Heels That’ll Give You The Ultimate High

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We all need staple walkable vegan shoes; but let’s be truthful we have plenty of those already in our closets.

Do you agree that one needs to get high every once in a while? No ladies we aren’t taking about “a bar” but a pair of gorgeous sexy heels that will instantly turn you into Goddess (or atleast feel like one in them).

You can’t undermine the power of good shoes, and if they are a striking pair of perfectly pointed stiletto like these black and blue beauties with their deeply cut silhouette of the arch and sexy cut out details they make an instant case for splurging (ahem we mean investment). We agree these are not for the faint hearted with their 5 inch heels and a bold design, but life is all about taking risks!

Besides you need a break from those ubiquitous super sleek sandals and stand out from the crowd. Plus the fact that these Italian shoes are ethically made from vegan leather with further details of every raw materials used to produce these make them even more attractive (the website even lists the detail of sewing thread used to make them). Whoever said ethical fashion is boring needs to get their facts right.

Now excuse us, since our feet need an upgrade we are going to make a solid investment in this stunning pair that hits all the right boxes.

LES COLETTES, honest by. Maison Des Talons for $216

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