pressure of looking nice at work every day can be overwhelming. Perhaps it’s time to outsource your wardrobe to a company like Stitch Fix or Le Tote. The former is a service in which you fill out a style inventory so your stylist knows what you like. You then receive shipments customized to your need with no pressure to buy – you keep what you like for purchase, and send the rest back. The returns go in a free USPS return envelope that can be dropped in any mailbox, so they make it nice and easy. While the fee isn’t over-the-top expensive, you’ll feel like you have your own team of personal stylists. Can it get any better than this?

Image via Blog Stitchfix

Don’t be afraid of colors and prints

Miroslava Duma Blue Suit London Fashion Week- Office Style Tips - Stylish workwear tips

Yes, we did just see everyone at the Golden Globes donning their black for a great cause and, yes, they did look fabulous. It’s hard to go wrong with black, as it’s just so classic. And while you don’t have to bid adieu to black, try adding a fun burst of colors as bright colors and eye-catching prints are the best way to stand out in a room abound with black, navy and white and add some personality to your 9-to-5 looks.

A chic printed scarf, bold shoes, hot-hued handbag, or a chic yet colorful nail art screams power and creativity and steps up your 9-to-5 game with ease. You can wear comfortable {and vegan} red high heeled pumps with your crisp white shirt and tailored to give your outfit a fashion-girl spin. Add a bright printed blouse underneath your blazer. Our favorite of all? A bright colored well-cut tailored suit paired with a white button-down. This impeccable look can never go wrong and you can take this look from day to night with a crop top and heels. But make sure it fits perfectly.

Image via whowhatwear

Wear Dresses For Work

Shirtdress for Work - Stylish Workwear Outfits - Office style tips - Ethical Fashion

Women often don’t think of dresses as office wear. We wear them to dinner, to church, to clubs and everywhere else. However, we keep them away from our office leaving this ace in the hole of our closet for career clothes. While you don’t want to walk into your workplace looking like you’re going clubbing right after, there are plenty of work appropriate dresses that’ll make your job of dressing up in the morning much easier.

For example, those mornings when you hit snooze a few more times, a shirt-dress makes perfect sense. They compliment any figure, are easy to get in, and with a pair of oxfords or pumps and a polished bag – you’re ready for work in no time. What we love most about the shirtdress is that this work-wardrobe staple can be easily taken to nighttime by shining up your makeup and adding some accessories.

You could take a basic shift dress {this style is perfect for work} and wear it five days in the same week with some skilled use of your “extras”, and no one would even know. Pick something in print or ruffles to refresh your work wardrobe and layer it with a polished blazer or jacket.

Faeth Reversible Shirtdress for $115, shop here

Cropped Hems Rule

Victoria Beckham Style - Polished Workwear - Office Style Tips - Stylish workwear tips

Whether you prefer voluminous culottes that have the feel of a skirt or a pair of slim trousers cropped just above the ankle – these look damn chic. Showing some skin right above your feet not only looks sexy but they are a great way to pep up your look. Pair it with a stylish pussy bow neck tie blouse or a high neck ribbed sweater and a blazer for that ultra-polished look.

Stylish officewear - Culottes for Work - Ethical Fashion

Faeth Cape Blazer ($115), Culottes ($69) and White Shirt ($79), shop here

Images via Fotogallery, Gastrochic & Pinterest

Up Your Shoe Game

Olivia Palermo Fashion-Week - Spring 2018 - Bright Shoes for Work - Workwear Style Tips

Yes, we are perfectly aware that we’ve already mentioned shoes when discussing accessories but they are so valuable that when it comes to work wardrobe, they deserve their own section. Shoes can make or break an outfit, so aim for more “makes” and less “breaks”. Unless you work at a hipster ad agency that’s mere steps from the ocean, you probably want to leave the flip-flops in your closet until the weekend. However, that doesn’t mean you must cause permanent damage to your tootsies and bank account with five-inch heels.

Once you’ve got a feel for your work environment, you can let your personality shine through with printed pumps, polished boots, ballet flats, and even fancy sneakers. For the latter, you need to assess whether your office environment allows you to pull them off (maybe on casual Fridays?). One thing we know for sure is that sneakers are having a moment, and if you’ve got the perfect pair and a work environment that’s willing, this could be a match made in work clothes heaven. Make sure to balance the cool kicks with trousers or a sleek dress.

Our favorite vegan shoe brands that will be a perfect match for work are Veerah (most comfortable pumps with cushions and anti-slip pads), NAE, Bourgeois Boheme and Nemanti.

Image via Popsugar

Get rid of what-to-wear-for-work dilemma by letting your ensembles reflect your mood and personality. Follow these tips and you’ll have office-ready looks that steer totally clear of ever bordering on drab.


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