These Organic & Vegan Hazelnut Spreads Are Finger-Licking Good

Best vegan hazelnut spreads - Chocolate Hazelnut Spread - Organic Vegan Nutella

Nutella lovers rejoice. We’ve found some indulgent chocolate-hazelnut spreads that are organic, vegan, palm-oil free and free from processed white sugar. These Nutella alternatives are perfect for bread, breakfast, or literally just your fingers during a midnight snack {no judgments here}.

You can now get all the deliciousness of Nutella without the junk and dairy. These vegan chocolate-hazelnut spreads taste outrageously delicious and will have you forget Nutella in one lick – no kidding. Treat yourself with these dairy-free delights, thank us later!

Nocciolata Dairy Free

Nocciolata Dairy-Free Vegan Hazelnut Spread - Organic nutella - Vegan Nutella Alternative
Rigoni di Asiago’s  Nocciolata Dairy Free Organic Hazelnut & Cocoa Spread is our favorite on the list and ticks all the right boxes. We love it because it’s crafted with the finest and clean ingredients using traditional recipes, comes in a glass jar {safe and eco-friendly} and has a smooth, rich and velvety texture. We’ve dipped ourselves into the jar, literally, trying it with everything from fruits {pairs best with kiwi}, toast, pancakes, mylkshake, cupcakes and even made our own banana hazelnut and cocoa nice-cream with it. Did we forget to mention the midnight finger licking sessions with the jar? Oh yes, it’s that good. You can buy it from Amazon ($6.49).

Certified organic and vegan.
Free of GMOs, palm oil, gluten, preservatives, colors, additives, or artificial sweetener.


Nutiva Organic Vegan Hazelnut Spread - Best vegan Nutella alternatives - Vegan Food

Nutiva is one of the most popular organic vegan alternatives to Nutella and has 40% less sugar than the later too. In the taste department, it has a slightly different flavor than Nutella but we like it. This organic chocolate-hazelnut spread has a healthy mix of ingredients that includes flax seed flour and chia seed oil, in addition to organic cane sugar, cocoa, hazelnut and fair trade palm oil (ethically sourced). With each serving offering 5g of dietary fiber and 450mg Omega-3, you can indulge in this choco-hazelnut indulgence guilt-free. We love the fact that it offers the option of classic and more richer dark chocolate flavors. You can get it from Amazon here ($6.99).

Certified organic, non-GMO, vegan, gluten-free, fair trade, Kosher.

Free of GMOs, synthetic additives, trans fats.

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Endangered Species Chocolate Hazelnut Spread With Cocoa

Endangered Species Chocolate Hazelnut Spread - Vegan Nutella - Organic Hazelnut Spread

A chocolate-hazelnut spread that’s crafted from fair trade and clean ingredients, is non-GMO, and also gives back a portion of its profits for wildlife preservation. What’s not to love? While Endangered Species vegan hazelnut-chocolate spread is not completely organic, we love it for its use of natural ingredients and the great flavor and taste. It has a deep chocolatey flavor, buttery texture, and great consistency. It’s definitely one of the top vegan Nutella alternatives in the market (somewhat on the sweeter side with chocolate dominating flavor).

Ingredients: Cane sugar, vegetable oil (organic sunflower oil, palm), hazelnuts, cocoa, sunflower lecithin, salt, vanilla extract

Certified Fairtrade International, non-GMO, vegan, gluten-free.
Gives Back: The Company gives 10 percent of it’s profits to support organizations working towards species preservation and habitat conservation
Free of dairy, GMO, preservatives, colors, artificial sweetener.

Rawmio Hazelnut – Beyond Gourmet Raw Chocolate Hazelnut Spread

Rawmio Vegan Hazelnut Spread - Raw Vegan Nutella - Best Organic Chocolate Hazelnut Spread

We haven’t forgotten our raw vegan friends and those sucker for the cleanest and healthiest delicacies. Handcrafted with stone-ground hazelnuts, organic cacao nibs and coconut sugar, Rawmio’s organic dark chocolate-hazelnut spread is the best in the healthy space. It has a great nutty flavor and is perfect for those who love dark chocolates. It has a great and smooth thick texture that spreads easily and has a slight bitter note (thanks to cacao nibs). High in antioxidants, this spread comes in a safe glass jar packaging that preserves all its nutrients. They also offer different flavors in their choco-hazelnut spread option like coffee and mint. Shop this at Amazon (for $12.99).

Ingredients: Organic raw hazelnuts, organic raw cacao nibs, organic coconut sugar.

Certified organic
Free of dairy, synthetic flavors, vanilla, salt, gluten, preservatives or anything nasty.

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