Vegan Entrepreneurs Reveal What’s On Their Christmas Gift List

Finding the perfect present is not as easy as it sounds, especially if your gifts have to be free from cruelty, aka no leather, silk, wool or any other animal derivatives. With a handful of days left for Christmas, you are pressed for time to start the search now. But there’s no need to worry, to make your job easier and ensure you have the best vegan presents for everyone from your beauty junkie friend and the fashion-obsessed niece to your bestie, we’ve enlisted the help of vegan entrepreneurs and asked them what are they gifting this Christmas. Let them lead you in the direction of gifts so amazing, you’ll probably want to keep them for yourselves.

Christmas Gift List Komie and Meg - Vegan Entrepreneurs - Ultimate Vegan Christmas Gift Guide

Meg and Komie Vora are one of the most happening vegan entrepreneurs. Based in Los Angeles, this sister duo co-founded sexy and stylish vegan clothing brand Delikate Rayne and have been featured in top publications like Nylon, The Zoe Report and The Huffington Post. When it comes to fashion and beauty gifts, they’ll definitely have some cool inspiration.

ncLA Love 2 Love Kit

For whom and why: “Our fav shade of attention-grabbing, high shine, timeless red comes in a special gift set that includes cool nail wraps, a glass nail file and the super cute beauty pouch in punchy red! We love rocking this color for the holidays and year round- it’s hot and effortlessly cool, the perfect color to compliment whatever you may (or may not) be wearing. It’s not only vegan and never tested on animals but it’s free of all the other toxins (no Formaldehyde, Formaldehyde Resin, DBP, Toluene, Camphor or TPHP) you definitely don’t need soaking into your skin.”

For $25, get it here


Delikate Rayne X Nylon Magazine “Peace Begins With Compassion Tee”

For whom and why: “For our animal-lover friends, we are getting this cool t-shirt – it’s cruelty-free fashion for a good cause! For every shirt sold you are saving one animal from abuse, slaughter, neglect and providing them a safe environment to live in as the proceeds will benefit the Animal Hope and Wellness Foundation. Plus it’s unisex, limited edition (so once it’s gone, it’s gone!) and hand distressed (so no two are the same).”

For $38, get it here


R+Co “High Dive” Moisture and Shine Creme

For whom and why: For our friend who is obsessed with her mane, we got this vegan, cruelty-free hair crème, which doubles as a leave-in conditioner. We like using this on damp hair right of the shower- it tames frizzes and smells super yummy and we’re sure she will fall in love with it.

For $27, get it here

Christmas Gift List Shannon Scott Vegan Interior Designer - Vegan Entrepreneurs - Ultimate Vegan Christmas Gift Guide

Tastemaker Shannon Scott, from Santa Barbara (California), is an interior designer and the founder of her eponymous design studio Shannon Scott Design – an international multidisciplinary studio focused on intentional luxury design for private residences, exclusive developments, world-class wineries, boutique hotels, resorts, and spas. She has a great eye for high impact interiors that she masterfully balances with a light environmental footprint. Each of her spaces showcases meticulous craftsmanship and sophistication. So when she shares her gift picks, we better take notes!

Zhenga’s Gypsy Tea

For whom and why: “My friend, Zhena, was the founder of this organic tea company, based on sustainable and ethical practices. The flavors are unique and richly aromatherapy based. Raspberry Earl Grey, from her collection, is my all-time favorite tea…I drink a huge coffee or tea press full of it every day!

For my friend who loves fine things, I am getting large 16-ounce bags of loose tea (the best quality and flavor comes from loose leaf) and will fill them up in pretty canisters. I’ll also add a fun tea strainer. For another friend, I want to make it more elaborate, so will add teapots, and teacups.”

Raspberry Earl Grey Tin for $6.22, get it here and loose tea from $22, get it here
Tea tins and pots from $5, get it here


Ojai Olive Oil Company Gift Set

For whom and why: “The organic olive oils and Italian vinegar, from the sustainable family-owned farms of Ojai, make wonderful gifts. The flavors are really rich and flavorful. They offer a wide variety of flavored oils and flavored vinegar, along with the more traditional blends. In addition, they also make vegan olive oil cosmetics. I am purchasing a wooden box or a basket from them and will customize it with my picks from their farm for my family and friends because I like to keep it personal.

My basket will contain their pomegranate infused balsamic vinegar that’s made in Modena, Italy (for $15, get it here),  Rosemary Infused Olive Oil (for $18, get it here) and their olive oil peppermint and cinnamon oil soaps (for $6, get it here).”


Aveda Beauty Gift Set

For whom and why: “I absolutely love the natural botanic and earthy smell of Aveda products! My whole family uses their products, almost exclusively, for hair, skin, and body. I have been using Aveda products for the past 24-25 years.

Aveda has been a long-term plant-based product line that’s cruelty-free and most of their line is also vegan. While they were purchased by Estee Lauder, they have maintained this stance with the Aveda line. One of my friends is a complete beauty junkie and for her I will get a gift set from Aveda that will include their foot relief moisturizing crème, hand relief moisturizing crème and clay masks. I’m sure she will love them.”

For $73, get it here (you can also get their ready gift packages that fit your budget)

Christmas Gift List - Vegan Entrepreneurs - Ultimate Vegan Christmas Gift Guide - Vegan Fashion

Stylish and eco-conscious Shruti Jain is the Co-Founder and Curator and Address Chic. When she’s not working, she’s ransacking the world for the newest vegan handbag or the latest in vegan fashion {sometimes that’s also part of her job}. We love her taste in all things style and asked her what’s she getting everyone for Xmas.


His & Her Arture Cork Wallets

For whom and why: “I got these really amazing cork wallets from Arture for my sister and her husband. My sister is a big mess when it comes to organizing and she can never find anything when needed. This Kim clutch wallet will be a life-saver for her, it has so many slots, coin pocket and also a separate detachable pouch with sim card slot to keep all her receipts, bills and cards organized. For her hubby, I got the men’s wallet that I am sure he will love – he’s the organized one and would appreciate the style and function it offers.

I’ve become obsessed with natural leather alternatives lately like cork, Pinatex (pineapple leather as its often called) and am gifting everyone these so they realize that there are so many exciting new cruelty-free and sustainable choices that are better than leather.”

Wallet for her for $80, get it here and for him $49, get it here


Vitamix Ascent A3500

For whom and why: “I’ve been obsessing over this Vitamix for months now but somehow I didn’t buy it yet. I had been using Nutribullet and it’s time I upgraded (as I am a smoothie lover) and I think I deserve a blender like Vitamix now. So this Christmas I am so getting this particular model – it looks beautiful and will make each morning a happy one!”

For $549, get it here


Bare Pineapple Leather Shoes

For whom and why: “My brother really needs a good pair of ethical shoes, simply because he doesn’t think outside of high-street brands that offer non-leather options. So I got him these classic sneakers made from pineapple leather and when I told him about it – he couldn’t believe that there can be shoes from pineapple leaves that are so cool. I am surely going to see these in his Snapchat stories frequently.”

For $139, get it here
Urban Originals Shimmer Shoulder Handbag

For whom and why: “For my bestie, I got this beautiful silver handbag that’s so versatile that it can be easily used for everything she would have on her calendar day-to-night. Of course, its vegan Pea approved) and sustainably produced. The color is gorgeous and would go with pretty much everything!”

Christmas Gift List Breck Oxford - Vegan Entrepreneurs - Ultimate Vegan Christmas Gift Guide
Beck Oxford lives in New York and is a personal vegan chef who helps turn your gathering and parties into a vegan food heaven with her yummy creations that are not only délicieux but totally inspiring. Here are the top 3 vegan gifts she’s getting this holiday season wrapped beautifully in the holiday spirit.

Vegan Slogan Sweatshirt

For whom and why: “For my sister in veganism, I’ve got a cool sweatshirt in the holiday hue of red from Crazies and Weirdos that says “Vegan Girl Babe Gang”. It’s super cute and makes a statement! This is perfect for her because, like me, she loves promoting the plant-based lifestyle. In fact, I’m ordering 2 because they’re so cute…I’ve gotta have one too!”

For $45, get it here


E.l.f Highlighting Vault

For whom and why: “For my makeup obsessed friend, I got E.l.f Highlighting Vault because it has all of their best highlighting products and is vegan and cruelty-free. It is hard for make-up geeks to find wear makeup with a clear conscious and for those who aren’t vegan, they don’t really do the search. I wanted my friend to know about great vegan and cruelty-free option and this highlighter set of 12 makes perfect sense. It includes bronzer, blush, moonlight pearls, highlighters, brushes, eyeshadows and illuminating mist. I know she will love it!”

For $50, get it here

Vegan Meal Plan

For whom and why: “I’m gifting a couple friend of mine a customized 5-week meal plan. They’re inquisitive about the vegan food, especially because of its health benefits and gifting them a taste of plant-based diet made perfect sense. I think gifting experiences is so much better than products plus I also want to kick things up a notch for the new year and focus on their health.”

Find more about Insatiable Vegan Meal Plan here

Christmas Gift List Vegan Head Chef Dubai - Vegan Entrepreneurs - Ultimate Vegan Christmas Gift Guide

This gorgeous Aussie babe is a Kat Von D lover, wears makeup with perfection and flashes some really cool tattoos. She is also the head chef of Dubai’s first vegan and raw vegan restaurant Be Super Natural housed in the famous Galeries Lafayette.


Spirithoods Scarf

For whom and why: “My animal lover friend would be thrilled to see this cute and fun faux fur scarf from this 100% vegan fur company Spirithoods. Based in LA, Spirithoods makes the most amazing faux fur clothing and two-in-one hat cum scarf. Their adorable scarves come with hat and ears and feature secret pockets. They give 10% of their profits to animal charities and are perfect for when you’re visiting friends or family in a cold country!

This will be a unique gift that she would totally love.”

For $135, get it here or $119, get it here


Vegan Beauty Hampers from Lush & Vegan Bunny Soy Candles

For whom and why: “For my friends and family I am getting vegan beauty hampers from Lush and beautiful soy candles from Vegan Bunny. The packaging at both companies is beautiful, and the products are unique and always appreciated!”

Lush Holiday Gift Sets from $18, get it here
Vegan Bunny Soy candles from $8, get it here


Sponsoring An Animal

For whom and why:  “For myself, I would be donating to support the voiceless creatures. I like to find small rescue sanctuaries that are actively working on the ground to save farm animals from slaughter. I prefer to support places like Surf And Turf and Soledad Sanctuary over the million-dollar animal charity corporations. I believe the smaller sanctuaries do a better job at the ground level to promote animal welfare over abolition, which as a vegan I support. It’s such a nice non-commercial Christmas gift that keeps on giving.”

Christmas Gift List - Vegan Entrepreneurs Victoria Main Street Vegan - Ultimate Vegan Christmas Gift Guide

Victoria Moran, based in New York, is the best-selling author of 12 books, including The Love-Powered Diet, The Good Karma Diet, all focused on spirituality, health, and veganism. She has appeared twice on The Oprah Winfrey show and is a speaker at various women’s conferences, vegan and veg fests and corporations. She is also the author and founder of Main Street Vegan – the book and her outreach platform. Victoria shared three of her favorite gifts for this holiday season that are from vegan entrepreneurs who are all certified by Main Street Vegan® Academy as Vegan Lifestyle Coaches and Educators.


Kat Mendenhall Custom-Made Vegan Cowboy Boots

For whom and why: “For a very special person in my life, I am getting a pair of custom vegan, eco-friendly, made-in-America cowboy boots from Kat Mendenhall of Dallas. They’re not only a gorgeous to tap into your inner country singer, but they’re surprisingly versatile and comfortable, too.”

For $485, get it here


The Fanciful Fox Bath and Body Gift Set

For whom and why: “For my friend who is always running around, I got a pampering bath and body kit from Brooklyn based clean and vegan beauty brand The Fanciful Fox. I’ve picked “Sweet Love” fragrance (with hints of sweet almond and earthy notes of patchouli) in delectable products including bath fizzles, soap, body oil, and a love-the-whole-room candle. I am sure she’ll enjoy her pampering time this holiday season and beyond.”

From $14, get it here


Mordamart Vegan Jewelry

For whom and why: “For my vegan friend the charm bracelets and other trinkets makes perfect sense from Mordamart, a jewelry art brand for animal people from Montana artist Bonnie Goodman. Her charming store, that she shares with her spouse, painter Parke Goodman, is located just outside Yellowstone Park. There are Bonnie’s earrings, necklaces, and charm bracelets with messages such as ‘Love Tofu, Green Smoothie, Ch Ch Ch Chia, and Cool Kale,’ and ‘Justice for All, Plant Strong, Vegan, Live Truth’.”

From $20, get it here

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