Vegan Beauty Must Haves Favourites
We all know finding good vegan skincare and body products can get a bit challenging. So we asked 5 vegan women from different parts of the world to share their tried and tested vegan beauty must-haves because the best beauty advice often comes from someone who is unbiased and can swear by it.

These gorgeous ladies from London, Paris, Indonesia, Frankfurt and Long Island share one thing in common – their passion for a compassionate lifestyle. We got them to spill all about their beauty must haves from the secret to that gorgeous pout, to the radiant face, supple skin and to what keeps them relaxed after a long tiring day.


Desiree Smith

Age: 27
Where does she live: Long Island USA
Two words that describe her: Compassionately aware

Born and brought up in Long Island, Desiree had a brief 3 year stint in New Jersey after which she moved back to her roots – Long Island. She has a beautiful 7 year old son. “My son constantly keeps me laughing as he reminds me too much of myself”, shares Desiree. She’s been a vegan for two and a half years, but a 14 year veteran of buying only cruelty free products. From deodorants to make up to body wash to shampoo, she has tried all sorts of goodies!
Desiree Smith- Vegan Beauty Products

Here are Desiree’s vegan beauty must haves aka products she will continue to buy every time she runs out:

1. Lavanila the Healthy Deodorant – Vanilla Grapefruit
“When I decided to give up using standard antiperspirants that contain aluminum, I went through a few vegan brands that were deodorants rather than antiperspirants. Lavanila was the first brand I came across that was a solid deodorant that kept me not only smelling fresh but dry the whole day! I love the smell and how smooth it feels when applied.” For $14, available at lavanila.com.

2. Dr. Jart Black Label Detox Cream
“THIS IS MY ABSOLUTE FAVORITE BEAUTY PRODUCT” tells Desiree in all caps indicating her love for the product. She continues,”I received a sample of this BB cream in a Birchbox and I was absolutely sold from the get-go. This cream evens out my skin tone, blends well, and feels super-hydrating. I rarely splurge on make-up but for this product, I would buy a life-time supply if I could.” Now that’s what keeps her skin hydrated and glowing. If you want to try out this BB cream you can get it for $36 from sephora.com.

3. Model Co. Shine Ultra Lip Gloss in Showgirl Red
“I received this lip-gloss in my Birchbox once and I instantly fell in love. It smells awesome and goes on so nicely with a nice hint of color. It doesn’t have the waxy, thick feeling many lip glosses have today. Absolute must-have!” For $20, available at modelcocosmetics.com.

4. Ultra Moisturizing Shave Cream – Vanilla Bliss
“I’ve been a huge fan of this shaving cream for years. It’s cheap and you can find it right at Target. It smells great and makes your skin feel super smooth after shaving. Love!”. If you are looking for ultra smooth shave minus the nicks, scraps and razor irritation and super soft legs afterwards, get the EVO Sahve Cream for $3.49, available at evolutionofsmooth.com (and its vegan).


Nora Jacobs

Age: 50
Where does she live: Singapore
Two words that describe her: Humble and thrifty

Javanese by ethinicity, Nora is born and raised in Singapore. She is happily married to her Canadian husband, Michael. Her son who is 27 and lives with them is also a vegan. She transitioned to a vegan lifestyle in October, 2013. It’s been a year now and she’s still going strong! She enjoys gardening in her apartment and likes to keep track of her food intake on myfitnesspal. Looks like that’s the secret to such a beautiful skin of this 50 years old, who looks atleast 10 years younger.
Nora Jacobs- Vegan Beauty Products

Nora’s Vegan Beauty Must Haves:

1. Argan Cleansing Oil
“It is really good for my skin type (normal to dry), it’s not greasy and my skin feels smooth and supple, not tight and dry.” For $32, available at josiemarancosmetics.com.

2. 100% Pure Argan Oil
“I apply the oil at night just before bed. It helps to hydrate my skin even after I wake up the next morning.” No wonder this oil is coined the term ‘liquid gold‘, it is known to regress the signs of aging and we can already see that working wonders on Nora. You can buy it for $48 from josiemarancosmetics.com.

3. Argan Matchmaker Serum Foundation
“It is awesome as it blends easily and instantly adjusts to match my skin tone.I use the Light to medium shade.” For $42, available at josiemarancosmetics.com.


Jessica Clement

Age: 25
Where does she live: Paris, France
Two words that describe her: Quirky and adventurous

Born and brought up in Montreal, Canada and studying political economy PhD student at the University of Paris 1 Pantheon-Sorbonne, Jessica lives with her sister and dog, Walter, in the Montmartre area of Paris, France. “I love to travel!” says Jessica who has been a vegetarian for a little over two years, with a focus on vegan eating for the majority of her meals. Her biggest hobby is making vegan cakes {we’d sure love to eat one of her delicious cakes}!
Jessica Clement- vegan beauty

Jessica’s Vegan Beauty Must Haves:

1. Ocean Salt – Self Preserving Cleanser
“It is out of this world. It’s made with big chunks of sea salt and tons of natural oils. It makes my face so soft after I use it. I also adore the (vegan) bath bombs from Lush. They’re the perfect way to end a stressful day.” For $21.95, available at lushusa.com.

2. & 3. Uriage Face Cream and Body Lotion
“This company does not test on animals, and has amazing lotions for both the face and body. I use the Hyseac K18 cream for my face and the Suppleance body lotion for my daily cream.” Suppleance Body Lotion for $54.50, available at amazon.com and Hyseac K18 face cream for $14.12, available at cocooncenter.co.uk.

4. Coconut Oil
“Raw coconut oil is my all around go-to vegan product. I use it to oil pull (it makes my teeth so white and healthy), and as a hair mask. It is so moisturizing!”

Nina Martiné

Age: 25
Where does she live: Frankfurt, Germany
Two words that describe her: Uncomplicated and outspoken

“Traveling to new places around the world and meeting new people is my passion”, says Nina who lives and works as a secretary in Frankfurt, Germany. She also loves spending time in the countryside with her family and their dog Laros, which calms her down and gives her energy for the hectic city life. She started out as a vegan about two years ago and says it was one of the best decisions she ever made in my life ; we concur. She says, “Treasuring the life of all beings and knowing that you are no longer (passively) responsible for animal cruelty makes me feel so much more lively and relieved.”

Nina Martin- Vegan Makeup

Nina’s Vegan Beauty Must Haves:

“Since I am a minimalist person, I don’t have that many beauty products in my bathroom. My basic item is organic coconut oil which I also use for cooking. It makes your skin silky and has so many positive effects on your health”. “When it comes to make up, I use products by Lush cosmetics that are handmade and were not tested on animals”, continues Nina.

You can find Lush cosmetics and beauty products at Lushusa.com. Not all their products are vegan, so check for the “V” label for vegan.


Lizzie Boyd

Age: 27
Where does she live: London, United Kingdom
Two words to describe her: Loving and quirky

Born and bred Londoner, Lizzie has just finished a course in animal care, and currently looking to find a dream job with animals! She was raised as a vegetarian by her English and Guyanese parents and was taught that animals are our friends. This has given her a lifelong love and respect of animals, so when she learned of the horrors of the dairy industry, she gave up cow’s milk, and turned vegan two and a half years ago and hasn’t looked back since. A big applause to Lizzie for making a wonderful decision!!!
Lizzie Boyd- Vegan Beauty

Lizzie’s Vegan Beauty Must Haves:

1. Barry M Bronzer
“I love how warm my complexion can become and will often use this without any foundation in the summer months as it gives such a glow to my face and lasts for ages, as a little goes a long way.” For $9.64, available at barrym.com.

2. Crazy Rumors Lip Balm
“My lips absorb this product and stay soft and smooth and they come in lots of awesome flavors like Amaretto and Mocha.”  For $3.49, available at crazyrumors.com.

3. KTC Coconut oil
“I will put it on my face before bed time and it helps heal all scars and blemishes whilst being kind to my skin. It’s perfect for blisters or cold sores and dry skin.” For $11.98, available at amazon.com.

4. Superdrug Simply Pure Spot Clearing Facial Wash
“I love Superdrug stuff as they label whether the product is vegan. Their spot clearing facial wash exfoliates with small beads and leaves my skin feeling refreshed but not tight.” For $ 4.17, available at superdrug.com.

Images designed by Dilip Jariya


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