Video: Company That Changed The Face Of Vegan Cheesemaking

Let’s be honest, the one thing that many vegans crave the most from their non-vegan days is “cheese”. In fact cheese is one thing that keeps many folks from making a 100% vegan commitment. While there are many vegan cheese options out there, very few of them can please a cheese connoisseur.  Good news is there finally is a vegan cheese that doesn’t taste like tofu, which means now your plant-based cheese is just as good as the real deal. We are not kidding!

Founded by Standford Bio-chemistry Professor Dr. Pat Brown, Former Cheesemaking Instructor Monte Casino and vegan celebrity chef Tal Ronnen of LA’s Crossroads, Kite Hill is plant based cheese making company that has changed the face of plant-based cheese. The company is determined to make their vegan cheese as good as or in fact even better than the dairy ones using science and craftsmanship. As Brown says, “Cows have been working on this for a million years and they are not getting any better at it. We’ve only been working on it for 5 years and we get better everyday.”

They found an enzyme that works great with almond milk. Their plant based cheese have already made headlines because they really are so good. They mimic the same moist texture as that of the dairy ones and even resemble them in terms of rind, culture, flavor and appearance. The cheeses are crafted using traditional cheesemaking techniques, aka pasteurized, cultured and coagulated,  using the highest-quality French equipment. What is even interesting is that they were able to use traditional cheese making practises using the nut milk without artificially manipulating the product. Their cheese are produced without using any stabilizes, thickeners, or artificial flavors of any kind. Their website says

“…we value craftsmanship, culinary creativity, delicious choices, and collaboration with farmers. And while our cheeses are made with only four ingredients: nut milk, cultures, enzymes, and salt, the magic of fermentation and aging yields many delicious possibilities…”

They have set very high standards for their products and they want to transform the perception of plant-based dairy. They not only make cheese but other dairy alternatives as well including yogurt, cheese spreads and cheesecakes.

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Tal Ronnen says, “No one is going to follow this lifestyle if there isn’t enough good food to eat out there”. “You can’t ask people to give up something that gives them so much pleasure in their lives. It’s just not going to work”, Brown adds. He says, “Give people cheese, make great delicious cheeses. Just make them without using animals and without all the environmental impact.” We couldn’t agree more!

On their future plans their website says, “Now that we have unlocked the secret to make nut milks behave like cow’s milk, the door is wide open for the development of a suite of amazing plant-based products.”

Kite Hill’s products are sold at Whole Foods stores nationwide.

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