Urban Originals: The Australian Vegan Handbag Brand That Marries Style and Value


Urban Originals Vegan Handbag Brand - Best vegan handbags - Vegan handbags

Vegan fashion has become a hot topic in the last two years or so. Many new vegan brands are cropping up every day and even the large mainstream ones have started to pay attention to the growing demand of vegan alternatives and have even launched their own vegan-friendly and conscious collection keeping sustainability as the prime focus.

Handbags are one of the most sought after items in the sustainable and vegan fashion circuits. Brands and designers across the world have realized that “vegan” bags are the need of the hour and are tapping this market. That said, despite so many new brands in the market, finding the right vegan handbag is still a daunting task; few balance the equation of style, ethics and value.

Let us introduce you to Urban Originals, the Australian vegan handbag brand run by the vegan husband and wife duo Andrew and Susana Cates. From its humble start in Ms Cate’s garage in 1999, today Urban Originals has set itself as one of the most well-known (vegan) handbag brands retailed in over 800 stores globally including big names like Bloomingdales, Saks Fifth Avenue, Nordstrom and Macy’s.

Urban Originals Vegan Handbag Brand - Vegan handbags - Australian Best vegan handbagsUrban Originals Founder Susana Cates

Jennifer Hawkins and Kelly Rowland as its customers, it’s no surprise that the bags have garnered so much popularity. Not only do Urban Original’s handbags cost a fraction of the price of the many vegan brands in the market (most bags are under $100), but each one is crafted ethically and combines form and function. Cate’s vision of making quality fashion-forward handbags combined with affordability and smart business acumen can be pretty much summed as the reason for Urban Originals success.

You’ll find many stylish bags in the market, but they would either not be ethically produced or won’t have enough pockets to keep things organized. Each of the bag from this Peta approved brand is designed keeping every woman’s needs in mind. Whether you like minimal bags or prefer colors, whether you need a compact style with multiple pockets to keep your things organized or a roomy style so you can roll with your whole world in one bag – they have a style for you.

Urban Originals is basically a manifestation of perfect utility, great design and ethical focus all coming together to help you do more with less. The company is also committed to social responsibility and sponsors children for their education and living from time-to-time.

We’re making mental notes of which handbags to choose for a biker chic style we love to sport all year round and for all the looks we’ve planned for the upcoming summer holiday. Although we’re pretty sure we’re going to invest in their True Sunrise bag, it has so much room and ample pockets that it will be perfect for everyday juggle and, of course, travel.

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Image courtesy: Urban Originals

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