Must Have: These Vegan Sandals Are Officially The Most Popular Shoes Style This Spring

So long, stilettos! Comfort has become fashion agenda {remember the ugly shoe trend?), and we’re glad that this season shoes are taking a turn for the chunkier—and, thank goodness, more comfortable style. NAE’s Irene low heeled sandals are right on point – you can wear them to everything from lunch meetings to quick trips to grocery to dancing all night under the stars.

Irene Vegan Heels - Vegan Shoes - Vegan Fashion

There’s something about a minimalist, chic style that you don’t feel guilty splurging on them – you know this timeless style can be worn season after season without looking like you’ve dug them out from your grandma’s closet. Besides these vegan sandals are made ethically and sustainably, which means you don’t have to think twice before loosening your wallet for them.

They come in a choice of three gorgeous and versatile colors that you can wear season-after-season – black, orange and brown. Shop them here ($99).

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