Polish Much? Have yellow nails? Simple Guide to Healthy Nails


We all love a good manicure. But more often than not we are pressed for time ending us in a situation where we keep on postponing our manicure appointment and reapply a slick of nail polish over existing color to fix the peeling polish. This is followed by taking off the polish when the situation gets out of control to only witness the horrifying condition of yellow and cracked nails. Yet we reapply a bright nail color to hide the demons, that only worsens the situation.

Sounds like you? Don’t worry, it’s not just you, we’ve all been there. We are all obsessed with our skin and hair care but when it comes to nails, most of us ignore the nail care routine and strictly leave it on an occasional manicure. The result? Most women have damaged nails that have turned yellow and brittle.

Good news is you can get your polish-damaged nails back into shape with few easy-peasy steps that’ll keep your nails healthy.

Follow these simple nail rituals and make some changes in your manicure kit that will work miracle on your digits. We list the simple changes to your nail products from cuticle oil to the nail polish removers and chemical-free nail polishes to ensure that your nails don’t only look perfect but are also in great health. All these are vegan nail products.

Start at the roots

Strong nails begin at the cuticle and just like your skin your nails needs hydration too, especially when the temperature drops. Healthy cuticles ensures stronger nails. You can go without polish, but you should absolutely not step out without moisturizing your cuticles with a nourishing oil like Weleda Cuticle Pen ($16.15) with organic jojoba, sweet almond and coconut oil. We’ve tried several options out there and this cuticle oil is the best, it nourishes the nail bed and the tip applicator of the pen gently pushes the cuticles without damaging the skin.

Get the right nail polish

Most nail polish brands, including some popular high-end brands, contain many toxic and potentially hazardous ingredients ranging from cancer-causing compounds such as formaldehyde to others that disrupt hormones. They are not only bad for your nails but for your overall health as well. Good news is there are many natural and healthy formulas that are easily available in stores that are also vegan. Among the many 5-free and even 7-free formulas, we love Oh Tiff ($29.99 set of 3) and JINsoon ($18). Oh Tiff is an American vegan nail polish brand made in the USA and comes in a delicious range of chic colors from lovely pinks, classy reds to cool candy while the metallic and iridescent shades from JINsoon are our favorites.

Want your nail color to last longer? Don’t wash your hands or use a moisturizer before you apply the polish and make sure to finish the paint with a clear top coat.

Using a base coat

Before you apply any nail color a protective base coat is a must, it will help you avoid the yellow-nails situation. Regularly wearing nail polish without a base coat is one of the main reasons why many of us suffer from yellow nails, while a number of other things can also be the culprit ranging from smoking to fungal infection or even severe thyroid, psoriasis or diabetes. Consider butter LONDON Nail Foundation Priming Base Coat, it not only acts as a great base coat but on days when you want a minimalistic naked manicured look two coats of this and your nails will look healthy and perfectly fleshy!

Don’t ignore the nail polish remover

A nail polish remover is one of the most ignored products in a woman’s beauty cabinet but it’s time you pay attention to what goes inside them and make a switch. The harmful effects of the commonly found acetone nail polish remover are often cited and not only are they bad for health but also for the environment. Pregnant women should absolutely avoid acetone-based nail polish remover at all costs. We swear by the oil-based acetone free nail polish remover from French beauty brand UNE. Their 100% natural, organic and fragrance-free formula not only takes off the nail color with ease without drying off the nails but also nourishes nails and cuticles. We know it is not that easy to find a product, but it’s totally worth it!


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