Nudie Jeans Ditches Leather Patch From Its Sustainable Denim Line

Nudie Jeans Goes Vegan - Best sustainable vegan jeans

Gothenburg-based Nudie Jeans is one of the few denim brands with ethics hard-wired into its business model. The company has been championing an awareness in conscious consumption in the denim industry since 2001 with their three Rs – Repair, Reuse, Recycle. They use only Fairtrade certified organic cotton, ensure ethical working conditions, use the real deal (aka the natural indigo) for dyeing and offer in-store repair to all their jeans. Can you imagine a denim brand doing all this while still being one of the coolest brands in the market with their utilitarian styling, great fits and superior quality?

However, until now all Nudie jeans came with a leather patch, making them unsuitable for vegans. The great news? They finally dumped leather. The company’s Instagram just announced about its move of switching from leather back patch to paper, “Hey, vegans! Our beef is over. Leather’s out, paper’s in. All newly produced denim garments from Fall 2018 and onwards carry our new vegan back patch.”

When you head to their website, the first thing you currently see is “Hey vegans! Goodbye leather back patch! From now on, all our back patches will be made from sturdy and durable jacron paper. That’s good news if you’re a vegan. It’s even better news if you’re a cow. And as always, all our jeans are made with 100% organic cotton”

Wearing an innocent dead animal’s skin on your butt is not cool or humane and it was time this ethical brand did away with leather. Besides being cruel, leather is horrible for the environment and even worse for tannery workers.

“We know [about] this, and we wanted to find an option [where] leather was not necessary,” Eliina Brinkberg, Nudie Jeans Corporate Social Responsibility manager, said about the inherent animal cruelty in the leather industry. Nudie Jeans has stores in different parts of Europe, UK, US (LA & New York), Asia and Oceania (Sydney, Melbourne and Brisbane) and you can also shop their jeans online.

Every time we choose what we’re going to wear, we make a statement about what kind of world we want to create. When it comes to your wardrobe staple, Nudie is the perfect brand. The switch to recycled paper from a leather patch is a great news for any denim lover, especially vegans, who want to shop smarter and more responsibly. Their stylish cut and effortless designs will fit seamlessly into both your work and weekend wardrobe. At $180 onwards they are expensive, but considering the quality you get, each pair of Nudie vegan jeans is a great investment.


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The fashion industry is a major contributor to animal cruelty and global pollution. While the industry seems to be making efforts to change the way it does business, few brands are making tangible efforts to provide customers with a more ethical alternative. Nudie Jeans, for one, is definitely making the effort in the right direction.

We need more brands like Nudie in the fashion industry who are disrupting the industry and proving that sustainable and ethical can be profitable and cool!

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