The Saudi Prince Who Turned Vegan & Ditched His Super Luxury Cars For Eco-Friendly Tesla

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The Arab world and their billionaires are well-known for their extravagance, obnoxious display of wealth, super luxury cars or careless wastage. But one Saudi prince is making headlines for very different reasons – his vegan and eco-friendly lifestyle . This vegan Prince is none other than Prince Khaled bin Alwaleed, son of Prince Alwaleed Bin Talal Al Saud, the Arab world’s richest investor commonly known as ‘Warren Buffet of the Gulf’.

An ardent supporter of animal rights and a green living advocate, Prince Khaled is riding a wave of change in a world where such topics are unheard of. Before writing this piece, we went on to dig deeper about this enigmatic ‘green’ Prince and found that he’s almost everywhere described as ‘simple’ and ‘down to earth’ – the two words that are oxymoron of Arab Royalty.

Voracious @Peta & @MercyForAnimals retweeter, Prince Khaled’s Twitter account primarily talks about topics of animal cruelty, sustainable living and ethical lifestyle.

His shift to a cruelty-free lifestyle began in 2009 for health and moral reasons and he has never looked back since. This proud vocal vegan prince has vowed to never let any animal suffer for his food, fashion or other lifestyle needs, drives an eco-friendly Tesla X P90D and, as per an article on National Observer, buys carbon offsets for all his flights to reduce the environmental footprint of his business. He chooses to use the term ‘plant-based’ over ‘vegan’ when pushing the agenda in public and has probably been the reason for his dad’s switch to veganism too. His company KBW Investments has, over the years invested, in various sustainable solutions including a project that involved swapping the conventional streetlights with LEDs – a greener choice and an initiative to invest more than $1 billion in clean energy technology (Source).

In an interview with National Observer he said, “I thought that I would be the only vegan in Saudi, because I’ve never heard of a vegan in Saudi. It was miserable, socially. But then I started posting on Instagram and social media, and then I started meeting so many vegans — vegans in Riyadh, vegans in Jeddah, vegans in Dubai.

I’m really optimistic about the {vegan} trend I’m seeing here and in the world in general. I’m not going to lie and say I don’t get other people’s points, but I have to choose to be optimistic because at the end of the day, I’m here temporarily. I’ve got two daughters and I need to leave something positive for them.

By adopting a more sustainable lifestyle and using his wealth for building a greener future he is not only bringing a positive change in the Arab world, but is also inspiring everyone else in the world. We need more people like Prince Khaled to set an example among the youth that wealth can be used for more meaningful purpose than mindlessly spending on things that come from inflicting cruelty to the animals and the planet.

P.S. All the information about the Prince has been collected from various sources on the internet. We would like to get an interview with this vegan gamechanger in person, but until then we hope his lifestory will serve an inspiration to lead a sustainable and cruelty-free life.

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10 thoughts on “The Saudi Prince Who Turned Vegan & Ditched His Super Luxury Cars For Eco-Friendly Tesla

    Yasmin Lungu says

    Khaled sir ure an inspiration to so many! going against the tradition n embracing the right path – very few ppl in ure posiiton can do it. Vegan Prince and that also from Saudi – almost unthinkable and u made it possible. Uve become my favorite vegan celebrity

    Punit says

    Hats off to this man. he’s doing great work. wish every person learns from him and saves millions of animals we kill for food and other things

    Alastair says

    neat. this dude is setting the right example. people wake up – learn from this amazing Saudi guy who’s born and brought up in an xtreme yet chose cruelty free and compassionate lifestyle

    Kasia says

    wow! I’m thrilled & happy that someone with the money of this sort is vegan – his power of influence can be huge.

    M Perkins says

    Now if he and his family can only treat women with the same respect by giving them total equality. But thank you for your compassion for animals.


    I would love to chat with Khaled bin Alwaleed we have the same goals and like to unite. Please pass my info along a.s.a.p Thanks Jared:)

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