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With Christmas less than a month away, your stress level must have shot to the roof thinking about the holiday shopping. After all, when you’re trying to navigate across everyone’s preference and don’t want to get them the snoozy presents that you’ve been getting them every year it can be stressful. Plus, if you have vegan friends or family members, selecting gifts can be even more challenging.

Gift-giving should be a memorable and high-reward experience for both of you. To take stress out of the equation, we have rounded up amazing gift ideas that would delight everyone from your {girl}boyfriend to her/his mother, from your niece to your bestie, from your unpaid intern to the perfect hostess. This vegan gift guide not only has something for everyone but it also ensures that each selected item is ethically made, uses eco-friendly materials and is sustainable. All of this under $100, so you have some extra cash in hand to get yourself something special too!

Scan these amazing options and order them right away to ensure the gift arrives just-in-time.

Vegan Makeup - Vegan Nail Colors - Vegan Gift GuideVegan nail polish set for the beauty obsessed

This gorgeous vegan nail polish Classic set of 3 from Oh Tiff makes a gorgeous gift for polish lovers or an indulgent treat-to-self for stunning nails all year long.

Oh Tiff nail colors are 100% vegan, cruelty-free and 5-free, which means free from five known carcinogens commonly found in nail polishes. They are one of the best vegan nail colors in the market and our current favorite too. Considering it’s made from safe, green ingredients they are super long-wearing, and last for over a week without chipping-off. The colors are deeply pigmented and wear beautifully. This gift will make your vegan girl friend super happy, we promise!

Oh Tiff 5-Free Vegan Nail Color Set of 3, $29.99

Christmas Gift Guide - Vegan Gift Guide - Gift ideas for her

Earrings for someone special

Nothing beats a piece of jewelry to make someone feel special. Try something exciting and unexpected that will also be the finishing touch for all their fancy holiday party outfits like the Discus Concrete Earrings from Konzuk. Handcrafted with unusual yet beautiful combination of concrete and stainless steel this piece will not fail to make an impression. You can also combine it with other stunning pieces from their collection {we love their necklace} or just gift this beautiful pair. They come in an elegant box to make it even more special. With their free shipping offer until 2017, it can’t get better than this.

KMe221 Discus Concrete Earrings, $90

Vegan Wallet for Women - Vegan Gift Guide

Vegan wallet for your travel buff girl-friend

Your girl friend who’s big on travel can always use a new, chic wallet. We love the black clutch wallet that opens to reveal a gorgeous oxblood interior {doesn’t it look very regal?}. Crafted with eco-friendly cork, it features 12 card slots, currency pocket, receipt pockets and a detachable coin purse with sim card slot its roomy and cleverly designed. It’s the best one can get from a wallet. Perfect for travel and even everyday use, it’ll keep her things super organized (and ensure she’ll thank you everyday)! It’s also available in other gorgeous colors.

Kim Clutch Wallet, $74.99

Vegan Scarves - Vegan Gift Guide - Ethical fashion

These luxury vegan scarves with a chunky tweed look not only look beautiful but are extremely soft too, making them the perfect gift for any vegan {these are so hard to find}. Super warm and cozy, they’re not the itchy kinds like most wool-free scarves. Crafted with eco-conscious materials these are also fairtrade and sustainable and come in a range of beautiful colors. We’ve picked our favorites.

Fairtrade Chunky Tweed Style Scarf, $35

Holiday Gifts for Him - Vegan Gift Guide - Metal Embrace Cufflink

Cufflinks for the dapper man

A stylish guy is tricky to get gifts for. But you don’t have to give up, because we’ve found just the right gift that won’t fail to please him. Nothing can beat the power of sharp tailored looks, and it must be completed with the right accessories like these wooden cufflinks paired elegantly with gold metal. Class, ethics and luxury never go out of style and this pair is embodiment of just that!

Metal Embrace Cufflink, $99.99

Luca Chiara RFID Wallet - Vegan Gift Guide - Gifts for HimYour tech savvy man

Wallets are one of the most practical gifts you can give a man, as it is one thing he always needs – but it is a written thing that simply a wallet won’t excite him. However, if it is technology combined in a wallet, it’s a completely different case. That’s why we recommend a RFID protected wallet crafted from ethical vegan leather. Unless you are living under a rock, you’d know that RFID (Radio Frequency IDentification) can track your credit card, debit card and passport info even when it is securely placed in your wallet. Which means you are a target for theft whenever you are on the move. However, this RFID secured wallet is lined with stainless steel to prevent intruders from swiping your information. At $49.99 it’s the best tech gift ever!

Luigi RFID Coin Pocket Billfold, $49.99

NAE Pineapple Leather Shoes - Vegan Gift Guide - Vegan Shoes

Sometimes all anyone wants is a good pair of shoes and when they’re made from hi-tech and cruelty-free pineapple leather they’re too hard to resist. Why not gift your loved one these unisex and versatile slip-on sneakers, they’ll instantly fall in love with them. Ethically crafted in Portugal, they will pair well with everything from denim to tailoring. Vegan shoe dilemma + gifting dilemma solved!

Bare Pineapple Leather Shoes, $115

Coconut Snack Bowls - Vegan Gift Guide

To please the mother-in-law {or to be}

The perfect present for his or her parents should show how much you care without going overboard {else it will look desperate}. This coconut shell snack bowl set looks thoughtful and classy. Handcrafted using coconut shells and lacquer, they make a nice change to a dinner party or for holiday season when friends and families gather around. You don’t have to worry about their longevity and quality since they are also water-resistant and food-safe.

If it looks too simple, pair it with handmade soy wax PEACH ON EARTH candles ($36)

Coconut Shell Snack Bowl, $13

Vegan Baby Products - Vegan Gift Guide

The little angel you love

Whether it is your niece/nephew or your sister’s baby, you want to gift them something that shows how much you care and is also not just another toy (s)he’ll throw away. A natural vegan beauty kit would seriously be the best baby gift. Not only is it thoughtful but it will also take care of health of the baby for a lifetime (after all baby’s parents would continue the tradition of getting him/her only clean green products). While we’ve picked out the best options for under $100, you can create your own gift box by mixing vegan and organic products to suit your budget.

Green People Vegan Baby Care (shampoo, bath and shower gel and body lotion), $62

Vegan Gift Guide - Solar Power Charger - Eco Power Bank

Utility for everyone

Whether it’s for a co-worker, your neighbor, unpaid intern, friend who’s conscious about their carbon footprint or your mom or best friend whose phone is always on 1%, this waterproof Solar charger power bank will make the best fail-safe gift without breaking your bank. With 10000mAh high capacity, it could charge itself under sun for emergency and has multiple USB ports to charge everything from cellphones to tablets.

Solar Charger Eco-daily with USB Solar Power Bank, $16.99

Eco friendly coasters - Vegan Gift GuideFor the perfect hostess

It’s holiday season, which means your calendar will be marked with a host of parties you got to attend. This brings us to the question – what makes a good gift for the perfect host/hostess? While a box of chocolates and wine is the tradition, but there’ll be plenty others coming up with this ground-breaking idea; besides it’s not something that would last.

The best way to pick the perfect gift is to think of what would they want when hosting parties? We say what can be better than a beautiful set of coasters that they can use right away? We love these beautiful eco-friendly coasters, handcrafted by women in Africa from rural and poor regions. Each of these pieces are intricately woven with natural fibers of sisel and sweet grass and dyed with organic dyes. A gift that meets function, style and ethics!

All Across Africa Hope Coaster Set of 6, $35



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