On World Vegan Day We Ask Vegans Around The World – What Does Being Vegan Mean To You?

November First marks The World Vegan Day and being vegan is becoming easier for each one of us every single day. From New York to Bahrain, London to Los Angeles, Qatar to Stockholm, Bangkok to Dubai and Tokyo to Mumbai there are vegan restaurants everywhere in the world. Until a few years ago, being vegan was a difficult feat, but today vegan restaurants and organic stores with plenty plant-based meals are popping up everywhere.

Veganism can mean different things to different people. For some it is about adopting a plant-based diet for health reasons, for others, it is a life-transforming decision made out of compassion towards animals while it is a more spiritual journey for the rest.

We asked vegans around the world about what does Being Vegan Mean to Them and here are the deets!

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The lovely Jordanian Dareen Alhiyari says, “For me being vegan means life. The difference between life and death, mercy, and torture, between peace and violence, between freedom and slavery.”

Chetan P, a travel industry professional from Dubai and a vegan for 2 years, says, “Being vegan means recognizing that we need to put an end to animals use, abuse and exploitation. For thousands of years animals have helped humans grow, and it’s time we stop exploiting animals for our selfish needs and give them their rightful place on the planet. Animal justice is the way forward for all vegans.”

World Vegan Day - Veganism - What is Being Vegan

For Scottish vegan blogger, Jessica of Earth To Jessica, who lives in Abu Dhabi, being vegan is making considerate choices which show compassion to the planet and all the other species we share it with!

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For Vinita Contractor, an advocate of plant-based nutrition from Mumbai, being vegan means:

“1. I am routinely subjected to all kinds of weird and awkward questions.
2. Being a minimalist and wanting less.
3. I am an expert at reading food labels.
4. I think about what I eat and how affects the planet, the animals, and my health.
5. I have taken a step in the right direction towards a better world.
6. Realizing that I am still operating at the most gross and relatively easy level of non- violence.”

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Kay Bombon, a 15 year vegan from London and an assistant production accountant, being vegan means being healthy, happy and caring.

Ivana Basilotta, founder of luxury vegan shoe brand No One’s Skin and a nature lover says, “Being vegan means having regards for myself, my body and mind and when I have regard for myself I automatically have regards for the animal kingdom and my environment. Our nature is to love and that is what being vegan is.”

Veganism is not just about what you put on your plate but it is a deeper connection with your soul where you respect life, first, that begins with you and the other species, the planet which breeds life. Veganism is life!

Share with us what does veganism mean to you.

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