Best Eco-Friendly Yoga Pants For Every Pose

You’ve decided to stop using single-use plastic bottles and always make sure that you carry your own shopping bad when you head out for grocery shopping. You have also committed to reducing or quitting fast fashion from your life altogether. But what about your yoga pants?

Did you know most of the activewear brands use planet-damaging polyester fabrics using chemicals that are not only bad for the environment but bad for your health too? So, before you swipe your card for your workout gear the next time, make sure it’s spent on clothing that’s also good for the planet. Don’t worry, you won’t have to sacrifice on your style either. It is possible to shop, even on a budget, for stylish activewear that uses sustainable materials like recycled polyester (like PET that’s made from recycled bottles) or organic cotton and hemp and is produced using fair work standards and sustainable resourcing.

Whether you’re ready to master a headstand, meditatively posing atop a stand-up paddleboard, or just looking for something versatile, we’ve got you {and your body} covered. From fair-trade materials to sustainable resourcing, ethical labor practices to conscious limited production, here are some of the best sustainable brands that make kick-ass eco-friendly activewear using eco-friendly fabrics while doing their part to protect the planet and its people. After all, we believe in putting our money where are values are.

Yoga Democracy

Eco friendly yoga wear - Best Sustainable ActivewearImage Address Chic Copyright

This beautiful brand makes some of the best yogawear in the market while doing their part to protect the planet and its people. What goes into making their beautiful activewear with fun prints and flattering cuts? Think recycled fabrics with sweat-wicking qualities and luxurious feel, dyed using a zero-water method.

The company pays great attention to detail to the style, look, and performance and produces most of their activewear in their own workshop in Arizona, USA. They also donate 10% of net profits for environmental causes. Eco-friendly, fair trade, vegan and making a social impact all this while scoring high on style – who needs sweatshop track pants anymore?

Ships worldwide
Price range: $19.99-$95


Eco Friendly Yoga Wear - Eco-friendly gym wear - Sustainable ActivewearImage via amandamillsla

This Californian brand makes some of the coolest eco-friendly activewear for conscious-minded girls (they’re so stylish everyone will love them). From punchy prints to 1970-style bell bottom pants that will give you all the movement you need, their Instagram worthy activewear is made from recycled plastic bottles in California.

Eco-friendly, stylish, light on the wallet and sustainable, what else does a girl need, right?

Ships international 
Price range: Bottoms start at $72 and tees from $28 (full range is under $100)

Mandala Yoga

Mandala Eco-friendly activewear -Stylish eco friendly yoga pants - Sustainable activewear

Germans are well-known for their sustainable lifestyles and we’re not surprised that one of the most well-known and stylish yogawear brands actually hails from there. Mandala is synonymous with all things yoga and their fashion-forward activewear range that’s cool, chic, sexy and stylish is definitely one of our favorites. Designed by yogis, they give you the perfect fit and movement for all your yoga poses. They produce all their range in Turkey and their own fair trade factory in Shanghai, using eco-friendly materials including organic cotton, tencel, modal, and textiles made out of recycled plastic bottles. If you’re a yoga and fashion lover, Mandala is a must-have in your wardrobe.

Oh, did we forget to mention their range is not limited to yoga, but they have pants and tops for running and other sports.

Ships worldwide
Price range: $60-$125

Eleven 44

Eco friendly yoga wear - ethical activewear - organic cotton yoga pants - Eleven 44Image via Eleven 44

The Balinese brand Eleven 44 has a kick-ass collection of yogawear that’s ethically crafted from organic cotton and sustainable bamboo and is the right mix of wearability, style and sustainability. The company vows to banish genetically modified cotton and toxic dyes and only uses ethically sourced organic cotton dyed using low impact reactive dyes that are certified by GOTS. Even their packaging is eco-friendly where they use biodegradable and recycled materials.

Don’t expect the lousy cuts or plain jane cotton leggings, their sexy well-cut styles and amazing fabric mold and flatter every body type. Their ethical range includes bottoms, tops, bralets, onesies, outerwear, and intimates. They even make ethical jewelry. Be prepared to be put up on the best-dressed list in your yoga class.

Ships worldwide
Price range: $28-$88


Prana Yoga - Eco FRIENDLY Yoga Brands - Ecofriendly yoga pants - Sustainable yogaImage courtesy Prana 

With sustainability at their core for over 24 years, the ethical clothing brand Prana makes yogawear as mindful as your yoga practice. They use organic cottons, hemp, recycled materials, and other eco-friendly fabrics, in styles that any wanderlusty soul will fall in love with – we’re not kidding.

Prana is one of the most well-known ethical yoga brands and they are committed to the cause and hold themselves responsible for how they source everything – that means you can be assured they are what they say – a sustainable clothing brand. They’re a Bluesign partner, a member of the Fair Labor Association and also give back to various charities across the world. From beautifully printed pants and basic organic cotton gear to sexy bra tops and tanks that run upto to size XL, they have something for everyone.

Ships worldwide
Price range: $35-$90

Purusha People

Image via Purusha People

Brainchild of Hayley Elliott, Purusha People is a small brand that’s high on ethics – fair trade, eco-friendly, sustainable, handcrafted, vegan-friendly, produced in small batches and gives back (2 children and their villages in Africa). The company sources local fabrics and uses non-toxic water-based inks and low impact dyes in all its collections and also has an exclusive organic cotton range that’s made using fabrics ranging from organic cotton to hemp to even bamboo. They even have yoga pants for babies crafted from organic cotton and the shiny ones from breathable nylon. Perfect for girls who like to shine and stand out {have you checked their mermaid print pants?}.

Ships international
Price range: $28-$108

Girlfriend Collective

Girlfriend Collective Eco-Friendly Activewear - Sustainable Yoga - Stylish Yoga Pants

Girlfriend Collective is wonderful not just because of its ethical standards, but because it mashes together yoga and minimalist style fashion for some seriously covetable activewear. This Seattle based activewear company makes our new favorite pair of leggings, made from super-soft RPET (fabric from recycled plastic bottles) or recycled material made from discarded fishnets. How cool is that? In fact, each pair of leggings is made from 25 recycled plastic bottles to be exact. All their clothing is manufactured in Oeko-Tex and Bluesign and fair trade certified factory in Vietnam, using natural dyes.

Did we tell you, they were sold out as soon as they launched their e-commerce store last year and were a rage on social media?

Ships international
Price range: As low as $58 for high quality, eco-friendly leggings that fit like a glove

First Base

First Base Sustainable Yogawear - Eco friendly yoga brands - Eco friendly activewearImage via First Base

Aussies are known for their effortless cool-girl designs and this Australian eco-friendly activewear brand is no different. Using sustainable sourced eco-friendly materials like organic cotton, bamboo, recycled polyester and nylon, First Base designs super stylish activewear that are all manufactured ethically in China! They’ve even listed down their ethical suppliers on their website to make sure they’re transparent about everything.

From moisture-wicking high-waisted leggings in flattering cuts to compression sports bras and tops designed, their range is designed for eco-warriors who don’t want to lose their street cred. We’re absolutely in love and pretty sure you will be too!

Ships international
Price range: $50-$125

Luva Huva

Eco friendly yoga wear - Organic cotton yoga pants - ethical activewear - Luvu HuvaImage via Luva huva   

Essentially a lingerie brand, this British brand makes ethical activewear using sustainable fabrics including bamboo, hemp, soy, organic cotton and tencel that are high on performance and style. Each style is handcrafted and produced in small batches by Joanna and her team in Brighton. They also have a range of ethical lingerie and sleepwear.

Ships international.
Price range: $68-$120


LVR Organic Cotton Yoga Pants - Eco Friednly activewear rbands - eco friendly yogaImage via theoutsideway  

Designed and made in California, LVR creates affordable, high-quality and eco-friendly activewear and casual wear. Founded by Eric Clarke and Anastasia, animal-lovers, the company uses organic cotton and low-impact dyes in its collections which are sold at yoga studios and boutiques around the world. We love the fact that they also give back a portion of their revenues to help aid in the rescue, rehabilitation, and release of wild animals.

Ships international
Price range: $33-60


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