World’s First All Vegan Cruise Set To Sail This September End

Cruising and cruelty-free lifestyle come together in world’s first luxury vegan cruise set to sail on 25 September, embarking from UK. They say the best holidays aren’t about the destination but your journey – the places you see, the people you meet and the amazing memories. For vegans, this cruise will be the ultimate holiday experience. Not only will you get to experience the awe-inspiring sceneries of Norwegian fjords in autumn – soaring mountains, stunning waterfalls and snow-capped peaks, but you will also be spoilt for choice with fine vegan cuisine created by celebrated vegan chefs and get to meet fellow vegans who are committed to the same cause of cruelty-free lifestyle as you.

Imagine a seven-day holiday where you don’t have to search for vegan places to eat (everything on this cruise will be vegan), where you won’t be questioned about your vegan lifestyle or dietary habits, you can rejuvenate your mind with the yoga and pilates sessions offered onboard or pamper yourself at the spa, relax with a movie with complimentary vegan ice-cream and all this in the midst of extraordinary views of the Norwegian coastline. Don’t worry about toileteries, all rooms will come with vegan toileteries too.

Passengers will also get to attend interesting talks on health and veganism from experts including Melanie Joy, Dr. Michael Greger, Julieanna Hever, and Wendy Turner Webster. Taking things up a notch for the vegan guests, the cruise will also include day time activities like vegan cheese making and vegan toothpaste making.

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The seven-day cruise in the veganized MS Columbus, which can run you from $1,220-$1,950 if you are a solo traveler, will embark from London Tilbury (UK) where you will sail for two days soaking up clean and crisp Norwegian air, attending guest lectures onboard and enjoying the delectable vegan cuisine. You will arrive at Eidfjord, Norway on the third day where you will disembark to take your pick of things to do ranging from watching beautiful Vøringsfossen waterfall, taking a stroll at the port to Hæreid Viking Graves for Norwegian history lessons or taking a sightseeing tour of the city in Troll train. You get back onboard in the evening to spend another day on the cruise passing through Norway’s deepest and longest fjord, Sognefjord and landing in the beautiful small town of Flam – well-known for its Flam Railway. After spending most part of the day in Flam you sail through the night to land at Geiranger village the next day taking a guided tour of Eagle’s Bend for its spectacular views. On day six you arrive in the charming Bergen city nestled in the middle of mountains with its beautiful colorful wooden houses. On day seven, you spend the day at sea to finally be whisked off back to Tilbury where your journey ends!

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Other than Oslo, finding vegan food can be very challenging in Norway. Even the second largest city – Bergen has no vegan restaurants and a vegan cruise is the best way to explore this beautiful country.

You will be served fresh vegan food, and the vegan bread and cookies served onboard will be freshly baked for you everyday. “This vegan experience features a simply irresistible four-course tasting menu with gourmet appetizers, mouth-wateringly good mains and decadent desserts that are just waiting to be devoured,” reads Vegan Cruise website. They will also cater to special dietary preferences and will have options for those adhering to raw vegan, gluten-free and macrobiotic diets.

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