World’s Most Eco-Friendly Water Bottle Is Made From Sugarcane: Sustainable & Swedish Yuhme

Yuhme - World's Most Eco-friendly Water Bottle - Sugarcane Plastic - Stylish water bottle - sustainable brands

There is something about drinking water that’s become smart. Carrying a chic bottle full of H2O has become the next “it” thing. With the rising athleisure trend, it isn’t just what you put on your body that matters, but the accessories you carry with you too.

It wasn’t long before a simple water bottle became much more than your average Evian. With the rising consciousness from consumers for minimising waste, reusable bottles have gained popularity and everyone is looking for bottles that not only provide sublime function but look pretty upon their work desks too. From bottles that are high on style to those that track hydration, there are plenty of options on the market, all promising to encourage your water intake while giving you something extra.

As a conscious citizen we take a step further – we need a little bit more from our water carrier. In addition to being well-designed and chic we need it to be environmentally friendly and sustainable too. A (chic) ethically made bottle that makes it easy for us to drink water, save water, and do good too? Does such a product exist?

Yes, it does and we’ve found it for you!

The Nordics are leading the world in sustainable development, so it’s no surprise that the world’s most eco-friendly water bottle also hails from Sweden.

Alex - YuhMe Founder of Eco-friendly Water Bottle - Bio Plastic - Sugarcane Bottle -Sustainable brands

We met the Founders of Yuhme – the husband and wife duo Alex and Alexandra and were impressed by their passion for creating a beautiful product that is not only ethical in every way but is also doing it’s bit to make a difference. The former athletes had been itching to be social entrepreneurs for quite some time. In our conversation Alexandra said, “I had been reading stories about entrepreneurs who created great companies while helping the society. This idea thrilled me and Alexandra. We realized it was time to stop doing things that matters less and put our passion and energy in something we believe in.”

“After a lot of thinking, discussion and research a water bottle was something we both connected to {given our backgrounds}”. And as simple as that, Yuhme was born. An acronym of You Us Humanity Me Environment, Yuhme bottles provide you with much more than something to sip on. Not only does it offer the physical traits you need – hardwearing, dishwasher safe, convenient flip-top opening and easy to clean, but it is made from an exciting renewable material – sugarcane.

Eco-friendly Water Bottle - Bio Plastic - Sugarcane Water Bottle - Sustainable brands

Sugarcane is a renewable source (unlike steel, aluminum, glass and oil-based plastics) and I’m GreenTM Polyethylene is a plastic produced from ethanol sugarcane. It captures and fixes CO2 from the atmosphere during its production, helping to reduce greenhouse gas emission. That’s how Yuhme bottles boasts to have the coveted negative carbon footprint. Free from Bisphenol A and Phthalates and completely recyclable, the Yuhme eco-friendly water bottle brags the tag of the most eco-friendly water bottle in the market. Excited? There’s more.

Even their product packaging is made from recycled materials. On top of creating BPA-free, non-toxic, 100% recyclable, and super eco-friendly bottles, Yuhme is committed to doing their bit of helping the society too.

The doting husband and wife wanted to contribute to the society with their business, so they decided to give away a part of their profits by funding a cause. After thorough research, they decided to partner with Water For Good – a NGO that works towards providing sustainable clean water projects in Central African Republic, where even clean drinking water is a luxury for people.

So, with every Yuhme bottle you buy, the donates 6-months of clean drinking water to one person in Central Africa via Water For Good, meaning you get to do something good from a purchase you would have made regardless.

Designed and produced in Sweden at a No-Waster production site, both co-founders believe in a transparent supply chain and ensuring workers are treated fairly, yet another thumbs up. But it’s not all about the logistics – their design has an art influence too. Offering three innovative designs, Endurance, Namaste and Power, they are all representative of three different activities. Printed onto the bottle using a warping technique, this one-of a kind printing machine allows the pattern to be wrapped around the entire bottle, giving a unique look. Our favorite is the gorgeous and subtle sugarcane print – that not only looks great but also signifies what the bottle is made off.

These bottles are a product of extensive research and thought, well-made (it is Swedish after-all) and are insanely high-quality and definitely worth it compared to buying years of one-use plastic bottles. Plus, we love the fact that it is extremely lightweight – something that your glass bottles lack.

It’s the ideal bottle for taking on hikes around the countryside, to show-off at the gym, to put on your desk or to carry it around in your tote while shopping or taking that road trip.

The world needs change and Yuhme are here to do that, one bottle at a time.

For $35, buy now

Written by Shannon Blanks
Shannon is a 22 year old vegan living in London who regularly spends her weekends on cooking courses, visiting the latest vegan hotspots or strolling around food markets. She has a love for reading in parks on sunny days and as a typical northern lass loves pie, mash and gravy.

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