How To Keep Your Summer Glow In Winter The Vegan Way

Sun Kissed Summer Skin in Winter - Get Healthy Skin in Winter - Vegan Bronzer

Winter can wreak havoc on your skin. That smooth tan you worked on all summer starts turning ashy and colorless overnight. Even worse is when the harsh weather and winds leave the skin feeling miserably dry, itchy and flaky and, of course, the dreadful dry strands. Don’t let winter get the best of you.

Don’t let the cold weather fill you with dread. Instead maintain your dewy, radiant and sun-kissed skin all year long – no matter how cold and gloomy it gets. Pairing the perfect skincare products with warm-toned makeup can help you look bright-eyed and bronzed all winter long.


Just like your wardrobe, your skincare routine requires some changes to keep that skin healthy and radiant in harsh winter weather. It’s important that you attain a naturally radiating skin that’s healthy inside out and enhance its beauty further with clever makeup tricks rather than getting an artificial over-tanned look. Here’s your skincare guide for winter.

Moisturize. Moisturize. Moisturize.

Winter dryness can be extremely damaging for your skin. Change of weather changes the pH level of your skin and so when the temperature drops your skin feels confused and irritated. This coupled with the exposure to indoor heaters and blustery winds make your skin dry and dull. That’s why cold weather requires extra nourishment and care and you need to swap your regular moisturizer with something more moisturizing and heavy-duty. Also, since your skin is prone to irritation in the winter, its recommended you choose a moisturizing cream for sensitive skin. Face oils are also great because not only are they free of nasty preservatives, they are more nourishing too.

And, don’t forget to dab on a good serum before you slather your face cream or oil. Serums are one of the most important elements of winter skincare.

Cleansers and masks

Swap your foaming or glycolic cleanser for something more gentle and nourishing. A lot of acne-fighting face cleansers and face masks work to dry out your skin, especially those that contain benzoyl peroxide. Leave this harsh ingredient out of your beauty routine in the winter months, unless you feel a breakout coming on. Our favorite picks are Winter Organics Chamomile Cleanser and Nonie of Beverly Hills AHA Face Cleanser, the later also doubles up as a makeup remover. Both of them are completely natural, vegan, extremely gentle and nourishing. Winter Organics is especially very good for sensitive skin and has a clear non-foaming formula with calming chamomile as the key ingredient.

When it comes to face masks, ditch anything with clay (unless you have a very oily skin or you are breaking out bad) because clay dries your skin. Opt for moisturizing sheet masks, they are the secret to the healthy winter glow you see on celebrities. Our favorite is Naveen Organic Hydrating Sheet Mask – it’s not only made from organic ingredients but uses organic cotton for its sheet that’s gentle for the skin and the planet.

Now that you know the recipe for healthy skin in winter, it’s time to tackle the second part of getting the winter glow you’ve always wanted– the perfect bronze.

If you feel that perfectly tanned skin tone fading by the second, have no fear. There are a few ways to get that sun-kissed look in the off-season that doesn’t require hitting up the tanning booth.


Before you get to the make-up make sure you have gently exfoliated and hydrated your skin to remove any dry and flaky patches.

Add warmth with contouring

Start with contouring to add definition and warmth to your skin and get that perfect sun-kissed skin without the harmful sun rays. Thanks to so many amazing beauty YouTubers and the Kardashian clan, contouring has become a household name and is no longer reserved just for the industry pros.  Don’t confuse contouring with using a bronzer because both of them serve a very different purpose. The former is to give your face a definition by playing with light and shadow. Bronzing, on the other hand, is about mimicking a vacation glow.

We love the vegan and cruelty-free contouring palette from Kat Von D, celebrities and makeup artists swear by it.

Bronzer Babe

The trick to getting that sun-kissed skin all winter long is ensuring you have the perfect bronzer. Its cliched but many of us don’t pay heed to this trick. The perfect way is to add a good bronzer after you have applied your base and contoured it. However, the shimmery powder you use during summer is not the best pick for the winter months. Try looking for a matte bronzer one shade lighter than your usual product. Shimmery sparkly options are perfect for summer but come winter they can make your makeup a little too obvious and are best avoided.

You would want to make sure you get the right bronzer for your skin tone, to avoid looking orangey or fake. For fair skin tone, look for bronzers with pink or apricot undertones like Au Naturale Pure Powder Bronzer in Kissed.  If you have a fair to medium skin tone a gilded bronzer will enhance your glow while for those with olive skin tone choose a brown bronzer that has warm gold and peach undertones. The Too Faced Sweet Peach Glow Highlighting Palette is a great pick, it has a good mix of blush, highlighter and bronzer that’ll give you more for your money. Those with beautiful dark skin, warm golden brown bronzer, like Hourglass Ambient Bronzer in Radiant Bronze Light ($50), will be your perfect pick. No matter which bronzer you choose make sure to blend it down your neck as well since this area rarely gets the sun exposure.

Your perfect sun-kissed skin will make everyone believe you just landed from a tropical holiday getaway.

Go for the Gold

Eyeshadows with gold undertones will complement your bronzer and help you get the wintertime warmth you want-just leave the sparkle alone. Opt for brown during the day and gold for evening.

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