Yes to Cucumbers Soothing Body Wash

Yes to Cucumber Body Wash Review -Organic Bath

Since the time we spend in the hot showers during winters shoots up to an all-time high during winters, we ransacked the beauty shelves and found you one of the best shower gels to indulge in while you clean up. It’s going to keep you fresh and hydrated all day long while banishing all sensitive skin woes. Yes To that’s the name of the San Francisco based beauty brand that has a range of hair, skin and body products with interesting names and eye-catching packaging. Blueberries, carrots, grapefruit, tomatoes, and cucumbers – we are not talking about juices, these are the names of Yes To product range which are composed of natural extracts.

Here’s a review of the product from our expert:

“The feeling of weariness is omnipresent when selecting the best for your skin that will not cause rashes or breakouts. I am one of them, as my skin is very sensitive and is prone to rashes and even breakouts with most of the shower gels I’ve tried as they come with harsh chemicals. So when it comes to choosing my body wash, I am very picky.

But for all you folks with sensitive skin, like me, Yes to Cucumbers Soothing Body Wash is a good news as its botanical formula with organic cucumber extract and green tea packed with vitamins and anti-inflammatory goodness ensures you’re in for a treat!!

I’ve been using this body wash for quite some time now and I absolutely love it. Not only is this made from atleast 95 percent natural ingredients but it’s also vegan-friendly. To top it off, Yes To is also a huge advocate of petroleum, SLS and Paraben free products. Can it get any better?

Upon using Yes To Cucumbers Soothing Body Wash for the first time, I noted that there was a rather invigorating scent to it. While some people might find the smell a little strong, or maybe unnatural, but it’s mostly a mix of essential oils and cucumber.

Moving on, I liked that even with a small dollop it lathers up really well. A 16.9 fl oz/500 ml lasted me well over a couple of months, which is great for even someone on a budget.

Yes to Cucumber Body Wash Review -Organic Bath

Looks like the combination of cucumber and green tea really works with their anti-inflammatory properties as after using it for a couple of weeks, I noticed that my skin was in good condition – smooth, improved texture and free of blemishes.

It is great for those who lead an active lifestyle, as after every shower, you would be left feeling extremely clean and refreshed. Using this in the morning is fantastic because of the refreshing scent. It awakens, energizes and cleans the skin, to give you the perfect start of the day. Makes me feel that I’m just coming out from the spa {it’s all those essential oils and cucumber mixed together}.

A shower with Yes To Cucumbers body wash totally relaxes me down when my head is swarming with to do lists for the day. A great way to start the and end the day!!


  • Effective cleaning for sensitive skin
  • Formulated with 95% natural ingredients
  • Great lather
  • Washes off completely
  • Lasts for a long time
  • Value for money
  • Recyclable plastic bottle
  • Vegan and cruelty-free


  • Fragrance may seem overbearing
  • Contains Potassium Sorbate

Where to buy Yes to Cucumbers Shower Gel?

It’s available at most drugstores, departmental stores, and even Sephora. But you can also buy it online on Amazon – Yes To Cucumber Soothing Body Wash for $12 with free shipping.

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