11 Vegan-Friendly Food Chains in UK

Eating out can be the biggest challenge if you are a vegan, but not when you are in the UK. Being one of the most vegetarian-friendly countries in the world, it’s no surprise that the vegan scene in the UK is quite happening. Not only does the country have an amazing range of vegan and vegetarian-only dining options in every corner, their mainstream chain restaurants have also started offering a range of vegan options in their menus.

Whether you are in vegan-friendly cities like London, Brighton, or down South in Cornwall or up North in Edinburgh or Newcastle these vegan-friendly food chains will ensure you don’t have to fret about food while you are in the UK. From trendy to health-oriented, perfect for a quick bite or high-end Italian, Asian to British and Mexican we’ve got you covered with whatever your taste buds desire.


Cuisine: Italian

Zizzi Vegan Options - vegan pizza Zizzi - vegan menu - Travel Vegan UK(Source: Zizzi)

With a vegan cheese pizza on its menu, Zizzi is definitely leading the pack of UK restaurant chains for accommodating it’s vegan clients. With an extensive vegan menu comprising 14 standard vegan dishes that you can further customise to make your own, finding delicious vegan Italian food has never been easier. Their vegan Mozzarella (or mozzarisella as they call it) is made from organic rice milk. They even have vegan-friendly wines on the menu. And did we mention their nectarine dessert filled with coconut and mango swirl gelato? Yup, our mouth is also watering and craving one now!

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Las Iguanas

Cuisine: Mexican

Las Iguanas - Vegan friendly food chain in - vegan mexican - vegan london - vegan restaurant chains(Source: Pinterest)

With a separate menu for veggies and vegans (with vegan options clearly labeled), Las Iguanas is definitely one of most vegan-friendly places to dine-in in the UK. This Mexican chain is a blessing for vegans with a wide selection of cruelty-free food items in their menu. Try the guacamole and tacos for starters, fajitas and moqueca de palmitos among the mains and Mojito jelly and tembleque for the dessert.  The cranberry and avocado salad is divine and a must-have from the menu! Oh, even their drinks menu has vegan options clearly labeled so you don’t order the wrong wine.

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Cuisine: Italian

Carluccios Vegan Friendly Food Chains in UK - Carluccios Vegan - Vegan restaurant chains in uk - vegan london

Seems like the Italians have embraced veganism, considering this is second of the three vegan-friendly Italian chains on this list. This UK food chain offers a separate vegan menu on request, which makes life so much easier. We love their freshly homemade bread served with balsamic vinegar and olive oil which goes well with Misto Di Verdure (green beans, cherry tomatoes, and rocket salad). In the mains, the vegan menu has spaghetti served in tomato and basil while desserts have the vegan staple sorbet and fresh fruits. But hey that’s a good start for a mainstream chain (one of the rare ones to offer a vegan section on the menu). You can also have the true Italian coffee in soy milk served in their porcelain cups!

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Pret A Manger

Cuisine: Healthy Fast Food and Cafe

Pret a Manger Vegan Friendly - Vegan friendly food chains in UK - pret a manger launches veggie cafe - vegan London(Source: Standard.co.uk)

This natural and healthy food chain offers plenty of vegan options from salads (falafel mezze is divine), sandwiches, baguettes, soups (roasted pumpkin and south Indian tomato and spice are our favorites) to even desserts (you ought to try their coconut yogurt pot).  No matter what you order we recommend saving room for their banana and cashew shake blended with almond milk – a creamy treat perfect to pep up your mood.

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Le Pain Quotidien

Cuisine: Organic

Le Pain Quotidien Vegan - Roasted Asparagus & Vegan Cashew Cheese Tartine - Vegan friendly food chain in UK(Source: Le Pain Quotidien)

LPQ is one of our favorite places to hang out, even when we are traveling to other countries. Their UK restaurants have a wide good vegan offering which is clearly labeled on the menu and includes some really delicious items to dig into like their avocado tartine with cashew cheese (above), organic muffins, cocoa and pear cake, quinoa cake and raspberry parfait. They also serve one of the best vegan coffees, no kidding! Try their Matcha Latte in almond milk.

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JD Wetherspoon

Cuisine: British

JD WETHERSPOON VEGAN - Vegan friendly food chain in UK - Vegan friendly UK - Vegan RESTAURANT CHAINS UK(Source: Instagram @JDWetherspoon)

Vegan items on JD Wetherspoon’s menu? Yup life is full of surprises and this British chain of pubs and hotels, known for its steaks and other non-veg food items, is one such pleasant surprise as they offer a good selection of vegan items on their menu. Whether you like to have something spicy like the vegetable samosas and onion bhajis or want to steer towards healthier side like their rainbow salad with couscous, lentils and bulgar wheat and lots of veggies tossed in sweet chilly ginger and soy you or just a pasta, you’d not leave without a hearty vegan meal at any of their 99 pubs or hotels across UK. In fact, a little birdie tells us that their Wales outlets have a special and elaborate vegan menu with bagels, nachos, Shanghai noodles, Pasta Pomodoro and even burritos.

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The Handmade Burger Company

Cuisine: Fast Food

Handmade Burger Company - vegan burger - Vegan friendly restaurant chains in uk

While not yet in London (unless you consider Wembley) but this burger chain with over 23 restaurants all over the UK definitely needs a mention on this list for their delicious range of vegan burgers that’s even registered with the Vegan Society. Whether you like the Mexican style with salsa, avocados, jalapeños, and tomatoes or Thai with grilled peppers, sweet chilli sauce, and watercress or the healthier option with chickpeas and quinoa or the classic veggie burger and rosemary salt chips you will definitely find something delicious and filling to satiate your taste buds. Even their sweet chilli, BBQ and hot chilli dips are vegan. They also offer vegan alcoholic beverages, so you know you’re in a safe place here when it comes to dining!

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Yo! Sushi

Cuisine: Japanese

Yo Sushi Vegan friendly Food chain uk - vegan sushi uk - vegan japanese(Source: The Exeter Daily)

Don’t be surprised by a sushi chain making it on the vegan list. Apparently, vegan sushi has become quite a rage, esp in the US, and the British chain Yo! Sushi offers plenty of vegan options in its restaurants across the UK. Try the vegetable firecracker rice, miso soup, vegetable yaki soba, tofu katsu curry (it has won Best Vegan Curry award from PETA) and kaiso gunkan.

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Cuisine: Continental

Loungers VEGAN - Vegan friendly food chain in UK - Vegan friendly UK - Vegan RESTAURANT CHAINS UK - Vegan Tapas - bristol Loungers(Source: Loungers)

With its very own extensive vegan menu, the Bristol-based restaurant chain, Loungers is one of our favorites among the food chains in the UK (though yet to open in London).  While on that can be easily mistaken as a bar, its wide food menu paints a different picture. From a choice of four wonderful options in its brunch menu to delicious vegetable Thai curry and tapas to a super filling salad options to even vegan puddings and flapjack in the desserts, they have something for every vegan’s need (at least we’d like to think so!). They even have plenty of gluten-free offerings if you are a gluten-free vegan. Make sure to ask for the vegan menu, as they don’t hand-it-out unless asked for

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(new vegan menu launched in September 2017)

Cuisine: Japanese


Food is something which most of us can never compromise on, and sometimes you are just not in the mood to experiment and want to have something your taste buds feel home at. Thanks to food chains like Wagamama, you can be sure you’ll get the same taste and standard of food no matter where you go. Considering that Japanese cuisine does not use dairy in their preparations, it is no surprise that Wagamama is quite vegan-friendly. The good news is Wagamama recently launched a special vegan menu for it’s plant-based clients that is already available in few of its outlets as a trial before making it standard worldwide (Source). The new vegan menu includes vegan seitan katsu curry, yasai samla curry and kare burosu ramen.

In fact, their regular menu also has plenty vegan-friendly options. Among its vegan-friendly items yasai itami definitely stands out with its delicious curry with rice noodles, tofu and a good amount of vegetables, which has the right amount of spice and zest. You should also try the yasai steamed gyozu and their salads with interesting Asian flavors. We love the fact that they also have a great juice menu with interesting concoctions like blueberry, apple, carrot with ginger. The best part? Wagamama offers the option of using the vegan filter on their website menu, so you can be sure which items are suitable for you.

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Cuisine: Health food and smoothies

Crussh - Vegan friendly food chains in UK - Vegan friendly London -Cold pressed juices london - healthy london joints(Source: loseweightandgainhealth.com)

Not technically a UK chain since they are only in London (>25 stores) but CRUSSH deserves a mention on the list for the amazing healthy offerings on its menu for Londoners on the go. If you want to eat healthy without compromising on your taste then Crussh is the place for you. This healthy food chain offers a delicious range of vegan-friendly smoothies, cold-pressed juices and nut milks, sandwiches, salads, soups, noodles, healthpots and more. We love the fact that it has plenty of organic options (just the way we like it), and each item is clearly marked for vegan, organic, gluten-free and dairy-free. Our favorites are avocado, yuzu and edamame beans pot, noodles with ginger miso tofu, blueberry and banana breakfast bowl and maple pecan milk {this milk is absolutely amazing}. Best part? You can eat as much as you want guilt-free.

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While these are clearly our favorite chain restaurants to go for when we can’t find a vegan place nearby, this is clearly not an exhaustive list. Restaurants like Nando’s (ask for vegetarian with no mayonnaise, halloumi, dairy sauces, butter and cheese), Ping Pong (has vegetarian dishes clearly marked, most of which are vegan-friendly. We love their mocktails esp the goji berries mango and mint combo), Toby Carvery (yup they have two mains and two desserts as vegan options on their menu too), Pizza Express (they have a delicious vegan pizza, few sides and salads and sorbets which are vegan friendly), La Tasca, Prezzo (we recommend penne arrabbiata and bruschetta without pesto. An email from company confirmed that their classic pizza base is vegan, so order without cheese make sure to specify you want vegan), Chiquito (very few vegan options, mainly sides like roasted vegetables, lime and chilli broccoli, feisty salad and popcorn), London-chain Leon (has vegan options clearly labelled on the menu, also offers almond milkshake options. At all stations and airports in London), Gourmet Burger Kitchen (they have vegan-friendly burgers on the veggie menu, just request them to take off mayo and raita from it) and Giraffe (they have a few vegan options in the main and breakfast menu like tofu and squash laksa, edamame, and tofu in Goan curry) also have vegan options – some have clearly marked it on the menu while you will have to ask for at other places considering the vegetarian options have dairy and milk in it.

We also heard that Pizza Hut will be offering the option of vegan cheese Violife starting 2 October 2017 until 26 November 2017 for its dairy-free clients. The following Pizza Hut locations will be providing this option for a trial period:

Which are your favorite UK chains to dine vegan? Share with us in the comments box below

Happy Vegan Eating!


P.S. While we make sure to update our information, in case we haven’t pls check individual menus at the restaurants. We have provided the links. This list was last updated on 16 Aug 2017. Note: This is an unbiased independent review/list and we have not been paid by any agency or restaurants for the feature.

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